Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 10)

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Kunj looks at her .. twinkle then takes him in her room and puts hot water pouch on his hand.. kunj sighs in pain .. twinkle gets tensed and blows it .. kunj keeps looking at her..when suddenly twinkle also looks at him lovingly with tensed eyes and asks very less audibly “ab tikh h”.
Kunj – (nods ) ab toh bahot he zada tikh ho gya ..
Twinkle smiles.. kunj gets up to leave..suddenly turns..
Kunj- twinkle (walks close to her)
Twinkle – hmm?
Kunj – im really sorry for that day trust me I m not that bad..
twinkle- its okay kunj , kb tak sorry bolte rahega…
Kunj goes closer and says jb tak tu mje maaf ni kr degi..
Twinkle says mne kabka maaf kr dia tumhe.. n I know u r good at volleyball and laughs. 😀
Kunj – arey tumhe kse pta , I mean no nhi mje bilkul ni ata..i m a loser at volleyball..
Twinkle – don’t act now !

Kunj- soo can I come again for few more practise..
Twinkle stays quiet and smile ..Both laughs and looks at each other lovingly… both comes down talking with each other ..leela looks at them and thinks twinkle is looking so much happy with kunj…both r looking so cute like just a perfect match..they comes down and kunj bids bye to leela aunty and smiles contantly by looking at twinkle.. leela gives blessings to kunj ..
He turns to leave and thinks about twinkle that y isn’t she coming to leave me outside.he walks very slowly , moves his hand here and there to wait for twinkle…twinkle also thinks the same to go with him outside but hesitantly stands there..leela feels their awkwardness and tells twinkle to leave him till outside.. twinkle gets happy from inside and both walks in silence till kunj’s car as if each other’s presence was more important than any words ..
Kunj finally turns towards her and says so v r cool (one eye brow up)
Twinkle- yes v r cool
Kunj – great by stretching his arms and says friends ?
Twinkle smiles and does the handshake and says friends ..
Both smiles at each other hand in hand..

Leela was watching all this from inside and says I have to do something now.. twinkle will be very lucky with kunj aftrol he so caring, good looking ,has everything in him what twinkle wants in his better half..Leela winks and says I guess its just the beginning of a new love .. ((((
Kunj leaves and drives home with a great smile on his face .. twinkle also walks to her home..humming a song ..leela looks happy seeing all this..
–Volley ball competition day–
All the team gather in their respective family camps..
Kunj and Amaya goes to taneja’s camp and to meet uvi (twinkle 😉
Kunj –hey yr!
Uvi- hey kunj and Amaya..
Amaya- what hpnd uvi u look tensed..

Uvi- haa yr actually twinkle abhi tak nahi pahochi , I don noe where this crazy girl is.
Kunj gets tensed and ask what do mean didn’t she come with u
Uvi- nahi yr she said she will come with chinki , and now both of them aren’t picking my calls..
Kunj gets tensed and says I will bring her ,uvi says yea I will go with u, chl..
Then only one announcement comes that all players of team A ; sarna’s and taneja’s and team B ; malhotra’s and arora’s report at the ground.the team who doesn’t comes there in 2 mins. Vl b disqualified.. so both of them were forced to report.. they got more tensed and keep calling in between..the match started and kunj and uvi started playing but were mainly focusing on their cell phone and at the gate of the ground for twinkle and chinki..they kept waiting for them but no sign of twinkle or chinki was seen..
First half got over and they came to the camp for break ..all family members..
Kunj- I cant wait now for them to come its high time, I have to go and search for them..
Uvi – xctly (leela and usha gets happy seeing this . usha thinks he caring for twinkle , something is there ..leela thinks he so caring for my daughter)
Kunj turns to leave fully tensed and see twinkle coming, he wasnot able to control his emotions and runs towards her and hugs her tightly , twinkle gets shocked and asks kunj what hpnd kunj , kunj gets teary eyes and hlds her from her shoulders and says u asking me what hpnd damn it where the hell were u.. u were not picking our calls. U got late, neither chinki..where the hell were u twinkle , u got me so much tensed, agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh .. he continued blabbering and twinkle was smiling all the time and thinks y is he getting so tensed for me..
All the family members came rushing to twinkle,each strted hugging her and ol..
Uvi- where were u twinkle , why were u not taking our calls,twinkle looks at kunj’s teary eyes and says I m fine…

Twinkle- im fine bhai, maa(looks at kunj) I was not able to pick my call coz I forgot it home, I went back home and saw chinki with few goons .. I helped her and I made her go to her home back as she got panic..mean while I realized that I m getting late for this competition so I didn’t go home to take my phone back and came back here..so this was the thing nothing serious…
Leela- hows chinki puttar ?
Twinkle – she is too fine mum , they were misbehaving and I reached there on time.. and v both ran from there..
Uvi- oh my baby and hugs her I m glad that both of u r fine.. twinkle looked at kunj who was now realived . uvi says lemme call chinki and leaves , other walks to the camp back and kunj and twinkle stood there looking at each other … twinkle starts walking and nods at kunj , he also starts walking, silence was there thng.. twinkle thinks about his words “u got me so tensed agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh ” these words were echoing in her mind.. kunj realizes what all he said and says u really made all of ur family members tensed …twinkle nods yeah…twinkle was only thiking about his words..

All the team players again came to the spots for second halve..
Twinkle ,Amaya in the front ..uvi on amaya’s back and kunj on twinkle’s back ..
The match started with the previous score A3:B7 .. team b on lead and kunj’s team loosing..
Twinkle in a funny manner and said- kya yr mere bina tum kuch ni kr paaye ..
Uvi- oh plz v were tensed here for u isliye ni khel paaye dhankse now wait and watch kyu kunj ?
Kunj – offcourse and ab toh twinkle b aa he gyi h , ab toh will definitely win..
Twinkle looks at him and smiles , kunj looks here and there realizing what he meant ..uvi thinks that something is surely cooking between them..
The match starts and team A started leading with A9:B8

A ball came at twinkle ..she jumped to hit it but accidently falls and kunj holds her , she nods and smiles at kunj..both share an eyelock moment… but everyone said shit kunj u should have hit the ball back..kunj and twinkle got up and he said arey twinkle ko lag jaati toh..everyone started laughing even twinkle but she shys ..and looks at kunj who was looking at her ..he realizes what he said n changes his words I mean she is our strong player, usko agar lag jayegi toh its our loss only..evryone said oooooooohhhhh…he said or kya vrna toh ye girre mje kyaa..he looks at her (one eyebrow up)
Twinkle listens to this and acha and says in her mind now wait and watch mr. kunj sarna u will b the first one to come to me and ask me …..

**** 10th episode ends here ****

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