Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 1)

Nowdays fans for twinkle and kunj are increasing and yes i am also one of them . Love the show and the couple. So yes here im with my episode (fanfiction) . I hope you guys like it …

Episode 1

The scene starts in a gurudwara. Many were praying , many were offering their part in the sewa and there was one girl who was seen sitting there with immense pureness in the front of the holy place. Some priest came and gave his blessings.
Priest- Beti,soon you will meet a person who will be the best and idle person for you.
The girl gets confused and takes the blessings n bids bye to the priest .she starts running as she got to meet her friend. Takes her car out and drives fastly . Her friend from behind calls twinkle , here i m where r u going? ..

Then twinkle sees frm the rear and when she looks in the front she got imbalance and smash her car in the front with sm1 else’s.
From which a dashing guy comes out who was wearing blue jacket and a denim. His eyes were covered by shades.
Twinkle comes out fully fumed and starts shouting at the guy.
Twinkle- hey u , have u lost it or what ? How were u driving see what u did to my car . Babaji mumma will get very angry and its all bcoz of this Mr.
The guy- what did u just say? I did that to ur car . Wow , hey people just look at this girl. First you look at my car wat u did ?
Twinkle- babaji , he is so rude . When he is supposed to apologize he is showing me attitude .
The guy – excuse me , i m not showing u attitude if i was at wrong i would have apologized in a second but its all ur fault.

Then from behind twinkle’s friend (chinki) comes.
Chinki- twinkle ! Now which mess have u got urslf in. MG what happened to ur car . R u okay? U okay na ..
Twinkle- i m absolutely fine yr its all bcoz of this guy.
Chinki – who ? ( she looks at the guy and gets mesmerized of his looks bcoz of his immense handsome looking face )
She continues OMG twinkle he has got some personality he is too cute ..
The guy looks down.
Twinkle- chinki will u just shut up. From which angle u find him cute ..
Chinki – chod na yr lets leave ( holds her arm and drags her to the car)
The guy and twinkle turns and gives each other an angry look and wishes that please god dont make me meet this girl/guy again.they then drive their car in opposite directions by exchanging some evil looks.

**** ist episode ends here****

I hope u guys like and approve it . looking forward…
Thnku 

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  1. Amazing promo pali…waiting for the next 1

    1. thnkewww so much guys that u liked my plot. :):):)

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    u r fabulous

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  5. nice start…waiting for t next episode…

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