Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Epiosde 49)


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Episode- 49

Twinkle was at her balcony crying thnking abt kunj n wat uv bhai is behaving.. She closes her eyes n tears falls frm er eyes.. N she speaks kunj’s name.. The momnt she says his name.. A car cms rushing ..

She opens her eyes.. And a handsome person steps down the car..
T- KUNJ.. She feels happy on seeing him.. She thnks i knew kunj will cm to take me bck with him.. As he also cnt stay away frm me. Kunj looks up at her balcony.. Seeing twinkle stnding der he gets a smile on his face bt twinkle has tears of happiness seeing him..
Twinkle rushes to cm down to hug him .. Kunj also walks in their house.. He stops seeing twinkle cmng down running towrds him.. He gets a smile of relief seeing her bck on herslf n so cheerful that she is abl to run too..
K- i m so happy to see her like this..
Twinkle’s happiness was on top to see him.. So runs down the stairs..
Kunj opens his arms to hug her..
T- kunj..
Suddenly uv shouts frm behind..
Uv- u will see me dead.. Twinkle if u take a step towrds him..
Suddenly twinkle happiness came to a full stop.. She immediately stops running towrds him.. Uv walks down..
T- bhai .. Plz..
Uv- dont take a step further else i swear i will kil myslf.
Twinkle gets scared . She looks at kunj n tears falls frm her eyes..she takes her steps backwrds.. N stands there like numb..
Chinki also manages to cm n leela also cms..

k-uvi plz stop all this..its of no use..i love ur sister..n she loves me too..plz u will get nthng keeping two ppl in lv away frm ech othr..n after ol v r married.

uv-idc..i only care abt my sister..u tell me wat has she really got frm u aftr she married to u..

kunj thnks abt the answer..

uvi-nothng she got nthng other then being harassed by that creep n lying on bed paralysed..

k-ots not like that plz maa..plz chinki..explain him n try to make him undrstnd i cnt stay widout twinkle..

l-uvi stop this naa..

uv-maa plz aap kuch na nolo..

leela-kunj puttar he is vry stubborn ryt now .he wont undrstnd anythng..i hv tired alot to wxplai bt he is just not ready..

kunj looks at twinkle who was looking at him only for sm hope..

uv-now u better just leave else i will call guards..stay away frm my sister..

k-enough.til now i was really requestng thnking u as her elder brother bt u r really keeping me away frm my love n ..thats not hapeeing..


k-enough of this crap..uv .twinkle is my wife..n no1 cn stop me frm taking her frm here..call as many guards as u cn bt i will take my lyf with me…

he steps towrds twinkle ..uv gvs a look to twinkle.so she steps bck agn .kunj stops den n der only looking at twinkle..

k-twinkle plz..cm ith me..he cnt stop us..my home is ur real home.he wont do anythng such to hurt himslf trust me n cm with me..plz u noe i cnt stay without i will die evry sec without u.neither cn u…twinkle closes her eyes..she knew uv cn do anythng ..he is so stubborn ..she also cnt let anythng hpn to his brother..chahe for it she has to stay away frm kunj..bt she was shattered on the dilemma

t- plz kunj just go..uv stnds there folding his arms ..

k-twinkle plz dont say dis..cm with me..plz..he cnt stop us..

t-KUNJ I SAID JUST GOO..she cries n runs to her room..kunj shatters ..uv leaves n leela n chinki consoles him..

leela-i will make him undrstnd ryt now..he is just so mch pissed that he is not ready to lsiten to any1 of us…so its better v stay calm n its only abt few days..he will undrstnd till den..

K- bt maa he is doing wrng..

L- ik beta.. Try to undrstnd he is her brothr n lot more den just possessive..

k-plz let me go n meet her..

leela-bt puttar if uv seees..

k-plz maa…

chinki-let him maa..

leela-okay beta jaa bt jaldi okay..

kunj gets a smile n rushes to her room…he opens her door n sees her lying on her bed n crying..he locks the door…suddenly twinkle looks up to see ..

t-kunj ..she runs towrds him n hugs him tightly..twinkle kept crying badly..

k-shh twinkle ..shh ..i m here..in ur arms..plz dont cry i cnt see u crying..shh..

kunj tries to leave her frm the hug..bt twinkle was so not ready to leave him so soon..

t-plz…let me b like this for smtym mor..kunj smiles..n hugs her tightly in assurance..

k-icnt stay without u..

twinkle breaks the hugs n looks at his face..

t- neither i cn..kunj clears her face n says ik..

k-i m so happy so see u like this standing ..

t-i didnt evn realizd till now that yes i m really walking by myslf..coz so mny thngs r hapning..

k-ik.evrythng will b fine..soon..

t-bt bhai..ko pta ni kya ho gya..plz dont get hurt on watevr he says..he is just out of his temper..

k-oho..mrs sarna ik..he is just caring for his young sister..

t-hearing ..mrs sarna sounds so perfct frm ur mouth..kunj smiles..

k- u r just mine..my twinkle..my mrs.sarna..my love..

t-yes i m only urs..i love u kunj..n hugs him tightly.

k-i guess today my bones will break..

t-acha den go..she pushes him away..kunj laughs…n pulls her by her hnds..she rests her hnds on his chest..

k-v will soon hndl this situation as well.okay..u just gotta trust me on this..

t- i trust u..suddenly they hear sm footsteps..

t-i guess sm1 is cmng..twinkle goes to chck n peeps outside the door..

t-KUNJ .BHAI..AARAHA H..kunj gets scared that agn he will start yelling at him there is no point..

t- kunj leave..else bhai will do smthng to him plz..

k-okay baba bt frm where..coz ur balcony is also locked..

t-oh god..maa musst hv kept it locked since i dont stay here..

both looks here n der..twinkle’s door knocks..

t-OH NO..just hide urslf smwhere..


t-on my head ..just go..she rushes to open the door..

uv- kya hua..u took quiet a long tym..still angry at me..twinkle turns to see if kunj has hidden or not bt he was no where to b seen..

uv-plz twinkle undrstnd my point too.

t- bhai i dont want to talk to u..plz just leave me alone else snd me bck to kunj ..

uv-that is so not hpning..n stop saying that agn n agn..

t- if u didnt allow me i will speak te same thing agn n agn..til my last breath..uv stnds speech less for a scnd..suddenly twinkle feels a touch on her fingers..she was holding the door..she feels the touch of the same fingers that were brushing her face 2 min b4..she closes her eyes..as shivers reaches to her spine on his touch ..

uv- twinkle..u r not gng anywhere..thats it..n he leaves twinkle feels sad abt his wrds n tears falls frm her eyes holding the gate..kunj pushes the gate n closes it taking twinkle hands in his..both looks in ech othr’s eyes..painfully.

k-remmbr ..we came close for the first tym in dis room..stnding in the same position as v r now..

twinkle shys all her fear n pain goes heraing his voice..

t-i remmbr

k-want to repeat..as a memory..

t- kunj i really want to cm close to u..bt plz..dis situation is gttng out of hnd.u dont know uv bhai..

k-hmm..he takes her hnd n sits on the bed..n keeps her head on his lap n caresses her hair..

t- feels so good..lying peacefully here.

k-close ur eyes,.twinkle closes her eyes..n starts speaking..

t-uv bhai did the same in vivian’s case too..he got to know he is not ryt guy..n he did the same ..locked me in my room…bt now he should grow up i m not 18 yrs any more..i m married ..

k-yes married to me,.he says with a smile..

t- yes married to u.he cnt keep me away frm u by gvng me threats ..

k- who told u to stay away frm me..i m all urs..

t- kunj..shut up..i want a promise..

k- agreed,,

t-hhaha atleast listen to wat i want..

k-still i vl b agreeing only bt if u say then tell..

t-thats not tht esy promise..i want us to stay away frm each othr til uv bhai dont allow us to..ik its hard for us to stay away frm ech other.bt i guess aftr smdays wen thngs will turn up ryt..that happiness to cm close to ech othr will b much n much more..

k-no this is not hpening..

t- plz agree na..ik i m just being kiddish bt plz..

k-twin..suddenly his lips were locked by a delicate kiss..he strongly puts arms arnd her..n makes the kiss passionate..twinkle breaks the kiss..n kunj slowly opens his eyes..

t-our last kiss till den..

k-this is not done..

t-i love u..

k-i hate u

t- ik u love me

k- no i hate u

t-no u lv me..

k-hate u

t- love me

k- hate u

t – love m..suddenly kunj kisses her on her lips agn..n feels her ..he breaths her in..twinkle slowly pushes him..

k- i love u more den i lv any1 else..twinkle smiles..

T- u shud leave now..

K- i will cm bck soon to take u with me..
Twinkle nods happily..
K- hug?
T- umm.. Cm.. They both hug each othr n kunj leaves..

Usha- puttar.. Where is twinkle??
K- maa.. Wo.. Wo taneja’s house m h..
Usha- okay..
K- n yes its a good news for u all.. That twinkle has got recvred n she is no mor paralysed..she cn walk all by hrlsf ..
Bebe- thats a gr8 news..
A- exctly bhai.. Bt u shud hv atleast bring hr to us .. So that v cn meet hr onc..
Usha-zctly kunj..
K- maa.. Woo..
Bebe- kya hua kunj puttar..
K- bebe wo..uv isnt lettng hr cm to sarna’s
Usha- wat?
K- ji ma, he has really lost his mind .. N is sayng that i m not responsible n i dont tc of hr.. So he said there is no point in hr staying with me coz in return i m not abl to gv hr anything..so he is forcng hr to stay der..
A- ase kse bhai.. U didnt do anythng..
K- i tried alot yr.. Bt he is vry stubborn. He is just not undrstndng any1
Bebe- m leela ji baat krti hu.. Pr puttar udaas na hooio sb tikh ho jayega okay.. Go n take rest..
K- ji bebe..
He leaves for his room..

Twinkle has her half hearted dinnr same like kunj..
He calls twinkle..while on bed tryng to sleep..
T- kunj..
K- twinkle..
K- i miss u ..
T- same here kunj.
K- so wats the plan how v gonna make him undrstnd?
T- i hv no clue ryt now wat is cooking in bhai’s mind.. I so wish evrythng gets well soon..
K- yea.. Tmrw i will b meetng my collg frnds ..
T- umm oh.okay..
K- n yes i m tellng u in advnc that shanaya will also b der bt with hr husband.. So plz dont get me wrong.. Okay
T- its okay kunj..
K-u gotta trust me..
T- i do.. N enjoy.. Evn i will b gng with chinki n bhai too..
K- okay chal gr8 hv fun..
T- ya.. Okay den lets sleep..
K- mje neend he ni ari..
T- aajayegi .. Take my pillow n u will feel my presnc.. Shyly she smiles biting hr nails..
K- i so wish u to b near me here..
T- soon i vl b.. Now goodnight..
K- i lv u.. He takes hr pillow n kisses it
T- smiling- lov u too .. Kunj .. Now sleep n get ready for ur offc on tym..
K- ya gn.. N they sleeps finally thinkng abt ech othr..

Nxt day-
Kunj sips his coffee thnking that now toh twinkle wud hv got up.. He txts hr..
Mess k – good mrng my love.. :*
Aftr smtym he gets his most awaiting reply..
Mess t- goodmrng .. Hugs n kisses.. 🙂
Mess k- i will go aftr 5 to heartbreaker. Disc with dem.. Okay.
Mess t- cool enjoy.. Bye .

Kunj goes n attends his offc n aftr that he leaves for the disc.twinkle also leaves with chinki uvi firstly for shopping den for a dinner..

****49 th episode ends here***
I hope evry1 likes it
Kewp cmmntng 🙂

Credit to: Pali

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