Recap- on the way to jaipur….twinj sweet nok-jhoks


Sunlight peeked into the car’s window and directly objected on the sleeping beauty.

Twinkle opened her heavy eye-lids and squeezed them.

She found No-one….

In a jerk,she sat straight in her place and looked around..

Still No-One

The yesterday’s dream paased out her mind.

“This cant be true….this cant be true” twinkle massaged her face,abnormally.

“My dream cant be truee…”she murmured and moved hastily in her place “this cant be happening”

“Mummaa….kunj…mahi…yuvi” she shouted her lungs out.

“Twinki….” Mahi opened the door and enter in.

“Mahi..mahi..where is everyone.? Why was i alone here.? Whats happening..?” Twinkle hypered and cupped mahi’s face as tears rolled down “my dream came true?” She asked to which mahi gave a questioned look.

“Calm down twinki….we have got into one problem”
The word ‘problem’ rang in her ear.
It was the same sentence mahi spoke in her dream too.

“Could you please tell me whats happening” twinkle moved her head and looked at her angrily. Her hairs were messed and face was sweaty.

“Twinki…twinki” mahi hold her by shuulders and murmured ‘calm down’ in her ears.
She passed a water bottle to her and made her drink.

“What happened?” She again asked.

“There is nothing to worry like what you are behaving. Its just a small issue” she carresed her back “sorry,we thought to leave as you were in a deep slumber. Kunj told us that he would stay but—-”
Before she could say twinkle interpret again.

“Kunj…kunj” she murnured and hold mahi’s hand “is he alright? Where is kunj?”

“Twinkle calm down and come with me.evryone is alright..seee by yourself” mahi tool her outside.

Theu were in some village of rajasthan,twinkle spotted her parents with kunj’s parents. She ran to them and hugged leela.

Mahi went to kunj and yuvi who was shocked seeing her messed state.

“What happened to her? Is she alright?” Kunj asked concerned.

“Hmm..she is..donno whats happening to her. She was so scared and sweaty when i went there..and then she was hypering” mahi said and kunj looked on.
“You know when i took your name,she was asking of you and was crying”


“Yeah..maybe bad-dream issue” mahi replied as twinkle approached them

“Twinkle are you okay?” Kunj asked

“Hmm” she lowered her gaze,embarassed. She very well knew that mahi must have said all of the incident.

“I’ll be back in a minute” twinkle said and turned to leave when kunj held her hands and she turned again.

“I just wanna redo my messy hairs and wash my face,will be back soon” she smiked and went in the car.

Kunj was still suspicious about what mahi said and went behind her.

Twinkle unfold her hairs from a pony tail and led them fall on her shoulders.
Kunj entered and saw her,she brushed the comb in her hairs and held them together in her palm when she noticed him.
She raised her eye-brow asking what happened.

“What happened?” Kunj sat beside her when twinkle tied the pony.


“You very know what i am talking about,twinkle”

“I am fine” she smiled and took out her watch and bracelet from her hand

“You werent..” He hold her hands gently

“Kunj…”she murmured “i am fine”

He still dint left her and cupped her face “you can tell me what happened”

“Just a bad dream…i am fine now”

“Was it the same as yesterday?” He asked and she looked at him aghast.
How come he know about her dream.?

“How do you know that i had a bad dream yesterday?” She said and when he was about to reply leela and rt called them.

They conpose themself and left.

Later,everyone told her that,they had stopped there just for some lunch and to there bad-luck. One of the driver was drank beer and now was in a bad drunken state.

They had to reach till afternoom,so that they can attend haldi and sangeet ceremony,which was today. The next day was a wedding itself.

If they would be present today,they will have to attend the main function only.
They tried to arrange another driver,but nothing was possible.

Thus,they retired to one of the dhaba in thay village and decided to wait till the driver is stable.

The youngsters got an idea of exploring that small and deserty village. Twinkle loved to visit the place where old culture and all exist.
And to enjoy this moment and visit here was the best idea.

They walked around half hour and visited the ‘bazar’ which had many rajasthani stuffs.
Twinkle bought a yellow and red,rajasthani saree long with payal. Mahi bought a bangles or more precisely called ‘kadaa’
Kunj and yuvi were bored as nothing matched to their expectation or liking.

Twinkle and mahi clicked selfies with the village ladies who were filling the water from the well in the pot.
They also clicked the bored and expression less kunj and yuvi’s picture..without their notice.

Twinkle spotted a balloon vendor at the corner of the street and ran towards there. Mahi and yuvi were bus walking further so they dint notice but kunj who was walking with her went behind her.

It was the best time for him to get HIS answers!!!!


Okay,this update was because i am sick and thought to pen down rather than sleeping on bed.

Dont expect another cause i am not well. The main reason is this phone only. My bp is low and also i am having bad headaches. Doctor had suggested not to use phone much(lol…they are insane??)

Well bahbye….
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I read all but sorry not able to reply everyone.

PRECAP- “evryone had disappeared you all left me and mahi alone….” Twinkle sobbed as she tell him the dream “i got a message of yours saying—–” she stopped remembering that part while kunj looked at her anxiously “saying what?”……twinkle looked everywhere but he. ———–HUG———-KISSS———-

what do you this is coming up in next?
Big precap,isnt it?
Something..????? coming up??..guess what?


Love you all..

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