Guys, Mitali Here. Thanks a lot everyone for their love to me. I know that I said Ishq Wala Love os was my last os but guys these three days I couldn’t resist myself by being away from u. so here I’m with my last os and this time it’s really my last os. But don’t worry I will write when my holidays arrive. And I have one day left for my school to reopen. And thanks to all for writing their birthdates I have noted them in my diary.
So here I go, I hope u enjoy it,
Hi, my name is……………………forget it, I will reveal it later. I’m here for telling u a story of couple. It was complicated, it was romantic, it was sad, it was passionate. Let’s see what it was.

“Hi, Kunj.”
“Hi Twinkle.” They share a hug.
Then, the time rewinds, it moves one and a half years back.

A girl is standing in the crowd, waiting for someone. She is Twinkle Taneja.
Twinkle’s POV,
Oh god when will he enter, he is too good. Want to have a look at him. Yes, he entered, omg, he is soo handsome, so dashing.
Twinkle’s POV ends.
The guy starts to sing Sun raha hai na tu from Aashiqui 2. He ends the song.
Back to Twinkle, “Yaar he’s just amazing, his voice his looks. God, he is going me crazy.” Sonakshi aka Sona said, Twinkle’s best friend.
“Yes, his damn hot. Rock star Kunj Sarna is so dashing.” Amaya said, Twinkle friend……“Do u know u have a chance to meet him today. I’m visiting him today, do u guys want to join me. Actually, my dad has taken three passes to meet him, so will u come.”
“Sure.” Twinkle and Sona said.
“Sona u can come but sorry Twinkle u can’t because I have only three passes but I’m taking Sona and Suman with me, so sorry.” Amaya said.
“Fine.” Sona looked at Twinkle and said “Amaya I don’t want to come, I will meet him personally afterwards.”
“Sona, even if I’m not coming u go.” “Twinkle.” “please go.”
Amaya and Sona went. (Guys Amaya is just like Suniyo in Doreamon. Lol.)
Twinkle’s POV
Oh god this Amaya is such a creep. I have never seen a girl like her. Every time it’s the same story taking Sona and Suman with her. She is such a dumbass. She always boycotts me, I don’t know why and her tantrums, omg they r above her height. Always my dad, my dad. If her dad is so good then my dad is bad or what. calm down Twinkle your dad is the best, he is your first prince. My dad is also best he gives me everything I need or I want. Twinkle stop it your dad is the best, but I too wanted to meet him. Fine, better luck next time. forget that idiotic Amaya.
Twinkle’s POV ends.
OMG, Hello it’s me, your unrevealed story teller. Really time Amaya is such a creep and bastard. She isn’t letting my best friend come with her. she is so cheap. Okay now read what next,
At night Twinkle peeps inside the hotel where Kunj was staying. She noticed the guard sleeping and went inside. She checked many rooms, but didn’t find Kunj’s.
Twinkle’s POV
What the hell? I’m not getting his room………………………………………… yes, I got it and read big letters on the door ROCK STAR KUNJ SARNA. So cute name, Kunj. I peeped inside his room. It was………………fabulous and awesome room. i was him sleeping peacefully on his bed. I think he was too tried with the concert. He looked so cute. His wavy hair, his glossy lips, his eyes and his pink cheeks. he was soo handsome.
“oops” I dashed a table and the vase was about to fall down, but…………I catched it “Uff” I relieved. I looked at him and saw him sleeping peacefully, but he had turned to other side.
“not again.” I again dashed to the same table and the vase fell down this time. Kunj got up. I panicked. He saw me and started shouting security.
I went up to him and cupped his mouth and said “Sorry to seek inside without your permission, but if u call security then think u will get trapped in a news or in a controversy.” He thought for some time and I got off the bed and said “Think on big news channels, it will flash a girl was found in rock star Kunj’s bed. Think about it, meet me or get into a controversy.” Oh no! I didn’t want to say that, but the situation forced me to do so, it was horrible and the words just slipped out of my mouth. He thought for a while and said “Okay, but why have u come here.”
I got excited and said “To meet u. I really love u a lot. omg I can’t believe that Kunj Sarna, the great singer is sitting in front of me.” I started jumping. He tried to control me. yes, Kunj Sarna touched me. I was going crazy therefore Kunj held me by my shoulders and made sit on the chair.
“What’s your name? what do u want me to do?” Kunj said. Wow! His soft spoken words were so nice. It really made my day, no actually night.
“My name is Twinkle Taneja. I love your voice and u. I’m a big fan of u.”
“Oo thanks.” He smiled at me and I smiled back. I placed my hand on my chin with the support of my thigh. He yawned and looked at him lovingly.
“Twinkle, I think u should sleep.”
“Where?” I asked.
“here on my bed.” He said surprising me.
“Why? I will go home. Don’t worry.” I said.
“Shut up. See the clock it 2:30am and on this time I can’t send a girl out at late night. Got that.” Wow! He is so caring. I thought.
“Okay.” Suddenly hiccups attacked me. Kunj went got a bottle of water for me. Shit he was so caring; the girl who will marry him would be the world’s luckiest girl. I had no chance.
He made me sleep on ‘his’ bed and he himself slept on the couch.
Twinkle’s POV ends.
Hello once again your unrevealed friend, this rock star Kunj is so caring. I too want my husband like this. Let’s move to the story.
Next day Twinkle woke up and found herself on Kunj’s bed. She knew what happened last night. She saw Kunj sleeping. “I saw Kunj Sarna so close really I’m the luckiest person now on earth.” Twinkle said. Kunj got up from his peacefully sleep.
“U got up.” He said.
“Yes and I think that I should leave, I’m really sorry to enter in your room late night.”
“It’s okay many of my fans attempt this but they fail as I call the security. The difference behind them and u is only that they seek in day and came in night. It really a pleasure to meet a fan like u.” Kunj said.
“I should leave.”
“Okay.” He said. while going Twinkle wished him……. “Happy Birthday sir and do see my gift.”
“Thanks.” He said.
“U know I met Kunj Sarna yesterday. He is too hot and handsome really.” Amaya said.
“Ya really. He is very humble in real life. His voice, oh god it kills me off.” Sona said. (These qualities r Sidhant sir’s.) Twinkle entered.
“Twinkle, u should have also come to see him, but bad luck u couldn’t.” Amaya said………………. “U know it’s his birthday today and I have sent him a gift.” She continued.
“it’s okay Amaya. I will see him some or the other day.” Twinkle said.
Twinkle’s POV
Oh this creep Amaya, she thinks I didn’t meet him. Yes I met him just last night. I slept on his bed, his bed can u imagine. He made me drink water. He touched me, he grabbed my shoulders. U just met him Amaya, but i………………………. I can’t even explain it. Last night was the best for me. and I too sent a gift for him.
Twinkle’s POV ends.
Hello again your unrevealed friend, so my best friend met him, isn’t that good. She saw him and slept on his bed. So lucky. So now let’s move on to further story.
Kunj’s POV,
What was that? A girl peeped inside my hotel room. she slept on my bed. But she was so innocent, she looked so cute. What was her name……………………………Twinkle, ya Twinkle Taneja. It was for the first time someone entered in my room.
Just then, ‘knock, knock.” I opened the door and saw many gifts. I said “Right it’s my birthday today. Twinkle too wished me.” I said.
I opened the gifts one by one. First was……………Amaya Mathur. She sent me a bracelet, written Kunj. How sweet of her.
Next one was, Sonakshi Bose, she sent me a shirt. That’s so look. Awesome.
After some gifts I found, gift from Twinkle Taneja. She sent me a Ganapati idol and a letter. I read her letter.
The letter said,
“Hi, I’m Twinkle Taneja. I’m a big fan of u. I sent u a Ganapati. I hope u liked it. I wish u very happy birthday. I have seen all your concerts and attended all your concerts held in Mumbai. I wish u make big achievements in your life.
Bye and happy Birthday once again.
From-Twinkle Taneja
The letter ended.
So sweet of her. She gave me a Ganapati. I placed the Ganapati on my table and said “I will always take this Ganapati with me on my every trip. Thanks Twinkle.
Kunj’s POV ends.
Hello again your unrevealed friend, I know u r bored by my entry, but don’t scroll down, I’m not speaking a word. Let’s move on.
Twinkle’s exams where closer. Twinkle gave her exam.
The results were out and……….Twinkle had passed from distinction, but this did not satisfy her parents. They decided to shift Twinkle to other place. Twinkle rebelled back to them.
“Mom and dad, what have I done.” Twinkle said.
“What u have done. Twinkle just look at your result it’s just 76%. U always get above 90%. What happened now? Ya I know u r just lost in that Kunj Sarna. Twinkle he made his career, now u have to make. Twinkle we r shifting u to a village where u can’t watch his concerts and attend his concerts.” Her father said.
Twinkle’s POV,
VILLAGE, no not at all. I can’t go to village. But, I had too. I was left with no choice. Parents had planned everything for me. I moved for the village, but yes I will miss Kunj and can’t even send him gifts on his birthday. OH NO!
Twinkle’s POV ends.
Hello your unrevealed friend, no my best friend is going to village. No. She should not go, their story is incomplete. Enough of my bak bak. Let’s move on.
1and a half year later,
Its Kunj’s birthday once again. He has been sent many gifts by his fans.
Kunj’s POV,
I asked my secretary to check for Twinkle Taneja. He didn’t find it. I unwrapped everyone’s gift, but I wasn’t satisfied by that, I wanted to know what Twinkle sent me. but, what’s this? Why is her absence hurting me? This one year was living thought her but suddenly why is her absence make me desperate to meet her. Is this love.
I removed the Ganapati given by Twinkle on my last birthday. I asked Ganapati for my answers. I didn’t know what’s going on. Is this love.
I closed my eyes and saw her face. Her same smiling face of that night one and a half year back night. Her face was so beautiful. Oh yes, I got the answer I love her, yes I do. I asked my secretary to find out her info.
Kunj’s POV ends.
Yes, the rock star fell for my best friend. I think I don’t need to introduce myself as u know me……………let’s move on.
The secretary came after an hour and said “Sir, I didn’t get her info. Sorry sir.”
“Sir, it’s time for your concert please come fast. The crowd is waiting for u.” The secretary said.
“Yes. I will arrive in 2 minutes.” Kunj said.
Kunj’s POV,
I want to know where she is. I want to express my feelings to her that how much I love her. Please Twinkle meet me soon.
Kunj’s POV ends.
Hi, guys. Our Rock star is deeply in love with Twinkle. Let’s see how he gets Twinkle.
On the hand,
Twinkle’s result r out, her parents r worried about her result, but when they see the result they appreciate her.
“Twinkle, u have made me proud again. Say what u want.” Her dad said.
“Dad, I want to go to Mumbai for Kunj’s live concert. Please can I go?” Twinkle asked him.
“Twinkle.” Her dad said. just then her mom said “Twinkle u can go.”
“What?” her father said.
“See, Twinkle has made us proud by getting good marks, so then let her go.” Her mom explained.
“okay, Twinkle u can go.” Her dad said and Twinkle hugged him. Twinkle ran off for Mumbai.
On the other hand, Kunj was stepping the stairs to go on stage and sits on the chair. He looked at the crowd if Twinkle would be seen. The crowd shouted “Kunj, Kunj, Kunj.”
Kunj started singing…………………Mar Jaayen (song from Loveshhuda)
Har lamha dekhne ko
Tujhe intezar karna
Tujhe yaad karke aksar
Raaton mein roz jagna
Badla hua hai kuch toh
Dil in dino yeh apna
On the other hand, Twinkle is in a train.
He continues…………… and remembers the moments spent with Twinkle.
Kaash woh pal paida hi na ho
Jis pal mein nazar tu na aaye
Kaash woh pal paida hi na ho
Jis pal mein nazar tu na aaye
Gar kahin aisa pal ho
Toh iss pal mein mar jaaye
Mar jaaye mar jaaye
Mar jaayen ho mar jaaye
Mar jaaye mar jaaye
Mar jaayen ho mar jaaye
He remembers how he made her sleep on his bed and made her drink water and how she cupped his mouth.
Tujhse juda hone ka tasavur
Ek gunaah sa lagta hai
Jab aata hai bheed mein aksar
Mujh ko tanha karta hain
Khwab mein bhi jo dekhle ye
Raat ki neendein ud jaaye
Mar jaaye mar jaaye
Mar jaaye ho mar jaaye… (2x)
Kunj finishes the song and the whole crowd got out.
Just then, Twinkle came in and saw the concert was over, but Kunj was still sitting on the chair.
Now, “Hi, Kunj.” Kunj looked up and saw Twinkle. He was happy.
Kunj’s POV,
I was happy when I saw Twinkle standing in front of me. it was a surprise for me. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her.
Kunj’s POV ends.
Hello, well u know me and u know that I’m biting my nails; now let’s see what happens next.
Twinkle’s POV,
I was happy to see him after one and a half year. It had been a long time seen him, I know that I knows how much I love him, but does he do ……………………………………………
Twinkle’s POV ends.
Guys I’m still biting my nails.
“Hi, Twinkle.” They stood like statues in front of each other. Kunj ran to Twinkle and wrapped his arms around her. Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle’s POV,
His hug made me surprise, I know there was a reason for me wrapping my hands around him, but he wrapping his arms around me was weird. There was some suspense in the atmosphere.
Twinkle’s POV ends.
“Twinkle, I love u.” Kunj said still wrapping his arms around her.
“Kunj, What r u saying?”
Kunj said sitting down on his knees “I love you. The day u came in my life doing that stunt, entering in my room. I liked u. I loved the gift which u gave me. I never met u before but after we met each other, my life went upside down. Please don’t ask how I fell for u. but, I really love u Twinkle.” Kunj kissed her hand. Mujhko Barsaat Bana Lo……………………. (from Junooniyat) started playing.
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ek lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
Mujhko alfaaz bana lo
Dil ki aawaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana
Nasha hoon main behakne do
Mere kaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ek lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
“I love u too Kunj.” Twinkle said. Kunj smashed his lips with hers. The song continued…………………………….
Mujhe apne sirhaane pe
Thodi si jagah de do
Mujhe neend na aane ki
Koi toh wajah de do (x2)
Hawa hoon main lipatne do
Mere kaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ek lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
Kunj interlocked his fingers with Twinkle’s. it was passionate and intense. they stopped it to have some to breathe in.
Tere sang guzar jaaye
Yeh umar jo baaki hai
Hass do na zara khul ke
Kaahe ki udaasi hai (x2)
Subah hoon main aane do
Mere kaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ek lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana (x2)
The song ended.
“I love u Twinkle.”
“I love u Kunj.” They smiled at each other and tell their parents about them. Twinkle’s father accepted Kunj as their son-in-law.
Twinkle’s POV,
Yes, I’m the lucky girl who is getting married to Rock star Kunj Sarna. And Aahana she is so jealous of me. I invited her in my wedding but she was not interested to attend it. Anyways, I’m very happy with Kunj.
Kunj’s POV,
I’m happy that I’m getting married to Twinkle a great fan of me. sorry I have only these many words to speak as I’m very busy in my wedding functions.
Kunj’s POV ends.
They get married and lived happily forever.
So guys how was it. So let me introduce myself.
I’m Shanaya. Oh see my best friend and my rock star are present here.
“Hello mom, my best friend and dad, my rock star.”
“Hello Shanaya baby.” They said.
So, guys I’m Shanaya Kunj Sarna, the one and only daughter of Twinkle Taneja Sarna and Kunj Sarna.
Actually, this is my 15th birthday and my parents promised me that they will let me read their love story from my mother’s personal diary. And now I know their story. I have been waiting for so many years to read their story and now I can read it.
I hope that this Shanaya Kunj Sarna could make u happy.
U know I supported with these system.
1. Sweet voice just like my dad.
2. Bubbly, just like my mom.
3. Hot just like my dad and mom.
4. Life lover like my…………………………..think but not the answer is not mom or dad, it’s me myself.
I love them a lot. I know I talk a lot but…… can’t resist. So now Shanaya Kunj Sarna is signing off and will see next time. BYE!

So guys how was it.
I hope u liked it.
Guys If u want to contact me then, contact me on Instagram, my insta acc is nikumbhmitali.
Comment below I will be waiting for them on my last os.

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