Recap-twinkle to make arman as bro…and twinj confession?


“Is…..is that m—me.?”he stuttered and she looked upwards from her lap..
She was shocked while he was nervous…and squeezing his both hands..

Taking a deep sigh,twinkle replied..

suddenlt twinkle felt a pair of lips on her right cheek.she looked front to find kunj busy in his phone and then she turned right side to find arman smiling.

Dang.! That was her dream..
Sweet dream?
And maybe impossible dream..?
For her,it was.

Arman wasnt suppose to join them but the lil boy never had any friends and he had never experienced any such movie plans so he gotta catch up with them.
They dint mind at all.evry1 knew his brain screw was loose by god,himself and they never made fun of him.
Though,the whole gang was his friend he suppose to be with and giggled with twinkle.
Somehow or the other twinkle enjoyed getting such a cute boy but he was too touchy.
Plan was to watch horror movie but that changed to comedy as he joined.
First he sat beside twinkle and on the otherside was mahi and beside her was yuvi. The sad and irked kunj had to seat after yuvi….
Far away from her, *sigh*

He dint have anyhard feeling for the boy but he was irked with his behaviour.everytine on some funny moment.he clapped his hands with twinkle and she was busy in the movie would do that too.
His whole attention was on them whole the time.
The thing which made him angry was twinkle blushing when he entered and kiss.
Duhhh,little did he knew that she was blushing on her crazy dream.

He felt his heart being stabbed continuosly and to avoid the distraction and pain.he left the room
Twinkle was much engrossed in the movie but in 15 minutes,she noticed him no-where.
She looked at arman who had dozed in a deep slumber

*thank god*

She tip-toed out of the room and went to kunj’s room
She found him in the balcony staring at stars.
Twinkle stood beside him and clicked her fingures to grab his attention.
He turned and again looked at the sky.

“Whats wrong.?”she asked sensing some tension rising.

“Will you answer one question..??” He turned towards her “truly.? No lie and no changing the topic”

—-“do you love me”—-
Twinkle expected a question drowning in her dreams but it came out spmething diferent………..very much

It wasnt about them *sad sigh*

“Who was arman.?”

“A boy” she tried to lighten the tension arising between them but one glance she got from him made her knees go week as well as shiver in fear.

His eyes were red,but was they because of anger or some pain.?
She never knew.

“Umm…my boy” she replied and looked down to find him gripping balcony’s railing tightly.

“Okay,gotta tell you whole thing..maybe you are making some own stories.” She said sighing and he looked on

“He was my jaan.my mother’s sisters son,armaan.name bhi cute or wo bhi.he was my favourite boy.from childhood i use to play and gifgle all along with him.he was a year younger to me.lived with us only.” She narrated as her eyes turned moist and he looked at her shock…
True,he was making his own story….with a different and opposite track..

Great kunj….be a writer,his mind taunted and he kicked it as she continued

“Butt…one day…on my 10th birthday,he left me….he left me” she sobbed a little and continued “because of some tension between our parents,his parents moved away and never contacted.i— i miss him very much.he was my lucky charm,my broo”

A lone tear escaped his left eye and he gave a sympathetic look to her.

Aftrr a amount of 5 minutes silence.he opened his mouth,thinking deeeply

“Who knows all this.?”

“You,me,mahi and maa-papa..i never told this to anyone.i dont want to be a looser and broken infront of anyone”

All her ahyness and nervousness flung away.one thing she understood..
We can open ourself to the person we love.it dont make you broken,it mkes you stronger.
She smiled that she did and expected him to support her as reciprocagion of her love.

This is what one of the meaning of love is…right.?

“What you count me as,?”

“Means”twinkle was boggled
Ouh,fish what was he asking.?

“You dint shared it with anyone,so its confirmed i am not anyone but some-one,so who am i to you.?”

“A friend..ofcourse” she looked evrywhere but he…

“Yuvi,chinki and rohan aint your friends then.?” He asked her as a smile played on his lips “am i someone special.?”

His question made her cheeks turn red.
Damn…what is he trying to ask.?

Before anything,she pinched herself..
That shouldnt be a dream….
A clear noooo…

But hey,it wasnt as she pinched and looked up.he was waitig for her answer with a sweet smile.

Duh…she is caged…
Caged between her heart and mind.
One is ready to accept but another is scared…


Sooner update?
Hope you like the masala in the story??..

Whats gonna happen.?

I know you all are cursing bad of me,to give cliffhanger…always and thank u for that?

Chalo as said,no begging of cmnt anymore..
You can give in,if you want.

Beast is mine will be posted soon☺..


Loads of love

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar janeman amazinggggg loveddddddd it soooo much …

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    Well loveddddddd the jelaous …
    And revelation about arman damn I was thinking you what kunj was thinking but knew twinkle loved kunj only …
    Well waiting for next one ..
    Love you post soon ??????????????????

  2. Amazing fantastic episode dear
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  4. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hiii ammu….
    Episode was amazing fabulous….
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    1. Aamu

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  8. Amazing episode

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    Loved it

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    No issues…
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    Woah!!!! It was just fabulous…??
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    Aamu… So amazing!
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  15. Ramya

    Awww that was a cute dream.
    I thought it to be real
    It’s amazing awesome

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    Awesome aamu
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