Just a analysis Ch3

Hey guys ..
how r u all??
I was very disappointed to see the number of comments in my previous analysis..
i hope u all r liking my analysis:-)
Apart from sumi’s pregnancy there is something really interesting .

The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Sanskaar takes rock star Kisan avatar winning Swara’s love back.I m excited for it..Kisan tells Swara that he wants to participate in completion but he cannot sing without a partner.Swara tells Kisan that she will train her and will become her partner.Swara teaches Kisan some musical lesson and aks him to do practice of it.Hey guys from now we got a new shade of varun kapoor that is of Kisan d rockstar …
Apart from this, Garodia family keeps a shanti pooja where Kisan reaches playing harmonium and also sings song Ram Chandra Kah Gaye Siya Se.Swara is highly impressed seeing Kisan is seeing perfectly.Swara breaks her partnership with Kisan finding him cheater..However, Swara’s happiness does not go longer when she finds as Kisan was playing an audio of the song impressing her.Swara scolds Kisan and asks her to go out front here.Kisan apologizes to Swara and request her not to break partnership because he cannot do anything without her.Will Swara forgive Kisan andsupport him?..
I m very excited about d track which is going to start now ..
are u all liking d new look of sanskaar ..:-) aka varun kapoor..
No or
Its just okay ..
share with me by commenting on d comments box..:-)

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  1. hey…….thanks a lot for ur update ….track is quite intresting..

    1. welcome bunny

  2. yup even i love ir

    1. thank you aruu

  3. really excited for kissan’s entry

    1. me too vyushu

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