Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (episode 11)


I hope u guys liking my ff.. u must have seen I y ffs r only based on twinj, no family drama, I hope u r liking like this only..
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They continued playing , twinkle thought of doing something . so that kunj can b proved wrong for his words ‘’isse kuch b ho mje kya’’
Twinkle to herself acha ji mje kuch b ho n tumhe kya ab dekho..
Everyone was playing and twinkle falls intentionally just to see kunj’s reaction . kunj and everyone runs towards her.. kunj gets tensed and says what happen tum tikh toh hona, twinkle smiles from inside seeing kunj tensed for her. She acts that no I guess I twisted my leg and its paining..kunj gets more tensed..
Uvi takes charge and picks twinkle and lays her on a table near by..twinkle just keeps her eyes on kunj, and kunj on her twisted leg..twinkle tells uvi to play the game that the show must go on and she is fine..uvi says her to shut up and he says lets take her to hospi, leela thinks of a plan and tells uvi to play the game and kunj will take her to the hospi..kunj feels delighted from inside and usha and leela shares a winks..
Uvi and Amaya continue the match…kunj tells twinkle come I will take u to the hospi..
Twinkle – (acts ) that she is not able to walk properly and falls on kunj’s arms..
Kunj – twinkle , be careful , what r u doing , u will get hurt again..give me ur hands ..he holds one of her hand and puts the other one on his shoulder so that twinkle will b able to walk..as twinkle was not at all hurt , acting all this became easy for her ,just to see how much kunj care for her..They both walk close to each other till the car sharing eyelock moments and kunj was tensed for her seeing this twikle was very happy..from far leela and usha were also noticing all this..
Carefully kunj makes her sit in the car and they came very close to each other , they had continuous eyelock stare..kunj was coming more closer to twinkle , when twinkle just interrupted and said k..u..njj..iitttss…pa..innn..ing..(hesitantly)
Kunj – oh y..ea.h ! ..sry ..(awkwardness)
He drives to the hospi.
Kunj- r u mad twinkle cant u play carefully…u fell second time and this time u also hurt urslf..its looking like only a sprain but if anything else would have hpnd then..Twinkle thinks that he is so much caring for her so why was he actng in front of everyone..
Twinkle- mei girru ya na girru tumhe isse kya..
Kunj doesn’t understands her words and says kya?
Twinkle- kuch ni..

They kept silent and reached the hospi..twinkle goes inside while kunj waits outside and tells the doc that she’s allright and it was just a plan to see something and just put a bandage on her leg but tell the guy who is standing outside that she is better now..
Twinkle comes outside with some support ..kunj takes her in his hands and stand to ask the doc..he says she is better now just take care of her..kunj asks for medicines ..twinkle gets surprised now what..doc says no no there is no need for that..kunj says that’s great then but ask if she feel pain then ? twinkle looks at him with love and holds his hand more tightly…doctor just prescribes one med and they leave..
-In car-
Kunj calls leela that she is fine..twinkle says thnks to kunj for all this..
Kunj- its okay just take extra care
They reach twinkle’s home..twinkle gets down normally certainely she forgot to act..kunj sees this..
Kunj- arey ? (surprised)
Twinkle- what
Kunj-u r standing on ur legs by ur own..
Twinkle – oh and she acts to fall and kunj holds her suddenly..twinkle looks at kunj ..kunj takes her in his arms and starts walking …twinkle on her surprised says kunj I m fine..drop me down…kunj says just shut up ..u will fall if u will walk by yourself..twinkle looks at him and kunj also looks at her constantly..twinkle feels uneasy and kunj notices this and takes his eyes away from her and says im sorry that I hv picked u up but if I don’t n u try to walk u will get more swelling n that vl pain a lot n I cnt see u in pain..twinkle looks at him and feels more comfortable now and touched by his words..they enter into twinkle’s room..kunj lays her down on the bed by coming closer..for a min. both didn’t leave each other , twinkle on bed and in kunj’s arm..kunj was bent on her..they share an intense eyelock moment..
Twinkle breaks the eyelock and kunj gets up ..he turned to leave but someone stopped him..he turned to see it was twinkle’s hand holding his hand..twinkle stops him..and says very softly ..
Twinkle- thnnkew for all this.
Kunj –takes her hand and places on the bed and says take care (very sensually)and pats on her hand and leaves…twinkle fastly gets up to see him going in his car she thinks seriously I did all this acting for this sarna like seriously ,she has questions and questions in her mind..y he is getting this much important for me , y do I care that if he cares for me or not , y I don’t have much problem when he comes near me… y baba
Kunj in his car also talks with himself that y is she so special for me, y I always feel like going near her , y I get upset when she is upset , y I get happy when she is happy…y babaji..
Oho kunj and twinkle ..IT’S THE BEGINNING OF NEW LOVE ..yr…

****11th episode ends here****

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Credit to: Pali

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