Junooniyat Hai Yahi Part-9


As swara entered a gate sanskar was shocked…as she entered a cremation ground…she slowly walked in and stood in front of a kabr (sorry guys I don’t know what do we say that in english) and took out some flowers from her bag and placed it on that..
Swara(almost crying):It has been four years since you left me…and after you everyone left me….can you see in how much pain I am can you see it from there Mr.Aman Sharma….you know what I hate you…because of you everyone left me…dad…mom everyone…I dont trust your god…there is no one up there…..because if he had been there then I would have not suffered this much…well anyways that guy sitting up there cant bear my happiness..so he snatched all my loved ones from me…and because of this I hate you and him…Good night to you and one more lonely night for me….and she left with tears and pain in her eyes
She couldn’t see Sanskar as she was broken and in pain
Sanskar’s pov
What was that…she had kept so much pain inside her…but why is she hiding her pain…and who is this aman sharma….what connection does he have with swara and her fanily….i cant dream this in my wildest dream that my princess would have gone through this much….s he needs me…she don’t know but she need a person who would throw the emptiness out from her life…on whose shoulder she can shed her tears…and I will make her mines forever…cauze JUNOONIYAT HAI YAHI….!
Pov ends

Next morning
All came and were happy as today they can practice and as well as romance with their partners but sanskar was eagerly waiting for swara….and there she was…her fave was pale and dull which was noticed by everyone so all gatheref near her
Laksh:Hey swara! What happen…are you alright?
Swara(avoiding eye contact with everyone):Ya I am alright…!
Sanyukta:You seem to be so dull…are you upset with something?
Swara:No…just a bit tired
Nandini:No worries I have a brilliant idea guys come lets play truth,dare and situation…whats say?
Randhir:Wow thats awesome….i n this way we all can relax ourselves and can have a group time
Swara(trying to avoid sanskar):You guys carry on I don’t want to play..actually
Ragini(inturptin,holding her hand and making her sit down):I don’t know that when we all sat and had a chat with everyone so I think that you should too be a part of it and enjoy or else don’t talk to me..!
Sanskar was getting happy and he sat in front of swara…and the bottle was spinned
1..2…3 and it stopped on Ragini

Nandini:Wow ok come on choose truth,dare or situation..
Sanyukta:Who was your first crush…and you still think him as your crush??
Ragini(tensed):umm..he was…my classmate vivek…I really liked him..
Laksh(fake tears):Nooo…pls say that it’s a lie…oh god my love’s crush is not me….w hy you gave such a big punishment to a poor soul…huh…!
Manik:Will you keep your moth shut Mr.Aashiq
Ragini:so what…you too would also have liked a girl before me right..?
Laksh(tensec to):Leave it na ..its just a game..play on
All laughed..and the bottle was spinned again….and this time it was randhir’s turn
Nandini:Gud now come on you have to dance
Randhir:Ah…so easy play the song
Nandini(smirking):But the song will be our choise
Randhir(now feeling that he was trapped):Umm..ok..play
Nandini:Star…and she played the song
Song:Pink lips
All laughed seeing a seductive Randhir dancing….nandini to joined and later ragini and sanyukta also…after having a light time that bottle was spinned again…and this time it was sanskar’s turn
Laksh:Tell bro what do you choose
Manik:Do you love someone ?
Sanskar(looked at swara then at manik):Yes
Everyone was shocked:Who?
Sanskar(spinning the bottle):One question at a time guys

No one can imagine that a boy who hated girls would fall for a girl…the bottle stopped on sanyukta
Randhir:T..D..or S
Laksh:Ok so I have got one for you..listen if you have a chocolate on one hand and randhir on other…whom would you choose
Randhir knew the answer so he was happy but soon his smile vanished
Randhir was dumbstruck to listen the answer
Randhir(fake tears):Sanyukta…tujhe yaad na meri aayi kisi se ab kya kehna…..
Sanyukta:That’s because chocolate I don’t have every time but randhir..he is there in my heart so whats the need to choose him separately. ??
Randhir was on cloud nine:Gud sanyu…I love you

Sanyukta:I love you too
Manik:If you two have expressed your love then may we continue
Randhir(giving a winner look)Why not…please do the honor
The bottle was spinned again and this time it was swara’s turn
Ragini:Yess I was waiting for you turn now tell what would you choose
Nandini:Wow cool…so let me think..ummm
Sanyukta:easy yaar swara dance for us
Swara(quite realxed):Ok no problem…
Nandini:Are wait..there is a twist
Swara(now a little tensed):What
Nandini:You will dance but not alone..
Swara:What…then with whoom?
Sanyukta:Umm…sanskar..yes dance with him on the song of our choise..!
Swara(shocked):But wait
Ragini:Come on swara its just a game take it easy…and this will be the last dare because I have to leave ok!
Manik:Ya ok come on swara dance
Randhir:Yes come on sanskar…
Sanyukta played the song:Ishq di lat of junooniyat
They stood in front of each other looking straight in their eyes and started dancing….

Betahasha tu yaad aata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan
Sanskar held her waist and pulled her towards him and locked her in his arms

Mujhse hi mujhko tu churata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan
Swara too melted in his arms and forget everything for a while
Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave
Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave
They couldn’t take off their gaze from each other and danced..

Kyun chaand se ho jode umeede
Ik doosre se aa roshni le
Kyun hum alag yun lete hain saanse
Ik sans mein hi aa dono jee le
Aise mile phir na ho juda
She walked away from each other and then ran towards each other and hugged tightly
Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave
Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave
Swara felt like heaven being in his arms
Beghar thhe saare sapne humare
Aake mila hain tu aashiyan sa
Jaayenge kaise hum door tujh se
Tu saath chalta hai aasmaan sa
Hain pyaar kaisa jadoo bhara
Sanskar made her feel his love towards him and she could feel it..
Ishqe di lat tadpave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave (x2)
Betahasha tu yaad aata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan
Mujhse hi mujhko tu churata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan
Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave (x2)

They finished their dance while looking straight into each other’s eyes
Soon reality hit swara and now she could not control her tears…she took her bag and left…after this sanskar too left
All thought that there was something strange and decided to find it the next day…!
So here I end today’s episode…I hope that I have written it up to your expectations…if yes then do comment..and silent readers too especially for this part pls…till then keep reding love you all loads????

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    Junooniyat Hai Yahi <—- what's that mean ? awesome, luv it ty

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