Hi everyone this is indu here guys i am so sorry for being this much late ….so here s d episode
Suh:yuvi wht happened to u why r u so hurt why do u hate ur family this much yuvi??
Yv:yep u r right i hate my family…as anyone in my place would hate their parents …my family never considered me as best whoever otherthan me is best they never congratulated me for anything i have seen this from my childhood itself..
Yuv starts crying..
Yuv:i hate him suh he made my family hate me…
Yuv:my familyfriend..my parents always used to compare me with him he was better in studies..my pa used to scold me and compare me with him ..i started hating him …suh i even liked a girl but he also snached her from me …from childhood i loved to play music i luvd to sing but my father didnt understand my wishes…
Suh:yuvi parents r like that they want their son to be d best ….
Yuv:i know but they never used to support me suhani …thats wht when i left hope in my life i left my house and ran away…
Yuvi starrs crying very badly…
Suh hugs him
Suh:its ok yuv i understand atleast for me come and cut d cake na pls….
Yuv smiles a bit ..suh takes the firstaid box and applies medicine on his hand
He just went on looking at suh ..he couldnt take of his eyes from her..ishq bulava jane…..jab aye plays…
Suh takes yuv down to cut d cake…sharad and sow was suprised as well as shocked cause suhani did the thing which they couldnt do she convinced him to cut d cake..
Yuv cut d cake and gave it to suhani she also gave him back ..they smile…


  1. Radha

    Finally u are back.we are very happy.episode was simply superb.it is short but very very sweet.keep going like this.pls plstry to update regularly.all d best mydear sis.

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