Hi guys this is indu so guys i am really happy with ur comments ty sooo much for ur luv and support guys keep commenting like this as ur support means a lot so lets go into d episode
A very big house is shown in the house a very beautyfully designed room is der …a person gets up from his bed ..he was shirtless ..he looks into the mirror and wipes of mist in the mirror …he goes to the tv room and on the tv..in the tv the news is shown…
News reader:today is 10th january and the famous rockstar and well known handsome yuvraj birlas bday…all the fans are ready to wish him happy bday….the boy is sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed…he gets up from their and throws the pillow on the floor he offs the tv suddenly a handsome cute man comes near him he is sharad…

The boy turns..he is the handsome rockstar yuvraj birla….
Yuvi:hmm…wht happened?
Sharad:yuvi everyone is waiting to Wish u Happy bday …why r u not meeting them..?
Without answering he goes to his room and wears a shirt and comes to d balcony…seeing him d crowd starts shouting..
Crowd:yuvi ..yuvi….yuvi…
Yuvi waves his hand and gave them a flying kiss…the crowd was happy..all securities moves d crowd away…yuvi comes back to his room…
Yuvi:sharad i know how to make my fans happy eveen though i am not happy..
Sharad was about to talk when a girl comes running and saying sorry…
Girl:sorry sorry sry sry..i am late…

The girl was bubbly as well as beautifull ..
Yuvi:sowmya u r always late.
She makes a sad face…she is sowmya …
Yuvi:u have to tell sry to ur boss but not to ur frnd…
He smiles soumya also smiles…
Sow:so my frnd happy bday….
Yuvi:thank u ..vaise why u became late???
Sow:yuvi actually my frnd is coming to mumbai today i was talking with her ..
Sowm:oh shit yar i forgot today u have a performance…infront of our full college and u have to keep ur word…
Yuvi:ya today i will dance with a girl …whom i choose…
Sow:who knows who is d lucky girl…
3 of them smile…

Yuvi chooses a girl to dance with him and d girl is…

Some of u have guessed who i am….so thank u once again….

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    The girl is SUHANI.. pls dont make it sowmya.. I hate her.. And pls make yuvi fall for suhani… Anyways.. Chechi… As usual.. U made us fall for your writing again… Ly:) umwaahhh…. Eagerly waiting for the next epi…

    1. Indu

      There are no villains in junooniyat …so dont worry and thank u mole

      1. Shilpa-Saraj

        I knew chechi.. Ur story will not hv villains

      2. Indu

        Actually all are fed up of villains so i thought this is good…

  2. i think the girl is suhani and the epi is nice and interesting too..actually i don’t know u sis but the ur writing is amazing ….eagerly waiting for nxt epi

    1. Indu

      Thank u sri sis actually u r in which class??

  3. hey indu interesting episode yaar.i am waiting fr suhani’s entry.i think it will be exciting.i am waiting fr ur next episode and all other characters entry.

    1. Indu

      Thank u radha sissy…

  4. Ruksy

    brilliant love it

    1. Indu

      Thank u rusky dr

  5. Manya

    As I told I am AYUSHI plzz call me that and awesome epi waiting to know who is the girl

    1. Indu

      Thank u ayushi sis

  6. Aqsxxh

    Amazing x ❤️ is this jenny by any chance ??

    1. Indu

      Thank u aqsxxh …yep…i am jenny

      1. Aqsxxh

        Yay x Welcome back jenny x how have you been dear I missed you thouroughly, just call me Aqsaah since u are like an older di to me x i ❤️ Today’s epi

      2. Indu

        Thank u dr ur name is just lovely….

  7. Neethu

    This one is very nice..Keep writing indu!

    1. Indu

      Thank u neethu sis

  8. Amazing epi jenny. Should i call you indu or jenny? Please update the next epi as soon as possible. I’m in love with this FF.

    1. Indu

      U can call me indu and thank u dr…

  9. Wow!!!! Nice start my bachu….. Hope you achieve highest peak of success sweetie….. Eagerly waiting for ur nxt update….
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling…
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe…
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love you my bachu….

    1. Indu

      Thank u sharanya chechi ty soo much u give a lot of support once again ty soo much….

      1. Anytime my bachu…. & don’t worry… Will always support u… & wenever u need me I will b always there for u….

      2. Indu

        Thank u chechi…

  10. Nithu

    Superb dr lovely I loved it all much..u write superb ff n ua a grt ff writter…first..love uh…

    1. Indu

      Thank u nithu chechi ty sooo much…

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