Success is something that everyone wants to have
Don’t read success stories but failure stories ,because they help u get success is one of those golden words I would seldom hear
The day I was born was one of the most beautiful days that my parents would have had
That’s the first and last time when mamma laughs as I cry
She nourishes her child till they turn mature enough to handle themselves
Then left to themselves to move on
That’s the circle of life
I too was brought up the same way . I too saw desires like any others . Not necessary that it always meant to be successful. my fate played such a crucial game with me
I grew up to be a curse for my family , I was cursed for
Not to have given them their desired happiness by being successful , I was lost in the fantasy world , books made me cry , ppl made fun of me wherever i went ,unfortunately I was designed to be cursed
Now I stand all alone , not having anyone beside me through these rough times nor anybody to wipe my tears as I cry
I have died every day in those fire of hatred
I serve as parents to myself . I cry and regret every single day for what I did , for having got lost in the dreams of living life to the fullest
I wake up out of fear , sweating badly and mamma relaxes me switching on the lights
What happened my Child ?
Tears flow uncontrollably through my eyes
Mamma wipes it off and continues
My child don’t worry mamma is with u
That’s just a bad dream . Forget it .
I rest my head on her shoulder and sleep whispering
My mamma is always with me
She wraps her arms around me replying
Yes Baby I Am always There For U
I know u will make me feel proud of u

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  1. Awesome 🙂 but wgat is this serial ff or other story

  2. Awesome, it’s really very heart touching n emotional. …i loved it. ..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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