So here is the character sketch of JUNOONIYAT
Gadodia Residence.
PARVATI GADODIA: grandmother of swaragini …used to be a strict lady but after a mishappening 20 years became a timid lady….not like in the serial..always fears for her family’s safety..wants the best for her grand daughters…..misses her son and DIL ..but acts strong in front of swaragini
DEENDAYAL GADODIA:grandfather of swaragini….after the mishappening lost his ability to speak…only uses his hands to say something..hasn’t spoke for over many years….but now also has a say in the house…no decision is taken going against his wishes….loves swaragini to the core…and is very possessive of them
SHOBAA BOSE: nani of swaragini…lives with them only…and is a strict figure…runs the gadodia household with an iron fist….misses her daughter and cries for her secretly but acts brave for her swaragini….both sisters closest to her…and find their mother’s touch in her lap.
The entire gagodia household is trying to overcome from a great loss and except swara everyone know about the calamity which struck their sweet home

Maheswari Mansion
DP Maheshwari: father of sanlak…a very understanding father and loves them to the core….takes care of the family business….partner in crime of sanlak
AP Maheshwari: mother of sanlak….a caring mother and a kind lady…..a simple home maker
RP & Sujata Maheshwari: chacha chachi of sanlak
Unknown to sanlak….they all are hiding a big truth from them
So now the CS of our main leads
Sanskaar Maheshwari : Son of Ap & Dp and bro of laksh…elder to him by 2 years…an army officer..at a senior post…working on a secret deadly mission against a Business man cum terrorist GK Malhotra…loves laksh to the core…and has no interest in love…age is 29 years
Laksh Maheshwari:younger son of ap & dp…..also an army officer but under sanskaar…on the same mission as sanky …..sanskaar is his lifeline…..a flirt by nature but believes in true love..age is 27 years
Ragini Gadodia : urf Laado…eldest child of gadodias she is a very calm and a composed person…..somewhat scared of strangers…has a fear of loud noises and blood…..loves her younger sister swara and can turn into a lioness for her..age is 27 years….misses her twin sister…and has made several unsuccessful attempts in finding her
Swara Gadodia:urf shona a complete opposite of ragini..is scared of only dida….shield for ragini…protects her di when she turns hysterical….age 22 years….has a very vague memory of three girls playing together in the verandah…but when she asks about it….none gives her a satisfactory answer….is finding out ways to find out what happened to her maa baba and who was the third girl
Ragya Kapoor / Gadodia : urf gudiyaa ….younger to laado by 10 mins…..somewhat like swara…but a lot more vivacious than her…a street smart brat….hates her family…esp shemish and ragini…..but misses her shona and dadi…..is a small time thief…but is planning something big secretly….hates men who flirt….age is 27…unaware about ragini’s phobia…watches her family secretly but only for shona

Ok friends so here is the CS…the rest u will get to know as the story proceeds…
Ragini : tejasswi prakash
Ragya: tejasswi prakash
Swara : helly shah
Laksh : namish taneja
Sanskaar : varun kapoor

The pairs will be
Ragini sanskaar
Ragya laksh
Swara will have a main role in the entire ff…one of the main links in the whole story…and there is a surprise for her love in this ff….won’t disclose it soon..hehe..sorry..but wait for it
More characters yet to be introduced
PS: 1st part of Junooniyat and Pyaar Dosti hai & the next part of Saiyyan will be posted on 9th positively..

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