Just For You (Ar-dhika)SS, Chapter 3

After ending all the rituals and signing registry paper in front of marriage register, they are brought together to dine. Radhika was pretty hungry as she has not eaten anything from morning. Radhika grabbed the plate and started eating but she noticed Arjun beside her. He is not eating properly rather say he is only tasting items. Radhika looked at his tired face and murmured “You are not eating anything?” He shook his head gesturing that he is not hungry and replied “You Eat” in his deep, husky voice. Radhika felt pity on him. He is looking too much exhausted and he need rest. After completing eating, Radhika went towards her mother. “Mom please, I am too much tired and sleepy. Please skip the “Basor” part. Her mother smiled at her. “We already skipped it dear. Neil requested us, Arjun also not feeling well.” Radhika came in her room and removed all the jewelleries, changed the saree and wear a salwar. She was so tired that she drifted off to sleep as soon as she hit the bed.

Arjun also changed his wedding attire and now wearing a white cotton pajama Punjabi. Tonight he is going to stay in Radhika’s house. Other relatives already left, only Neil accompanying him and now he is sleeping peacefully. Arjun went towards attached bathroom and splashed cold water on his face. He is having tremendous headache and feel like throwing up. He lie down on the bed beside Neil, looking at the rounding fan on the ceiling and closed his eyes.

Arjun jerked out from his sleep and sat up. He looked at the surroundings and then his wrist watch. He can only able to sleep for an hour that too because of exhaustion. Now, what to do. He sighed and sat comfortably spreading his legs on bed and the pillow supported on his back. He took out his cell phone, opened kindle reader app and started reading a book.

Next morning, Radhika woke up hearing knock on her door. She hurriedly got up and opened the door. She saw her mother. “Radhu it’s already 10:30. Take shower and get ready.” Radhika nodded her head. She closed the door and went to take shower. She closed the bathroom door and saw her reflection in the mirror. The only new thing is the red vermillion on her forehead. She closed her eyes and the flashes of last night Arjun filling her ‘mang’ with ‘sindur’ came in front of her eyes. She is now, no more single. She is Mrs Radhika Arjun Chatterjee.
Finally, the ‘bidai ‘ time approached, both are again changed back in their wedding attire. Radhika is trying her level best not to cry. She has mentally prepared herself for this moment from the day her marriage got fixed with Arjun. Now, she has to leave her mom, dad and relatives and has to run her own household. Is she actually prepared? How she able to cope up without the pampering of her mom and dad? Her eyes started filling with tears. Finally she can’t hold back anymore. She started crying hugging her parents. Finally, she sits in the car, but she is still crying. The car started, but she keep looking at her parents from the window and waved. She started her journey with a stranger, no, no, with her husband, her soulmate.

As soon as, the car reached it’s destination, Arjun almost jumped out from the car and started walking, but he felt a pull and looked back, the loose ends of their clothes are tied together. He stops there, Radhika got down from the car managing her saree. On the entrance, Aparna performed all the ‘Griha Pravesh’ rituals and welcomed the elder daughter in law of their family. But Neil and other cousin blocked the door and demanded money. Arjun handed over all the money from his wallet. They all let them in and congratulated Radhika for getting a rich and ‘dildaar’ husband. But as soon as they entered, Arjun quickly untie his piece of cloth from her saree and rushed inside. Radhika stood their shocked. Don’t they have other rituals to do together? But Aparna hold her shoulder and took her in a room. Their Radhika met with other relatives of her In Laws family and took their blessings. Soon, she was wraped with more heavy jewelleries.

Tonight is ‘Kal Ratri’. So, Radhika slept with Aparna in her room. They bonded well. She also started calling her Choti Maa. She also bonded well with dadi. She was spellbound by dadi’s personality and bowled over to see their love, affection and protectiveness for Arjun. But, the whole day she not even get a glance of her husband.

Next Day, Reception, from morning, Radhika was surrounded by all his cousins. They are all cheering her up. Neil also coming between and cracking up jokes. It is Radhika’s nature to get mingled with everyone. But her eyes searched for Arjun. “Where is he?” She can’t even ask any of them , they will kill her by teasing. In Afternoon, Radhika sat in the dinning table. Now, its time for “Bhaat Kapor” rituals, here husband took the responsibility of wife’s need and requirements. Arjun came with Neil, Radhika stole glance of his. Now, he is looking fresh. He is wearing a short white Kurta with blue jeans. His hair still wet. Aparna gave the thali with a saree and a plate full of food to Arjun and indicated him to give it to Radhika. Arjun gave the thali to Radhika, while receiving both their finger touched. Arjun flinched but a small blush appeared on Radhika’s face which she hide by looking down. But Neil started pestering that he have to say. Finally giving up, Arjun spoke in a low tone. “I take the responsibility.”

Reception function went nicely. Radhika sat in decorated chair accompanied by his cousins. Guests came and gave gifts and their blessings. She saw her husband only at the time of photo session. He was wearing a maroon designer kurta Punjabi with white pajama.
Aparna carefully fixed the pleats of Radhika’s saree and a cousin sister of Arjun helping her in wearing flower ornaments. Tonight is her “Phool Sojya”, the first night with her husband. She is feeling nervous. No matter how good he is, and how much she is in love with him, she can’t ignore the fact that he is a stranger and she is definitely not ready to consummated her marriage now. But still, her heart raced, facing him without the presence of anyone. She feels goose bumps.

Finally, she is in His room and sitting alone in His flower decorated bed. Suddenly she heard a noise and next moment she saw stumbling Arjun in room and also she heard the closing sound of the door latch from outside. She gulped hard and clutched her saree. Arjun was staring at the closed door. He mentally cursed Neil. He bytes his lips and took deep breath to calm himself. He looked at his room, it decorated beautifully with flowers and scented candles. In the soft light, his gaze fall on the girl sitting nervously in his bed wearing a Red Benarasi saree and wrapping in flowers. He dreamt exactly the same with Tania. Her laughter filled his ears. Arjun started feeling extremely uncomfortable. Suddenly he hallucinated a loud crash noise and blood filled dead body of Tania in hospital morgue. Arjun felt tremendous pain hit his head. He body started trembling and sweating. He rushed towards the drawer , pulled it and frantically started searching for his medicine. “Dam, where are my medicines?” Tania’s mother angry voice boomed in his ears.”You blo*dy Killer”. He tightly closed his ears with his shivering hands. Her accusing look haunted him. Arjun rushed towards the door and started banging it.
Radhika was noticing him from the moment he had entered in room. First, she felt a soft breeze, but soon the scene changed. Seeing her husband in this way on their first night, Radhika was flabbergasted.

The door clicked opened from outside. Radhika saw Neil there. She also noticed dadi, choti maa and chote papa. “Where is my medicine Neil?? How dare you to touch my medicines?? Give it back to me.” Radhika heard her husband’s angry tone. He also hold Neil’s collar. Dadi gestured Neil to give his medicine and left the place bowing her head down. Chote Papa also left, but Choti maa stood there. Radhika noticed tears in her eyes. As soon as, Neil came back with medicine, Arjun snatched it from his hand and started searching for water. Neil handed over a water bottle to Arjun. He filled his mouth with water, tried to gulped down, but he coughed and spitted out the water. He was breathing heavily. Neil patted his back. Finally, Choti Maa came and patted his back and head with lots of care and made him drink the water slowly and put medicine in his mouth.

After sometime, Arjun finally calm down slowly and again came inside the room. He was in some trance. He fall on the side of bed and closed his eyes. Choti maa also came inside. Neil stood on the door with a blank look of his face. Both come back in senses, hearing Radhika’s voice, “ Choti Maa you go and take rest. I will take care of him.” Aparna left the room in hurry, not able to meet with Radhika’s eyes. She also drag Neil with her. Radhika closed the door and looked towards her husband who is sleeping like dead. She opened the windows and looked at the full moon in the sky. She knew everything about him, she and his family both failed to gauge his mental situation. She thought that many people have some tragic past, but they moved on. But what she saw tonight, she is afraid, not for herself, but for HIM. She felt his pain and a droplets of tears escaped from her eyes. She came near her husband and cautiously put her hand in his forehead. No, he did not feel anything, effect of medicine. She can feel his sweats on her palm. She remembered when in childhood, she played marriage, marriage with her friends, her mom used to say, It’s a big responsibility dear. She herself was very surprised to feel that her mind and heart accepted him in this depressed and broken state. She will heal him from his pain with the right of a wife.

Thats all for Today. No Proof Reading. Forgive me for mistakes.No rooten tomatoes please. Waiting for reviews. Happy Kali Puja and Diwali to all.
Some Notes,
Basor- On the night of the wedding, after the guests have left, the couple and some young members of the extended family occupy a room and have fun. They chat non-stop, dance and sing. It is basically a time of merriment and joy. They also play different games. It is a process through which the couple as well as the others loosen up in the presence of one another.

Kalratri- This is the first night that the bride spends at the home of her in-laws. The bride and the groom sleep in separate rooms on that night out of a belief borrowed from a fable or folklore that if the couple sleeps together on the first night, their conjugal life wouldn’t be harmonious.

For Any other query, please ask me.Thanks Again.

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    Waiting 4 next one…TC n loads of love…. wats kali puja.. will Ardhika do that here…?

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Jessie for your lovely comment. Glad that you liked it. Basor Raat is total fun & so much legpulling happened there. Thanks for liking Radhika’s POV. Now, in next part, Arjun’s POV coming up. Will continue soon. Loads of Love. Kali Puja is the worshipping of Goddess Kali, the symbol of all powers. No, I don’t think here I am writing Kali Puja part.

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