Recap-twinj sad moments and a hug..and twinkle’s reply to arman..


The next reply twinkle gave..made evrything go silent..
Especially kunj….
As the word said..

Her voice echoed

Arman looked overjoyed…his mouth opened in ‘o’ with a ear to ear grin…
Kunj was left shattered seeing the scenerio in front..
Arman forwarded his both the hands to get hold of hers when twinkle stopped him…

“I love u too….but as a siater loves her brother…”
Twinkle took out a box from the bag she was holding..
She took out a rakhi..decorated beuitifully…

“And here i have brought a beautiful rakhi for my beautiful brother…”she gave him a cute smile and holded his hands and tied the thread..while armaan looked shock..
And every-one stood freeze..

“You love me as a frnd too,right?”

“——–” no response came..

“Oh…so u dont love me…u was jz acting i think..”she made a sad face..while arman bited his nails and nodded his head like a child 

“No i really love u..but as a….um….as a…”

“As a ..,? Vas a..chodo..i want my gift today..as i tied a rakhi in your hand”

He was confused and looked at her blinking his eyes..

“You dont wanna give.?”twinkle left his hand.. “Its ok.”she mumbled..

She knew it was difficult…
He would have felt dejected..but what she could do.?
She really dint loved him..
He was as a brother to him…
Ans every-one knew how frank was she…

Twinkle turned and fixing her bag on her shoulder,she was about to leave..

“Here is ur gift..!” Arman said and twinkle turned overjoyed..

He had a dairymilk silk in his hands.which he bought to give her when she accepts his proposal..

Twinkle took a breathe…and gulp down the saliva which formed seeing it…

“I loved u as a….umm..as a…ouh leave it..i love u as a brother now..”
He bend sown on his knees..

“Will u be my sister twinki…i will protect u from evry problem..!”he said and she smiled and took the cadbury..

“Haha..khud ko to sambhala nai jaata or twinkle ko sambhalega”one of there collgue spoke from the audience
“Knees par bend hokar propose rakhshabandhan k liye karraha hai…wah…”another said..
“The mental person” the another said…

Arman heard and looked petrified…he was used to there taunts..but it had always hurted him..
Able or disable,He is a human afterall…

Twinkle clenched her fist and moved towards the owner of the speaker..but before she could reach..kunj went there and punched him …

“If u cant see good of others..just shut ur bl**dy eyes and take away ur a*s from here”he groaned,every-one was aghast seeing him..and one of those gang member already peed in his pants…

Arman giggled childishly seeing that and clapped his hands…

“How cute”mahi went towards and pulled his cheeks..

“Will u be my frnd.?” He asked mahi and she immediately nodded..and then evryone engulfed eachother in a hug..

That was indeed a great proposal of a bro-sis relation…

Later evry1 planned to have a movie marathon that night at sarna mansion..

Twinkle and mahi reached there on time..whereas rohan n chinki were late…

“Where r they?” Mahi asked the n’th time moving in the room..

“Calm down…they will cm”

The four of them started to chat..

“Hey,btw…why dint u accept his proposal.?”

“Cause he is my brother,simple”

“I dont think so….see his looks..he is cute”

“That doesnt mean i will love the person i dont love.i will love the one i love”

“Caught u..” mahi shouted and high-fived uv

“That means u love sm1”
Twinkle’s cheeka turned a scarlet red…and she looked evry1lwhere but they..
Gazing here and there…her eyes caught his.
Which was having hurt-surprise-affection-sadnes- love..
What not..!

Oh she get confused every time with his looks..and gaze
Just then the bell rand…sarna mansion was empty as the rest members have gone to chandigarh…

Mahi and yuvi went to open the door..as already they(roki) were late…

Twinj were alone…

“Ahem ahem” kunj tried to broke her blushing riverie
She dint noticed yuhi leaving..and even heard the bell rang..



“Then why blushing.??”

“U will not underatand”

“Why cant i.?”

“Nothing leave it,kunj”

“Ok..ok..so u love some-one.?”

Twinkle eyes popped out..
God,she just freaks out keeping a secret..
The truth of past 2 yrs will cm out….
She felt to dig a whole in and hide inside..

What if he dont love her?
He already told in yesterdays game..thay he loved sm1(though indirectly)

“So whose that lucky prsn.?”

” a man”

“I know re..but who”


“Is…..is that m—me.?”he stuttered and she looked upwards from her lap..
She was shocked while he was nervous…and squeezing his both hands..

Taking a deep sigh,twinkle replied..

*ki– received*


But hey i was in no mood and its 1:34 am…though wifi is off..will post in morning..

So guys my exams r finished..will try to give regular updates…?




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