Junooniyat Hai Yahi Part-11


Hey guys….thanks for comments…..so here is the 11th part…though I am short of ideas still will create something and write….enjoy

Next day
It was around 2-3pm…and there was one and a half hour for the class to begin
Everyone has decided to meet at a particular place before the class to plan something…
Ragini:Nahi…we cannot do that
Nandini:And can you please tell me why shouldn’t we…??
Sanyukta:Yes..dont you want to help your friend..?
Ragini: urgh….i want to but in a good way…and what you are doing Is wrong..!!
Manik:Come on ragini…whats wrong in it we will return it…whats a big deal in it..??
Laksh:Exactly…I am saying that today you take her somewhere with you…we will check her bag…and if the diary is found we’ll keep it with us….and take it…and next day we can return it to her saying any reason that she forgot it..or bla bla bla..!
Randhit:Yup…and if the diary is not to be found then we have her address…we will go there at night after she’s sleep…click all the photos of the written pages and then keep it back there….n ow whats eating you..??

Ragini(partially convinced):But I don’t like this hidding…planning…plotting..and all..!
Manik:Then do one thing Miss.Ragini Gadodia….go to swara and ask her what is she hidding….maybe she’ll tell you…!!!
Ragini:Not a bad idea..i can d
Randhir(interupting):If she had to tell you…she would have told it earlier…no point in asking we will waste our time in all this do as per the plan..
Ragini:Alright then…first plan A and then B…but if we get stuck then…
Nandini:For that I have a plan…listen..
Muted conversation
Laksh:Clever girl..!
Manik smiled at nandini and she too smiled back at him
And soon they gave a finishing touch up to the plan…and left for the class
There they were practicing when sanskar came
Sanskar:Guys we have to do something…I mean i
Ragini:Relax sanskar…we have planned everything
Nandini:Yes..so calm down

Laksh:Are randhir..bring chairs…manik what are you doing bring water for sanskar look he is so tensed…
Sanskar:Saale…tell what have you all planned
Manik:Are chill bhai….dont worry all’s set…!!
He stopped as felt something…:Guys she came
All looked at him…and then to the door from where swara entered…
All smiled at them and swara was shocked to see ragini smiling at her
Swara:Ragini…hey all of you why are you smiling..??
Ragini moving towards swara held her from shoulders:I am sorry swara…yesterday I behaved very rudely to you….forgive me…I am sorry..!
Swara was on cloud nine..she immediately hugged her: I am also sorry ragini…if I hurt you in any way…I am sorry..
Ragini:Okk…now stop this melodrama and all…come lets practice…swara gave a normal look to sanskar and then she moved with ragini and all…

They were all warming their bodies…all were giving hints to each other throught the mirror and swara too was in between looking at sanskar and whenever she looked at him…she found him staring her…which made her a little blush but then she composed herself and continued….this all was noticed by each one of them present there at that moment
Soon it was the time to execute their plan and they all signaled ragini and she with a lot of courage move ahead..
Ragini:Ohh…god I am tired now…come swara sit…
Swara:So soon…you were never so lazy ragini…come on…get up
Ragini:Achha…leys see who is more enthusiastic come with me…helding her from wrist
Swara:Are where…ragini

Ragini:Keep quiet and come with me…come..
And she took her towards the garden signaling everyone there to start their work…and as soon as she left all rushed towards her bag
Sanyukta:Fast nandini check whether the diary is there or not
Nandini:Sanskar you come here you have seen the diary…see is it there
Sanskar:Umm…no…its not there….n o she has not brought her diary today
Laksh:Are you sure…have you checked properly..??

Sanskar:how can I forget that diary….you know what on the very first page of that diary…there was a beautiful picture of hers in which…she was smiling whole heartily…she was looking soo beautiful in that..if I would have controlled myself that day…then I think we would have know her past till now….now lets see if we can find her diary tomorrow..

Randhir:Don’t worry…we’ll find her diary today only…tonight..!
Manik:That we will tell you…but for that you have to come to swara’s home at 12a.m…ok!
Sanskar(totally confused):Ok…as you all wish..!
Laksh:Good…now come on keep the things inside
Nandini:Han…and she kept all the things inside….and all were talking when ragini and swara returned…
Ragini asked them through actions that if they got something but they all answered in negative which made her a bit sad….and then here comes the dancers
Sir:Hello students…all set for today

All shocked:Why sir
Sir:You have your surprise face off today…
Sir:Are that’s why I took your special practice tomorrow so that I can see that all of you are through with this or not….well any ways today two couples will have a face off…and I’ll mark you according to that
All:Ok sir…as you say
Sir:Good so first it will be manan and randhir…and then swasan and raglak…ok
Swasan looked at each other…sanskar smiles and making swara feel helpless….
Sir:you both have to decide one song each and then leave it to me…go you have 5mins…I’ll be back right now…and they left
Swara:I guess beat pe booty is goo…
Sanskar:No…I have decided the song
Sankar:That I will not tell you…and he moved towards raglak
Swara:Are I have to dance with you…they will not dance with you…stupid
Sanskar:All set guys
Raglak:Yup…now just wait for your turn…we have planned everything
Sir:Ok come start now…randhir first you both will start

Randhir:Ok sir
(Guys first let me clear it…first the couples will dance respectively…and then four of them will dance on a single song ok!!)
Bg song for randhir:Dance pe chance
Left leg aage aage, right leg peeche peeche
Aaja yaar lets start ve
Sar ko ghuma le round, pair zara up down
Itni se yeh bath ve
Woh banda ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le.. heyyy..
Oh soniye… oh soniye…
Peeche peeche aaya teri chaal ve na dayaaa – 2 times
Sano lakh hon gaye lashkaren
Ni sano tera loang lapiya
Dil dekhe tu lejha mundiyare
Ni sano tera loang lapiya
Oh chal haath ghuma le yaara
Oh jaise suiyan saath se bara
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Ho zara kamar ko aise ghumana
Oh jaise hawa mein aath bana na
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Woh bandha ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh oh oh..
Kaali teri puth te, paranda tera laalni – 2 times
Roop di o rani tu parande nu sambhalni
Kaali teri kaali teri kaali teri kaali teri…
Oh ek haat ko uncha uthale
Oh mandir ki ghanti bajale
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Ho tu jo haath hi le zara neeche
Jaise udti patang koi keenche
Le ban gaya step soniya
Tu ban gaya hep soniya
Woh bandha ki kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa hathon mein tu haath tham le
Ooye dance
Dance pe, dada da dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh baliye dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Dance pe…. Dance pee… dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniya dance pe chance mar le
Oh soniye, oh soniye… oh soniye… oh soniyee…
And they finished the song and then our second couple entered….
Bg song for manan:Lat lag gayi
They too danced with lot of grace and passion
Sir:Beautiful face off I will tell the results later…come on next group….r aglak come
Raglak:Yes sir

Bg song:Oh Khuda
Tere bin jeena hai aise
Dil dhadka na ho jaise
Yeh ishq hai kya duniya ko
Hum samjhaaye kaise
Aa dilon ki raahon mein
Hum kuch aisa kar jaaye
Ik dooje se bichhde toh
Saans liye bin marr jaaye
O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..
O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..

Pyaar ki inn raahon mein
Milte hai kitne dariyaa
Laakh tufaano mein bhi dil ko
Mil jaata hai zariya
Iss dil ke irraadon mein
hai itna asar
Lehron se kinaaron pe
karta hai safar
O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..(2x)
Aaj apne rangon se
bichhdi hain yeh tasveerein
Haathon mein kahin toot rahin hain
Mil kar do taqdeerein
Duniya yeh jeet gayi
dil haar gaya..
Nahi socha tha mil kar
kabhi honge judaa..
O Khuda..
Bata de kya lakeeron mein likha
Humne toh..
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya..(2x)

They finished their dance with a lovely pose and now it’s the turn of our heart throbbing couple
Sir:Wow…awesome…come swara and sanskar lets see if you could beat their dance
Swara(in a low voice which is only audible to sanskar):What pose should I take…tell me the song
Sanskar(pulling her so tightly tightly towards him that she hit his chest and stared him as he spoke):Shhhh…be quiet…as the song will start you will get the steps on your own…and he smiled and the song started

Bg song:Toota jo kabhi taara
Kisi shaam ki tarah
Tera rang hai khila
Main raat ik tanha
Tu chand sa mila
As the song started sanskar quickly twirled het and started dancing
Haan tujhe dekhta raha
Kisi khaab ki tarah
Jo ab saamne hai tu

Ho kaise yaqeen bhala
He made beautiful lifts and danced with lots of love
Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main
Sanskar was right…as the lyrics started swara was lost in him and as she danced someone can easily say that they both love each other
Haan maine suni hai
Pariyon ki kahani
Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera ruhani
Aa tujhko main apni

(aaja meri) Baahon mein chupa loon
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmaan bhi…
Zindagi rok doon main ab tere saamne
Pal do pal jo ruke tu mere sath mein
All present there adored them and praised their couple
Toota jo kabhi tara sajna ve
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main
Itni bhi haseen main nahi, o yaara ve!
Mujhse bhi haseen toh tera ye pyar hai
Haan itni bhi haseen main nahi
O yaara ve!
Mujhse bhi haseen tera pyar…
Ke tera mera pyar ye
Jaise khwab aur duaa
Haan sach kar raha inhe
Dekho mera Khuda…
Toota jo kabhi taara sajna ve
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga, mileya ve…
Tu mileya to jaane na dungi main

As the song ended everyone could see for the first time that swara was blushing….hard…and she was smiling looking at sanskar…their eyelock was broken by sir
Sir:My god what a romantic environment you guys have created….m ay god bless your partnership…keep loving each other like this…
All were happy at this time except two people..sanskar was sad and looking at swara as he knew that she hasn’t confessed that she loves him which hurts him the most….a nd swara was sad as she loved him but cant be his…!
Sir:Ok…so the winner from Group 1 is….umm….randhir…all clapped happily(Guys no jealousy nothing…and sorry if anyone wished fr manan)

Sir:Congrats…and winner from G2 is…ummm….yes its swasan…all were on cloud nine as they all wished for this
Sir:Its enough for today tomorrow we will have the last round which is the face off between the winners and then we will move on…ok good evening guys!
Sir left and after five mins swara toi left as she could not face anyone now….
Ragu:So are you guys ready for today’s plan
Ragu:Oh god be with us…help us so that we can help swara
Sanskar:Don’t worry ragini…all will go well..
Nandini:I hope for the same
Laksh:So everyone is havi g the pic of swara’s address…all girls you will not come alone we all will come to pick you ok…cz its not safe for you all to travel alone at night…
Sanyukta:Ok..just call when you all reach
All left hoping for the best..!!

So here I end my todays episode….first of all Happy B’day Varun Kapoor may god bless you and you keep entertaining us…and sorry that I am posting it so late…I was stuck under a lot of pressure so couldn’t post…promise I’ll try to be regular…and I think that I have posted a long one this time..if not then sorry…I was daily writing little everyday…and today thought of posting it so here it is…do comment and keep reading love you all loads…????????

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