Hey guyzz.. Kishh here! Guyz this is my girst OS..so plz do tell me howz it n how can I improve it further…

JUNOONIYAT_The Obsession

Captain Laksh Maheswari is a passionate army officer that loves army and thinks all things happen according to his will and he can control his destiny. Ragini kapoor, a Punjabi girl belonging to an army family is found swimming in an army restricted area. She is later rescued by captain Laksh without her will. She has to stay in army camp for a day because of the procedure. She asks Laksh to sign the apology letter. The investigating officer invites her to Christmas party. After the party, they meet Riverside. Laksh tears the letter so she asks him to ask sorry or she would leap. Laksh doesn’t pay heed so Ragini leaps. He immediately saves her. The next morning Laksh visit Ragini at hospital and gives her apology letter. They both start developing feelings for each other.

This further changes into love when Laksh meets Ragini at Amritsar and she plans a trip for Ragini and her after she lies to her parents. When she returns, her father scolds her harshly and takes her phone and doesn’t allow her to go outside ( as he learns that Ragini loves an army man cause he fears that if Laksh dies Ragini would be broken).He lays a condition that either Laksh have to leave army or Ragini . Laksh refuses and leaves. Having no other option left she elopes but after reaching the camp she sees a girl hugging Laksh and misunderstands the whole scenario and goes back to her house. Later Laksh and his team finds people trapped under snow ; he saves them.

The people then invite him to the wedding of their son Sanskaar. During the ceremony he notices that bride is Ragini. Swara clears Laksh ‘s confusion and tells her to confess his love to Ragini. So he writes a letter to her which mistakely Sanskaar reads. Sanskaar, at front of everyone, says he can’t be so cruel to ruin Ragini and Laksh loves. Ragini’s father too accepts their love noticing the inner sorrow of Ragini. The story ends with Ragini and Laksh reuniting and kissing each other.

Thnx guyz for reading or to say bearing my OS. N plzzzz dont give dat weird wal looks to ur phn??. Plzz do cmnt??. Love uh all??.

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