Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 46)


I m so much in love with all ur cmmnts n love..bt plz guys i m really sorry that frm last 2 episdes i hv been uploading late..its bcoz i got injured lately..thats y i was wrting slowly…bt i m better now..n now i assure that i will b updating my ff on time like b4..evry morning..so ya a sorry to all my frnds out der who genuiely wait for my ffs..love u all..keep the love in the air..


t-ik ,its not that straight that it seems.
k-idc..its late just sleep now..
t-hmm..goodnyt..they both sleeps..
nxt day-
kunj was ready..twinkle also gets up
k- nurse is late..
t-hmm…u r not GNG to ur offc?
k-nope ..i hv my 20 days off..my senior allowd me..
twinkle nods sadly..
k-so as ur nurse is late..i cn gv u bath..naughty tone..
t-dont evn thnk of that..
k- arey u r my wedded wife..i hv full right..to do so..
t-stay away..naughty head..
kunj starts walkng towrds her..he takes out his shirt..
t-kunj no..plz..he still keeps walkng towrds her..
t-kunj no..u r already ready..
k-well..thats not a problm..fine frm tmrw..v will hv bath togthr only..
t-no no ..kunj stop der..
kunj cms close to her face..she was wearng her night pataila suit..he picks her in his arms..carefully..n starts walkng towrds the bathroom..
t-kunj plz..lets wait for the nurse only..
k-plz dont stop me today..else u will regret it later that u missd the chnc of hvng a romantic bath with handsm husbnd…
twinkle looks at his face which was romantically looking at her ..they stnd undr the shower ..twinkle in his arms..kunj opens the shower ..water starts falling on them..kunj pulls her up towrds his face..
she gets wet..kunj moves his hnd on her face to remove her hair that were cmng on her face..both lost in each other’s eyes..kunj bnds on her face..n kisses her nck..twinkle closes her eyes..he goes for her lips..water still falling on them..both get full wet..he bends n kises her lips..it was a deep passionate kis after long time..it had pain in it..twinkle breaths heavily ..kunj suddenly breaks the kiss..
k-twinkle? ..he immediately closes the shower..
k-twinkle breath..
t-arey i m ok..ay..u went so deep…that..
k-oh god..i m sorry…i m so sorry
t-its okay..kunj..i m fine..now lets..go..out..side..kunj nods n takes her to the chngning room..both were soaking wet..twinkle looks at him awkwrdly that she is full wet..n how who will chng her clothes..kunj also looks here n there in awkwrdness..
k-v..hv…no..ot..thrr..optn..twinkle looks at him with awkwrdness..
t-dont..evn thnk of it
k-i cnt..evn .ccall..any othr lady…frm ..the house..aftr ol..wat they..will thnk..coz..v r..married..
kunj mkes her half lay on the couch in the chnng room..he den switch off the lights..
k-i.i..guess..now..it w..would..b ..less..uncmfrtbl..
twinkle still sittng like numb…aftrol she has no other optn..bt..she knows that she lvs him..n he is his husbnd..so.its not that big deal..despite the fact that its very much uncmfortbl..he brings out towel n few clothes for her..feeling awkwrd..he sits beside her on the couch..n starts taking out the clothes..twinkle looks at his face..he has his eyes closed..twinkle feels happy..
t-..k.unn..jj..u .u.cn..open..ur eyes…
k-..no..its okay..i will do it.with ..my eyes..closed only..twinkle feels great at his descency..
twinkle whispers-i love u kunj..kunj not realzing that she is half naked(wearng inners)..opens his eyes in happiness ..n whispers- i love u too..his eyes suddenly falls on her bare body..he has his eyes widened at the prfct physique..twinkl looks at him n shouts –KUNJ..he immediately realizes n closes his eyes..
k-i ..i..m sorry..bt..ur..body..i mean..its .its perfct,,i mean..u r so much s*xy..no..i..u r..beautiful..very beautiful..twinkle blushes n bites her lips..kunj looks here n der ..n smiles with in..
n fnally..makes her wear her clothe..keeping her eyes closed..
t-u cn open ur eyes now..
kunj slowly opens her eeys..n his eyes falls on her glittering face..lost in each other eyes..sajna ve plays..suddenly kunj phone rings..
t-ur fon..kunj cms in sesnses..n picks her up with care..n cms outside n places her on the bed..
n goes to pick the call..he gets sad aftr the cal..
t-wat hpnd?
k-it was my senior..they need me tody..bt how cn i leave u..
t-kunj u shud go if they need u …nurse is abt to cm..i will mnge..wse b ghar pr sb h..
k-no how cn i..
t-kunj go..
k-arghhh..okay bt stay away frm amaaya dont let her in..okay?
t-umm promise..
k-fine i m sending maaa here..till the nurse cms..
t-okay..love u..bye..
k-bye..tc..love u..he kisses her on her forehead n leaves for offc..
Kunj leaves for his offc..

Twinkle took a nap.. Her nurse went outisde for smthng.. N she wanted to drink water .. So see tries to move herslf bt was not abl to..
T- koi h???
T- nurse??
Amaya was passng by her room.. She sw her struggling.. Twinkle looks at her .. N she thnks amaya ko kya ho gya h isko itni b taras ni ..
Twinkle stops struggling n lays angrily.. Amaya silently cms in the room.. Teinkle looks at her cmng..
Amaya picks water ..
A- may i?
Twinkle diesnt answer angrily..
A- aap paani toh pee he skti h .. Mera gussa apne aap pr q utaar rahi hain.
Twinkle looks at her n allows her ti make her drink water.. Amaya smiles a bit n mks her drink water..
N she starts to leave..
T- amaya?
She stops..

T- aftr ol dis wont u tell me now.. Y did u do all this.
A- umm.. Twinkle raises in anger.. She tries to move ..
T- tell me amaya tell me. Y did u do this to me.. Mne aakhir tumahra kya bigaada tha.. Jo tumne meri hassi khelti zindagi pr .. Aise lachaar bana dia.. I so hope bad for u.. Bt at the same time u r kunj’s sister.. I always thought of u as my youngr sister.. Remmbr amaya.. U usd to call me ur fav. Di.. So y .. Haa why the hell did u do this.. U moron u wont utter a word now haa.. Amaya v hv enough of ur tantrums.. If v wanted.. V wud hv handed ovr to the police in no time.. Bt u..amaya.. Y dont u hv that guts to bust out now.. Ha.. U like sm1 .. U lv sm1 .. Den tell us.. U feel smthng wrong.. Speak up.. Takng revnge like this .. Isnt a good thng.. AMAYA..
Amaya starts to leave..bt sm1 stops her…a wrist. a hand.. Sm fingers.. Amaya feels sm1 holding her hnd firmly.. She gets shocked to evn thnk of it that who the prsn cud b..
She slowly turns with wide eyes.. She looks at the hnd.. Its the same hnd which used to wipe her tears when she usd to fall in school.. It ws same hnd who usd to share her tasty tiffin with her ..it was the same hnd which now holds her brother’s hnd..
Tears of happiness falls frm her eyes.. She stammers..
A- bh..bbha..bbabhii.. Twi..twinkk..kllee.. Bha..bhii..
Twinkle hasnt yet realized wat she did.
A- bhabbhi..urr..ur.. Hnd..
Twinkle realizes she looks at her hnd.. her eyes widened..
Amaya takes her hnd in her..
A- bhabhi.. Ur .. Ur hnd is moving..
Twinkle looks at her hnds.. She moves both hr hnds..
T- yes.. Yea.. My hands.. i cn move them amaya.. See..
A- yes bhabhi.. Tears rolls frm both their eyes..
T- yes oh god..
A- bhabhi try to get up..
T- yea yes..she tries to. To sit..
She was able to sit by her own on bed..
T- see amaya.. See .. I i .. Cn move my bck..
A- i m so happy to see u.. Like this.. Else.. Guilty was rolling ovr me eCh day..
Twinkle gets tocuhed by her words .. She opens her arms.. Amaya feels delighted..n she hugs her tightly..
A- i m.. So sorry .. I m sorry.. Bhabhi. I was such a stupied.. How cud i.. I m so sorry..
T– shh.. Calm down.. Ik it wasnt fully ur fault.. I cud feel smthing..
Twinkle holds her by her arms.. N clears hr face..
A- bhabhi .. I guess.. U shud move ur Legs also..
Twinkle gets sad..
T- no.. I cnt move dem..
Amaya looks down.. N whispers i m sorry..
T–amaya.. See wat evr u did .. It wasnt ryt at ol.. U noe dat.. So ryt now i m callng kunj.. To tell him abt my recvry.. Bt v r not finished yet.. Ryt.. U will tell me .. Y u did this..
A- yes bhabhi i will tell … U evrythng.. The truth.. Fully ..honestly.. N lemme call.. Evry1 .. Maa .. Bebe .. Leela aunty.. Evry1 will b so happy..
Twinkle smiles n amaya leaves..n she looks at her gng ..

N suddenly kunj enters the room..
He stops den n der.. Hell shocked n surprised.. Twinkle was sitting on her bed..
K- tw..wwin..kkkl.lle..
Twinkle also surprised n happy to see kunj..
Tears rolls frm her eyes.. Twinkle nods.. She opens her arms .. Tears of happiness were just not stopping..
Kunj cups his face .. In surprise..
K- twinkle.. He runs towrds her.. Kunj hugs her tightly..
Twinkle also moves her arms arnd him.. Both feels each other.. Teinkle caresses his hair..
K- oh god.. I so much wanted this.
Kunj takes her hnd n kisses dem agn n agn .. Twinkle smiles at him..
K- i love u twinkle.. I love u .. I knew u wil get fine.. He kisses her forehead.. Twinkle keeps her eyes closed. He cups her face.. N twinkle pulls him agn for a passionate hugs.. Kunj caresses her hair.. Twinkle moves her head to his neck.. N pecks a kiss..
T-i love u ..kunj.. I love u.. Kunj keeps kissing her hair .. Shoulder.. In happiness..
K- i knew .. U will get well soon..

Every1 cms.. N gets happy to see twinkle.. Like tht.. Own her on..
T-. I still .cnt walk..
Evry1 looks at her with pain..
Usha- arey.. Koi ni beta.. Dheere dheere sb tikh ho jayega..
Leela– yes puttar.. Tu apna dil na chotta kr.. Dheere dheere sb tikh ho jayega.. Ryt.
Kunj- exctly maa.. Twinkle hum hna.. Sb tikh ho jayega..
Twinkle nods a smile..
N aftersm family momnts.. They lft..

Amaya was also behind evey1 .. She was also leavng..
T- amaya.. Wait..
She stops..
K- twinkle.. Agn
T- wait kunj..
T- amaya cm here.. She cms near her bed..
T- so kunj u brough wat i told u?
K-hm.. Angrily.. He picks a packet n hnds it to twinkle..
T- she hnds it to amaya.. She gvs a questning look..
T- for u..
Amaya takes it out ..
A- its.. Its beautiful..it look so lovely..
Kunj gvs a not intertsted look.. N goes to couch n sits there
A- bt she gvs a sad look n offrs it bck to twinkle..
T- ?
A- i cnt take this.. Bhabhi.. Aftr wat .. I did..
T- its a gift frm ur brother..
Kunj – not at ol..
T- kunj..
Amaya gets teary eyes..
T- amaya.. Cm here.. Sit here..
Kunj gvs look to twinkle..
Amaya sits awkwrdly..
T – kunj will u stop that.. N cm here n listen to ur sister.. Coz she really has smthng to say..
K- twinkle.. First of all she is not my sister.. N scndly i m not interstd in watevr she has to say..
A- bhai i m really sorry for wat i did.
K- wow .. Amaya.. Like srsly wow.. Abhi toh twinkle ki aisi haalat h .. N u sayng sorry.. Bt agr or kuch ho jata toh b cn that sorry work? Ha .. Wud i hv got my twinkle bck.. Wat abt uvi ha? If other then plaster n ol.. If smthng more wud hv hpnd to chinki den.. Then also u will b sayng a sorry?just leave amaya..
A- bhai ik.. I m at fault.. Big fault.. Sorry here is a very vry small wrd.. Bt atleat listen to me wat i hv to say.. Coz i m dyng of guilty..
K- den die..bcoz i m not that big like twinkle..
Amaya gets shocked.. She starts cryng.
T- kunj..
A- no bhabhi.. He is ryt.. I shud die only.. Coz now. I hv really lost my brother..
K- yes u hv.. He gets up n goes out of. Room.. Fuming..
T- twinkle shouts frm behind.. Bt he doesnt cms bck..
t-amaya..i hope u will undrstnd..wat u did is really not accptabl..so dis behaviour of kunj is also not wrong..
a-ik bhabhi now i will tell u evrythng..twinkle nods..
a-bhabi,it started in 8th std.
Twinkle gvs a questning look-w..aat..start.ed?
a-my liking for this guy..he was so perfct..perfct voice..perfct hair..perfct body,gr8 bckgrnd..there was not a singl thng to hate abt this guy..he was a 3 yr senior..twinkle was keenly listening to all this..there was a smile on amaya’s face..
a-bt there was hundreds of thngs to make u falll for this guy..i usd to see him in the canteen daily..mostly with his boyfrnds..treats were always on him .he was that rich..i did nt know his name ..i just usd to stare at him..usd to find spaces to hv a singl glance of his lovely fcae..wenevr he usd to pass by mysyd..i usd to smell his colongue..just prfct..v nvr basically had a chit cht..or numbr exchnge or looks..bt yesi love him..bt den i go to know that he is shifting ..n bhabhi i got so depressed that he was shiftng bcoz while i usd to go tutions i usd to see him in a near by park..then i thot the only hope will also get vanish..bt the nxt day i found ..the same perfct body with the most expensv shades cverng his beautiful eyes..stnding at my door step with his sister..cn u imagine bhabhi i was on cloud 90
twinkle was smwhere relatng ..her doubts were gettng bigger n scary…she could sense that the name will soon cm out of her mouth..
a- I chased for his loevly eyes ovr me..bt he actually didnt noticd me that v r in the same skul..he came to introduce himslf with us..bt then suddenly a girl came from behind n hugged him..i got almost shattered..bcoz the hug was too tight for me to undrstnd that yes he has a girl.n she was the girl..his girl…frm den my not so started lv story erupbtly came to an end in sncds..n as they say it was a one sided love,,n bhabhi u noe wat one sided lv hurts u the most..
t-u were listening to all this..
both turns shock to see kunj stnding at the door..
k-offcrse i was listening to my only sister’s one sided painful lv story where in there is this perfct guy ..i m already jealous of..
twinkle laughs..amaya smiles a bit..
t-oh yeah amaya ..u didnt tell us the name of this perfct guy?
A-umm bhabhi..umm..its..its..ur..
Twinkle gets hell surprise yes she smwhre knew this wud cm bt it will feel so disgustng ..she didnt know that..twinkle asks in assurance fm amaya ..she nods in a yes with a puppy face..
a-bhabhi how to say it..i mean…yuvraj is amazing awesm…handsm..sxyy..she suddenly stops..
k-amaya i hope u hv that in ur mind that he is happily married now..
t-eegg…xxcctl..y..twinkle was still shocked that thngs r turng so fussy now only bt yell hell its just the beginning..
a-i do..i do..
k-n thats y u hit chinki..
a-y..ea..h..i m soo guilty for that too. Imean i dont know how i chnged,wen n whre all this chnge came into..me.that i strted doing all this..
k-yeah..u almost killed chinki AND MY WIFE..
twinkle looks at kunj..he has shuffle of emotions on his face..that she could feel he needs a hug..desperately..
t-kunj cm here..he cms near the bed..she takes his hnd..n shifts slightly with help..n makes him sit with them on bed..she takes his hnd in her n exchng looks of love..of pain..
t- i guess v bOth shuld really hlp..her..i mean..
k-oh godd…amaya y didnt u tell me this b4..
a- Bhai srsly wasnt that visibl on my face..i mean..remmbr the day leela aunty came to announc that uvi decided to marry..i was in my room..cryng..n ya ..u came der..bt u didnt realzse coz u ..nvr considered my feelings..on face time also while u were in the US ..it was always ur stories to b heard u really nvr considered mine..
k-thats..thats,..not fully true..offcrse i usd to ask u n u usd to say nothng like that,,i m fine..i dont lyk an1 ..so .so wat m i supposed to do..send a agent behind u to keep an eye on u.
twinkle rolls her eys..
a-oh plz..bhai..bcoz u nvr really had that time..to thnk abt me..smtyms it was abt liza. Smtyms abt roopal ..that tody she did this n that…n dat famous colllg crush of urs ..how cn i forget her..
twinkle looks at him with surprise..
t-u hv quiet a big list..
k-yeah she missd many names..still..he keeps his eyes wide open in realization wat he just said..in frnt of his wife..offcrse these thngs r not to b said in frnt of ur wife..
twinkle gvs a fuming look …with wide eyes..she picks a pillow n throws dirctly on his face..
t-dont talk to me..u kunj sarna..wat do u thnk of urslf ha,.u thnk u r the only smart guy here in the town..that evry gl likes u..
k-wen did i say that,,
t-oh so here,,also..i m wrong.ha..i m at fault..hw cn a husbnd b wrong ryt..
k-noo..offcrse..not..u r ryt..smtyms atleast..he gvs a fuming look to amaya who was giggling..
t-smtyms ha..she agn picks a pillow n throws at him which he catches he knew more r yet to cm ..so sleeves up..
a-i guess ..i should leave..she immediately gets up..
t-NO.sit ryt bck..amaya does it immediately as heard..kunj was scared now..
k-twinkle..plz calm down.my bby twinkle..twinkle u noe how much i love u..my baby..my shona..
t-stop using those creepy slangs..n go n call..ur liza..n .ur .shanaya only..bby n shona..
amaya giggles..
k-tu amaya ki bchi..m tje dekh lunga..
t- ha ha..jb sch saamne aagya toh ..apni chotti behn ko daanton..
k-bt m..m..
t-STOP.he makes a puppy face…twinkel was so much enjoying dis ..she knew it was his past bt if ur hasbnd is smwhere feeling guilty abt it so der is no wrng in making his guilt more deeper den gv him a surprise treat of kisses..
t-u kunj sarna..stay away n dont talk to me..whole night..n u his secret diary continue ur revnge thng..
the atmosphere got heavy agn..n amaya continues..

****46th episode ends here***

I hope u like today’s episode..the fun momnt..coz i myslf was in a good mood tody so came out with feew interestng lines..
Do commnt..
More love 🙂

Credit to: pali

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