Junooniyat Hai Yahi Part-10


Hello guys…I am back…and if navi di is reading this then I am very angry di you didn’t commented on my post….enjoy this part guys…

Next Morning
Everyone was there except swara and sanskar..
Ragini:what do you think nandini?
Nandini:I think that there is something wrong
Sanyukta:Me.too…like the way both ran after dancing…I could feel that there is something going in between them…what about you manik
Manik:I think the girl whom sanskar loves is swara
Laksh:Me too

Randhir:And swara is hiding something….like have you noticed her…she never smiles…and all I think she has a dark past
Nandini:hmmm….ragini swara is your old friend do you know something about her..?
Ragini:No yar…I know her from past 2yrs then she shifted to Mumbai..and then she suddenly came here…but yes I know this much that she doesn’t have a family that’s it..!
Sanyukta(looking down from window):Guys sanskar…lets talk to him…maybe he can help us..
Randhir:Yes you are right
Sanskar entered and everyone was glaring at him as if he was caught
Sanskar:What…why looking at me like this?
Ragini:Oh so you don’t know anything..?
Sanskar(avoiding an eye contact):Ummm….what are you talking about…whats going on guys…can someone tell me..!!
Laksh:Come here sit

They made sanskar sit and all sat in front of him
Sanska:Now tell
Nandini:You tell us…whats going on in between you and swara
Sanskar(shocked,tensed):Umm…no…nothing…..what are you asking…..like
Manik(irritated):Stop hiding it….i f you don’t want to share then ok…..but remember we are your friends
Ragini:Manik is right….you remember sanskar earlier we used to fight like anything….that was also a kind of friendship only…right??
Randhir:And maybe if you share it with us we can help you…
Sanyukta:ponder over it….!!
Nandini:You can tell us at the end of the class…ok!
Sanskar just nodded in positive and went to the garden…
Sanskar’s pov

Are they correct…?Can I share it with them….h ow can I forget that I have the best group of friends with me….and if we become one we can defeat even the death…..yes I can share it with me….and I don’t know about others but maybe ragini could help me as she knows swara before than me…yes I will talk to them at the end of the class
Pov ends
At that moment scene shift to an isolated area….there were many tree and a girl was shown walking to the cliff…wait…she is revealed to be swara…what is she doing there…
Swara’s pov
Why god why….when I was craving for love you snatched it from me…and now when I am living like a lifeless body then you are giving me all the happiness and love at the same time…no I cant bear it this time…I cant loose sanskar….but why…yes its easy….because I love him…yes I love him…but cant afford to loose one more special person of m life…no
Pov ends

Swara shouted:Yes I love him…I love you sanskar…and she broke down….but I cant loose you…I cant….
Soon she composed herself..washed her face and left to her class where her love is waiting for her…
She entered and all shot a cold gaze at her..
Swara:Hey…what happened..?
Ragini:Swara don’t you think you are acting really strange from past few days..?
Swara(setting her things ):umm…no I am alright….well why are you asking so…?
Ragini:No nithing….i thought you trust me this much that can tell me your secrets…its ok time changes..
Swara could feel pain in her voice:no..ragi
Sir:Good morning guys..
All stood up and looked at sir
Sir:Well aastha told me that you all have practiced your lesson so lets move on…today we’ll show off…..by showing what have we learnt so far…
All:Yes sir

Sir:But today you all will not dance with your partners…you’ll dance with the person with whom ill pair you up…ok
All:Ok sir
Sir:ok lets start with sanyukta and manik
Randhir and nandini:Gave a warning look to both of them and they start their dance..
Bg song:Dilli wali girlfriend
They enjoyed a lot while dancing…and all four didn’t had any problem they too enjoyed
Sir :Ok…now come laksh and sanskar
Laksh(cold tone):I am ok with it sir you ask sanskar if he’s ok with it..!
Sanskar felt really heartbroken:Its ok sir I am ready
Bg song:Velle

They both danced in full attitude
Sir:Good…ok now come Randhir and nandini…its your turn now
Randhir and nandini gave a assuring look to control the jealousy point of their partners
Bg song:Kheech meri photo
They too enjoyed dancing which created a friendly environment…but now it’s the turn of two besties….in which one of them is ignoring the other
Sir:Wow…come next…ragini and swara
Ragini didn’t bothered to look at least once at swara which pierced her heart but she composed herself…
Bg song:Second hand jawani
The two divas danced with utmost energy and passion….while they danced nobody could say that they are having a misunderstanding….with beautiful expressions and in friendly manner.. !
Sir:Excellent dance….i can feel the temperature is becoming more hot….well anyways I can now say that you guys will soon end up to be great dancers…if you dance with same attitude and passion…so that’s it for today…. good evening class..!
All:Good evening sir

All were waiting for the two of them to speak…but
Swara(apology face):Ragini o don’t know why are you behaving so strange…what have I done…pls tell me
Ragini:I am behaving strange..seriously swara.. you ask it to yourself that aren’t you behaving so…?
Swara:No ragini..i
Ragini:Its ok swara I thought that you consider me as your true friend…and so expected that whatever will happen in your life,I will be the first person after you to know that….its ok if you don’t want to share…but remember good friends are difficult to find…bye guys…and she left..(guys she is waiting outside for swara to leave)
Swara too left with tears in her eyes..
Nandini:Swa…poor soul help her god..!
As soon as swara left ragini came inside:Now will you please do the honor to spill the truth out of your mouth..
All sat near him…

Sanskar:The day swara entered the academy I fell for her….i tried a lot to make her love me back..i even proposed her but she rejected…she always used to say that I should stay away from her because who so ever comes near her…he/she looses her life.
Ragini:Hang on…I am still alive
All gave disgusting look to her and asked him to continue
Sanskar:I some how followed her to her home and I was shocked to see her entering in a cremation ground…she kept few flowers on one cemented surface and cried like hell….and ya the name where she placed the flowers was…umm…Aman sharma..!

Ragini:Now who is he…swara didn’t tell me anything about this aman sharma
Sanskar:She shouted on that rock and blamed him for the death of her family..
Ragini:What….but she told me that she is an orphan…again a lie..!
Sanskar:Wait…you don’t know her condition…she is deep pain…and we have to find it out
Ragini:You right…I am with you…we have to gather information about this aman sharma….but from where…how…oh god help me to take my friend out of this pain pit..!
Sanskar:I know a way…few days back I found her diary in which her address was written…and I clicked the photo of that address..!
Manik:Good..now its easy for us to gather info. About that aman…we only have to get that diary…by hook or crook…!
Sanyukta:Ya now we will help swara to come out of her past…and don’t worry sanskar she will very soon realize her love for you…its our promise to you…you will get your love back…!
Sanskar(with tears of happiness):Thank you so much guys

Laksh:Uffo.. now stop crying like an idiot…be a man…we are with you…!
They all had a group hug and left with determined faces to help sanskar in getting hos love back…and swara in coming out of her past….!!
So here I end my todays episode…hope its long….do comment guys…will be back soon…and bless me as I have my computer test tommorrow…and yes you all know what I got 19•5/20 in my social exam….ohh I am so happy as I am very weak in sst but this time I worked really hard…ok now bbye…do comment…love you loads????

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