JUNOONIYAT PART 1(episode 3)


Hi guys this s me indu guys ty soo much for ur luv and support due to ur support and luv i can achieve anything now i achieved d badminton competition 1st prize also….so guys i know i am late but sorry i will update it every day dont worry so guys enjoy dis episode….luv u all….
Yuvi is standing infront of his college he started singing …”Mere dil na mane teri ye dooriyan
Meri dilko pyaar tumse hogaya
Ishq mein junoon
Mere ye sukhoon
Milna hain tumhe
Apni sari janam mein
Tumhe pyaar na karne ki wajah nahi di tumne..
Mujhe tumhe pyaar karne ki wajah nahi pata
Tumhari batein mere kanon ko sukhoon deti hain…
Tumhari hasi mere dilko junoon deti hain…
Tumhari nazar mein nazar milana chahthi hoon main
Tumhari haath mein hath rakhna chahthi hoon main…
Tumho toh main hoon ….

Slowly a girl moves towards the crowd to hear yuvi singing….yuv stops singing and keeps his guitar down there was complete silence …..he was attracted towards her smile…he slowly moves towards her and holds her hand and takes her to the stage…sow was lil shocked and suprised to find suhani their ….suh was actually shocked.
When yuvi pulled her out of the crowd…he slowly asked her to dance with him….she slowly places her arm on his he started to dance gracefully..
Every girls in the crowd was sad that yuv didnt dance with them …
Yuv could not take of his eyes over her as she was so cute and beautifull ….he holded her bare waist ..she was feeling a bit awkward ..as she didnt even know the person with whom she was dancing but she couldnt stop herself….
Yuv stops he took his guitar and continued to sing
Agar tum nahi ho to main bhi nahi
Yahi toh hamari junooniyat hain…
Mujhe tumse na hona juda
Dil meri hogaya hain deewana sanam…
Yahi toh hain ye junooniyat ….
Tujhe dekhar mujhe hogaya ya he ye junooniyat….
Suhani was going on staring him …he stops the song . Crowd started roaring
Crowd:yuvi yuvi…yuvi…
Yuvi smiles looking at suhani….
Yuvi:i have kept my word i have danced with a girl…..i choose…
Sow ran and came and hugged her ….suh also hugged her back..yuv was lil suprised
Yuv:sow who is this..do u know her before ?
Sow:yuv this my best friend suhani..
Suh smiles ..
Yuv: so this s d intresting girl(to himself)

Yuvs bday party…suh sees yuvs hand bleeding and nurses his hand..
Suh:yuvraj why is there a pain in ur eyes always..?

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  1. Ruksy

    wow love it

    1. Indu

      Thank u rusky dr….

  2. Nithu

    its really awsm dr…lvd it indu…n congrats for ua victory…soo its party tym rit

    1. Indu

      Thank u nithu dr….

  3. amazing i like this epi .finally yuvani meet each orther. every line is superb and waiting for nxt update ..

    1. Indu

      Thank u soo much sri….

  4. nice… pls make it longer..

    1. Indu

      Thank u subha ya i will make it longer…

  5. heartly congrats fr ur success.episode was very cool.we are happy that ur back.

    1. Indu

      Thank u sooo much radha sis…

  6. Firstly hearty congratulations to you my bachu…. I m soooo happy that u won the competition…. Really proud of you….
    Coming to the episode, it was fantastic, u r really a good writer sweetie…. Always give such lovely episodes….
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always b happy & keep smiling…
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe…
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love you my bachu….

    1. Indu

      Thank u sharanya chechi u give me a lot of strength in my life u r one of my best sisters….

      1. 🙂 Like this I will always b there for u my bachu…. & Always remember whenever u need me I m jst a txt… Though I m staying far away from u bt still will never let feel alone… 🙂

  7. Shilpa-Saraj

    Hi chechi …….

    Congrats for your victory….
    I was damn sure that u would win the first prize..
    Party hard!!!!!!!!

    Coming to the episode… It was wonderfulll.. Yuvi suhani dance.. Yuvi touching suhani’s bare waist.. I was blushing…. It was awessomeee…
    Eagerly waiting for the next part…. Pls post asap…

    1. Indu

      Thank u mole ur support is very imp for me ty soooooooo much for being my sister….

  8. Really very very amazing.. I think this one is trying to fit in my list of best ff’s

    1. Indu

      Thank u sooo much farhat….

  9. Manya

    Superb and i knew u will win post asap???

    1. Indu

      Thank u sooo much ayushi ….dr…


    fantastic epi and congrats on you win 🙂 🙂 xxx

    1. Indu

      Thank u dr…

  11. Aqsxxh

    Sorry for my late comment, I was also very busy! but this ff is AMAZING!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    1. Indu

      Thank u soo much dr…

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