Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Epiosde 48)


I want take much of ur time..so ik how much u all r eager to go through it,,bt thnkew guys for undrstnding me that i was bzy..bt now i will try to uplload on time..i hope u hv good tym readng it..thnkew for all the appreciation n love..i feel delighted to go through the nvr ending lvly cmmnts..thnkew vry1 ..
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Amaya calls kunj
A- bhai .. Wo.. Bhabhi..
K- kya hua twinkle ko..
A- bhai wo..vivian kidnapped her
K- wat??..
A- haa bhai wo ghr aya tha.. Plz bhai jldi cm bck.
K- u shud hv followd him na.. Bt koi ni..
A- bhai he pushed me i got hurt
K- okay chl get bandaged m krta hu kuch..
A- bhai plz bhabhi ko jldi se dhundh lo else m apne aap ko kbi maaf ni kr payungi..
K- sh. Dont wrry kuch ni hoga twinkle.. Ko .. I will make sure nothng hpns to her.. Okay bye..
Amaya calls here n der if hr frnds know bt she got no clues..
Kunj calls uv n infrms him also abt it..
Kunj n uvi meets at a commn point..

K- bhai kya kru m.. I m so scared ek toh twinkle ki aisi haalat h ..
Uv- v cnt trust vivian on dis .. Kya kunj mje ye ni smj ara .. Tu kya chahta h .. Meri behen ko tu toh din b chen se ni rkh skta..
K- um. Uv..i really.. Hd no .. Idea.. Aise sb kse kyu ho ra h.. Jb tk mje amaya ne..
Uv- amaya ne kya?
K- i mean.. Amaya ne.. Call kr k .. Btaya.. Abt hr kidnapping..
Kunj thnks i shudnt tell abt amaya..It’s actually not ryt tym to bring this thng ryt now.. V dont noe how uv will react aftr knowing amaya likes him n she did dis to chinki n twinkle..
Uv- hm.. I hv calld police.. Till they find out .. I hv to find my sister..
K- Who ..is my ..wife..
Uv gvs a frowning look to kunj n ignrs his wrds.. As he was vry angry at him all this tym.. Firstly her accidental paralysis at his home n now kidnapping he thks kunj as vry irresponsible n childish..
Suddenly kunj’s fon rings..
K- it’s an unknown no.
Immediately uv snatches it frm his hnd.. Kunj stnds hlpless that what the hell is his problm.. Jinna uv is upst utna he m upset hu.. Isko aisa kyu lg ra h mje koi farak he ni pd ra meri biwi ko problm m dekh kr.. Huh..

Twinkle crying voice cms on fon..
Uv- twinkle twinkle!?? .. Kaha h tu.. Twinkle .. Bta .. Mje..
She was only crying.. No hope or wrds came out her mouth..
K- uv wat is she sayng?? Uv .. Tell me damn.. It..
Uv- twinkle bol toh kuch?? Twinkle just tell me .. Where r u ??
Suddenly a male voice cms..
Vivian- hahaha.. Aww poor brother is also that side..
Uv- vivian.. U bastard i will not leave u once i see u..
V- haha wahi chod.. Saale .. Kuch ni kr skta tu.. Lekin m .. Wo sb krunga teri behen k sath jo shyd evn kunj.. Hvnt done yet..
Uv- dont evn dare to touch my sister..
Hearing this as if.. World came to an end in frnt of kunj’s eye .. He immediately.. Snatches te fon frm uv’s hnd.. In anger..
K- listen u vivian.. If u evn dare to touch my wife..i will ensure that u will not see the world nxt momnt.. N if anythng wrng hpns to my twinkle.. That momnt will b ur last breath.. His husband is cmng..
Vivian- laughs..
K- twinkle if u hearing this. Plz.. M aara hu.. M tje kuch ni hone.. Dunga. Not any mor.. Twinkle?? Twinkle??..
Suddenly a voice falls in his ears..
K- yes twinkle.. Ur kunj.. Ur kunj is cmng.. He sighs in relief.. Bt deep inside yes he was scared .. Thinking wat vivian cn do.. N the phone gets cut.
K- cm ik where they r..
Uv- wat?? How?? Where..
K- i cud hear on phone.. A qawaali gng behind.. N its haji ali only.. Ik..
Uv gets astonished to hear that kunj is actng smart here.. He feels satisfied smwhere..

K- wat u thnkng lets rush to that place now..
Uv- umm.. Ya.. Aa
Kunj n uv rushes their cars to the haji ali..

In kunj car
K- i m cmng teinkle.. Nthng will hpn to u.. Plz trust me.. I will let nthng hpn to u.. Oh babaji .. Dont let vivian go close to her.. Plz gv her strength.. Vivian i will kill u this tym for sure..idk..wat has hpnd to our lyf..y icnt keep her hppy..ech momnt i m gvng hr only pain..bt frm now twinkle i promise u that u wont cry agn.. He calls police to reach there too..Tears falls frm his eyes..

In uvi car
Uv- plz babaji meri behen ko kuch na hone denA.. How cud i b so irresponsible .. making her marry to this kunj.. Vivian u r so dead..

They reach haji ali.. Both gets down thir car.. Wind starts blowing.. Leaves moves here n there..Kunj hair flutters..Both runs here n der searchng for her shouting hr name.. Bt no sign of twinkle was seen..

They ask here n der.. Suddenly they both see an almost torned out house.. Too old for any persn tO stay..
Uv- i guess he cn use this plce to hide hr..
K- ya.. Theyboth get in slowly.. Safely..
They search here n der possible..
Suddenly kunj saw a dupatta.. He picks it up.. N smells it..
K- its of twinkle.. Yes she is here only.. I cn feel .. She is here ..
Uv- okay u go that side.. I will go that side..

They both searches for her in opp dirctn.. Kunj goes in a room..he feels her presnce..
K- twinkle? Less audibly.. He looks ere n der.. N goes to a small room.. Where in he saw sm1 tied up.. On chair..
K- twinkle.. He rushes to her.. N twinkle feels happy to see him. Tears made her look so dull n weak..
Kunj goes n opens the knot. N sets her free.. Kunj hugs her tightly..
K- twinkle..
T- kunj.. They kept making that hug more tight till their body melted in each other..
He looks in her eyes n clears her face..
K- r u okay?
Twinkle nods..
K- did he do.. Anyt..th..ng?..i mean did he t..ouc..chh…u..
T- hm.. Bt i managed to get of his rid.. I m okay..
K- thankew sio much babaji .. N he hugs her tightly..
Suddeny they hear a Gun shot..
Kunj gets scared on the thot of uv.. Being outside smwhere.
K- uv..
T- wat .. Do u.. Mean.. Kunj.. Wher is bhai??
K-o.uuts..iide.. Idk.. U .. Stay here lemm..mee check okay..stay here dont cm out.. I will go. N bring uv.. N v will kill that bastard today..
T- kunj.. Bha..ii..
K- kuch.. Ni .. Hoga uv.. Ko..Look at me.. I m here ryt..
T- take care.. He kisses her forehead n cms outside..

Kunj looks here n der n no sign of vivian or uv.. Was shown.. Agn a gun shot noice came..
K- UV .. Uv?? Uv??he screams..callng out his name agn n agn.. He moves a lill ahead n sees uv behind smthng.. N had wound on his lft hand.. He runs to him.
K- uv.. Bhai tu tikh hna.. Bhai keep ur eyes open.. Bhai..
Uv–where.. Is.. Tww..inkklle.. How is she..?
K- she is absolutely fine.. U stay here n m iss vivian ko dekhta hu..i will b bck soon..
Vivian shoots one more bullet frm his gun bt kunj manages to b safe.
Inside twinkle was gttng vry frightened that both his best prsn r outisde in danger.. sHe feels hlpless in moving.. Bt her legs shiver on the thot of 3 bullet shots..

Vivian n kunj
V- tu fir agya.. Aaj toh m tera the end kr he dunga taaki twinkle n vivian cn b bck togthr..
K- i will not let this hapn.. Tune meri wife ki aisi halat ki .. N now u hv to pay for ur sin..
N they start gettng bloodshot red eyes.. N starts fighting..kunj hits him hard.. N vivian was doing not the less in making him go cloudy.. Kunj pushes him hard n he falls on grnd.. N vivian picks the gun..
V- i will kill u today.. N he shoots a bulet agn..
Twinkle cms runing towrds kunj in his rescue .. Yes on her legs.. By her own.. Not helpless.. Bt with tears in her eyes.. Suddenly kunj gets a push n falls on grnd taking twinkle in his arms.. Both rolls on grnd..
Kunj gets hell yell shocked to see twinkle like that.. On her own legs..
K- tw.winkl..kkke.. U cn.. Wa..lkk.. By ur.. Own. Tears falls frm his face..
T- no..t.. Only.. Walk.. Blaki .. I cn run..now.. Hw cn.. I leave in u.. Trouble .. By urslf.. Ha..
K- i m soo happy.. Bt u shudnt.. Hv cm.. I cn manage on my own..
T- i could see how u cn manage.. The bullet was abt to entr ur heart..
Kunj smiles.. N twinkle hugs him tightly..
V- shit. I missd it.. Twinkle.. Oh god..

Both turns to him.. N kunj hlps hr to get up.. N yes she was abl to stnd on hr own legs..
Kunj takes hr hnd in his..
K- now i hv my strength beside me.. No1 cn touch me.. Now.. Twinkle looks at him lovingly.
V- haha.. Lets see .. Cm one on 1
K-one on 1 it is.. N ur end.. Is near
Vivian laughs n both heads on for one on one..both hits ech othe.. Hard..
While twinkle runs to uv..
She manages to takes his tshirt out .. N ties it on his wound where he got the bullet.
T- plz bhai keep breathng..
Uv- now evn if i stop breathng.. Idc seening my lill sister on hr legs..
T- kya bhai.. Stop sayng like that.. She manages him to get up..
N on the other hnd kunj had bring shit out of him.. N police had also cm bynow aftr ol we r in india.. N in india chorr phle bhagte h n police baadm aati h.. Lol..
The police takes away.. Vivian.. Who gvs evil looks to them..
Kunj cms to uv.. N takes him by his shoulder..
Uv- leave me..
T- bhai.?
Uv- u keep ur mouth shut now.
Kunj gvs a confusing look..
Uv- stay aaway frm me.. N my sister..
T- bhai wat r u saying..
Uv- kunj stay away frm my sister.
K- bhai.. I guess u shud first get bangaged n den will talk okya..i gues ryt now u r not in ur senses..
Uv- i m fully in my senses.. N i will go by myslf.. I m just making one point clear thta i shud not see ur face agn n u dont meet my siste..
Twinkle moves bck a bit..
T- bhai.. Wat rubbish r u sayng.. Kunj is my husbnd.. U r talking to..
Uv- ik.. N thats the biggest mistake i hv done.. He hasnt brought anythng gud to u.. Till now .. U hv got only pain frm him.. Nthng else..
T- thats not ryt .. I hv got so much love frm kunj.. He loves me so much..n thats not ryt that i hv got pain frm him.. He completes me bhai..
All this tym kunj was shocked bt yes he was also not in a state to say smthng aftr ol uv is her brother .. It wont seem ryt if he doesnt respcts him..
K- uv.. I guess.. U really need a bandage n frm now i will not let anythng to hpn to my wife.. Plz don do this.. I love twinkle more den my life..twinkle looks at him with teary eyes..
Uv- stop actng like a movie hero here.. These r just false promises.. Othr den pain n the worst condition to her lyf.. She hasnt got anythng good being married to u. So just stay away frm my sister.. N i m taking her to taneja’s .. He holds her hnd n drags her..
T- bhai..?? Bhai plz stop.. I cnt stay widout.. Him.. Plzz bhai.. Stop this.. N leave my hand..
Kunj stands hlpless..
K- plzz uvi.. Listen to me.. Twinkle is my wife.. U cnt take her like that.. Both were cryng wryt now..
Uv- shut up twinkle n cm..
T- bhai pz.. Bhai.. Twinkle loosk at kunj with cryng face..uv pushes er into the car as she wasnt reqdy to leave kunj..
N he gets in the car.. Twinkle looks out of the window..kunj stnds with cryng face..
K- he screams- dont do this uv.. I will die with out.. Her..Plz stop it .. Plz stop this crap.. She is my wife.. Plz..
Bt uv just ignored .. Kunj keeps his hnd on her on the window..Twinkle looks at him with teary eyes..
K- i will cm to tke u.. Okay.. Dont wrey.. I m cmng.. Okay.. He cnt do this to us.. I love u..
T- i ..love .. U too.. N i will b waiting for u ..
Kunj nods n uv takes his car rushing.. Kunj stnds der cryng..

In uv car..
Twinkle was angrily looking at uv..
Uv- i m doing ryt for u.
T- no.. Making me away frm kunj.. Is not ryt for me.. Its the worst thng a brother cn do for his sister..
Uv- u cn say anythng u feel like bt i m not chnging my decision.. N u will not go bck to sarna’s..
T – wat do u thnk kunj will stay quiet at this.. He will cm ryt away to take me with him..
Uv- twinkle.. Its not a movie gng on here.. Its a real life.. N i hope u realise only love cnnot make u live.. He is not at ol responsibl prsn.. N i cnt let him spoil ur life now..
T- he is not spoiling my life.. He is bringng out the best in me.. Which no1 yet.. Got to know.. Plz bhai.. I cnt stay without him.. I love him more den i lv any1 else..
Uv – love vl soon disappear.. I will bring sm other best guy for u .. Bt not kunj..
T-.. Bhqi do u hv any idea wat u sayng ryt now in anger.. How cn u evn thnk like thqt.. I m marrieed to kunj.. i will not accpt any1 othr den kunj.. I m only his.. N i love him.. Thats all..
Uv- keep quiet.. N trust me..
Twinkle gvs a wicked look to him.. N stays quiet..
They reached home aftr smtym ..twinkle gies crying to her room….leela was delighted to see her walking.. Bt disturbed on uv’s words.. As he declares that now twinkle will not go bck to sarna’s.. Bt he was also not listening to her coz he is very stubborn kind..
After some time .. Kunj reaches taneja’s..

***48th episode ends here ****

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