Junooniyat Hai Yahi (Sort of short story) Part 3


Hello guys today I am gonna disclose my name…….its Divya sorry I earlier lied to you it was just a bet so sorry…..now lets start with the chappy(and pls forgive the spelling mistakes…?)
Next day
Again it was the girls who came first and this time sanskar was smiling at his angel and swara was fuming in anger.
Soon the boys too finished with the workout
Swara:Now what you want

Sanskar(teasingly):Your love
Swara:will you just….
Sanskar:ok calm down….so I was saying that lets practice what we learnt yesterday as don’t know about you but I wanna be the best
Swara:What do you mean by”Don’t know about you” I am the best!
Sanskar: Can’t you for once talk to me politely and with lots of love?huh..
Swara:well…..no and about the practice I am all set and….
Sir:Good afternoon guys
All:Hello sir
Sir:Come on lets start with manik and nandini today and then I we’ll move ahead ok!
All: Ok sir
Sir:Good come manan start your dance

And song played ( same song kuch na kahe….)
As the first line of the song played manan started an eye-to-eye conversation
(I am trying to tell that what do they feel about eachother and much more…)
Nandini:I like you so much but never told as I was afraid that you too like me or not
Manik:I have always loved you but couldn’t tell
Manik:I thought that the way you fight with me….you don’t like me
Next paragraph begins and they took a turn and she kept her palm on his mouth(its part of dance)
Zid yeh thi tumhe…ke hum bhi kuch kahe…hame yeh gila tha ki tum chup rahe…….
They cleared their misunderstanding with a long eyelock and realised their love for eachother…
Song finished and sir said:I guess all of you are clear with this so lets start with an new song today ok….pay attention and catch it quick at once

They started with the song (Bg song : My fav Mujhko Barsaat Bana lo….)
They created very romantic scene and sanskar was so happy from inside as he was alk set to feel each an every move of her live
Sir:Today we will star with Sandhir

Sanyukta’s pov
Oh no….this dance is so romantic I cant believe I will dance on this song with my love wow….!
Pov ends
Randhir’s pov
I am so happy now at least I will get to know that…sanyukta likes me or not and if I sense that she is comfortable and happy with me than I will ask her for date and soon will propose her…
Pov ends
They started their dance and were literally lost in eachother Randhir could see the coluour of sanyukta’s cheek as they were turning red and he could sense that sanyukta really likes him…
Soon all the couple danced and now last couple is left which is our swasan(Guys I can describe only two couples In which I cannot miss swasan so this time its sandhir and manan next can be raglak and varushka)
Swara:Don’t dare to take advantage of the situation.

Sanskar:Sorry baby I cant control myself
Swara:Stop calling me that you idiot
Sir:Come on its getting late
Swasan:yes sir
And the song starts

Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ek lambi raat bana lo
Apne jasbaat bana lo jana….
It was clearly visible that sanskar meant all the words truly and deaply and swara could not stop staring at him
Mujhko alfaas bana lo
Dil ki awaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana…
Nasha hoon main
Behekne doo
Mere qatil

Mujhe jeene ka haq toh doo…
Mujhko barsaat bana lo…
Musical break….
Sanskar never fell for any girl but it is for the first time he fell madly and deeply in love with a girl who is not meant for love….
And soon the song finishes and they were still lost in each other
Sanskar: Staring is bad princess

Swara(thinking):Why am I staring this pig ,whats so special in him.What is wrong swara you never got attracted to any of the guys then why this pig… well leave all that and stop staring at him like an idiot.
Swara(to sanskar):Sorry I was thinking about…
Sanskar :me right…now what can you do its my side-effect.
Swara:Oh hello will you stop blabbering and listen to what sir is speaking Mr.Daydreamer
Sanskar:Sure darling your wish my command
Sir:Ok you all danced really well today keep it up and we will continue tomorrow ok good evening
All:Bye sir

All were talking while sanskar was naughtily staring at swara and she was busy talking to ragini and giving disgusting looks to him
Where as
Nandini:yes manik
Manik:well we go home by the same route so can you come with me as I want to talk to you
Nandini:umm…ya why not sure….o k guys see you tomorrow bye
All girls and few boys:Bye
Manik:so shall we

And soon all bid bye to each other and left towards their homes
So here I end today’s episode do comment and give your suggestions and if you want any particular song to be added then do write as I check ur cmnts and try to reply till then bbye take care and love u loads??????????????????

Credit to: Divya

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  8. Thanks guys and as I told that I will show scenes of two couples including swsan so don’t worry in the next it will be sandhir,raglak and swasan of course……again thanks all of you love u loads???

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  10. I just opened this and started reading… Divya!! This is awesome!! MaNan sang saraswatichandra song!! Thnx for adding that song dear!! The lyrics are so so beautiful??????
    Sandhir were nice too.. Cute they were…
    Awesome it is☺

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