Recap- the drastic change…sarna family and twinkle’s parents underground leaving a chit.


“You would have gotto know till now….your kunj is safe dont worry donno when we will meet but until then I LOVE YOU TWINKLE.
I always did.
Donno if i’ll see u alive so just wanted to tell you.i know u dont..though
Dont reply..will be cutting this simcard after this message.

Her screen of the phone went blur and finally timeout as it went off…

Twinkle went downstair to find mahi preparing a breakfast.
They both ate a light and was seated infront of tv. Jusy songs affair was going on and they both were lost in there own world

“I cant live without him” twinkle murmured lost in her thoughts

“I cant live without anyone. Mumma papa,we are already missing you”

“Hmm…what shall we do mahi?”

“We dont have any option left than waiting”

“I cant do that. I cant live without kunj a day.” She said and mahi looked at her sympathetically “he is my oxygen” she sobbed as fresh tears made its way to both their cheeks and both cuddled into eachothers arms,crying.

Suddenly the door flew open and in came. Some police officers with guns

“Where is mr.and mrs. Taneja” the commisioner shouted and they both flinched in fear

“Tell me or elsee…” He pointed the gun towards them as they stood still.


“Nooooooooooo” twinkle shouted jer lungs out and sat in a horror.
Her face was all sweaty. Her hairs were messy.
She registered her surrounding to find it her bedroom.

Damn,it was her DREAM!

She wiped her sweats “noo..no this cant happen”
She was hypered and tensed with the dream and kept murmurinf onething or other.
Kunj came from bathroom with a jar of water.

“Oh so you woke up..i brought this water to do that” he said and walked towards her. Twinkle looked at him for a while and when he came.
She grabbed his hands and pulling him closer. She hugged him tightly.

“Are you okay,twinkle?”

“Kunj…shhh…shhh..” She replied and closed her eyes taking the moments and hugging him tightly.

Kunj remained still and after a amount of five minutes. She loosened his grip and they parted.
Twinkle looked here and there still into that dream.

“Are you okay?”


“So what was that for.?”

“Nothing” she stood up to lave but he grabbed her hands and pulled her to his lap.

“Kunj what are you doi—” he put his hand on her lip and stroked her hairs behind her ear.

“Twinkle” he spoke huskily


“What is it?” Twinkle opened her eyes and looked at him
He laughed as she stood up.

“Must say a pathetic way to spill all the beans out of my mouth”

“Thank you” he laughed again


“Dont give this look and admit you liked my touch”

“Very funny. Just leave my room” she commanded giving a look

“Admit you liked it and i will leave”

“Why should i,if i didnt”

“You should,cause you did”

“I dint”

“U did”

“Kunjjj” twinkle pulled her hairs herself frustrated

“Twinkleee..” He pulled his hairs and mimicked her

“Ughhh…you are unbeleivable” twinkle left to washroom.stomping her feet

Kunj laughed sleeping on her bed. His hands were under his head. He cuddled her blanket. Inhaling her strawberry smell.
He smiled,atleast he was able to make her forget the dream for a minute.

The cold water washed down twinkle’s body,just as her dream.
She remembered the nessage scene in which he said he loved her.

Last night,she got sure that he loved her.
And when in her dream he did,she was confused now.
She wraped her towel around her body when and opened the door to find kunj sleeping on her bed.
She hold her towel on her chest and turned to enter the washroom again but in the mid. She found kunj glaring at her.

“Umm..sorrry sorry  i should leave” he said as his gaze caught her.enteringghe washroom again.

That was the most embarassing moment,twinkle thought.
He would have saw her naked legs from her knees and her shoulders from backside.

She immediately wrapped herself in a grey t-shirt which said ‘cute girls smile’ and a black sweat pant.

Since it was a sunday,she walked down to find yuvi,kunj and her parents with mahi having breakfast.
The vacant house and lone breakfast from her dream came to her mind.

“Morning everyone” She greeted and stuffed the yummy pancakes in her mouth.

On the breakfast table,everyone seemed very happy. And on asking rt declared that they were going to jaipur for his friends daughter wedding along with sarna family.

They all excitedly involved themself in packing stuff as they have to leave this evening.

One motive,
One thing in to-do-list.

For kunj-
To know if twinkle loves him

For twinkle-
To clear the confusion if kunj loves her or not.

Same motive,
Same road,
Same intention,
Same feeling,
Lets see what destiny had stored for both of them.

If this trip of 2 days change there life. Or do something else……


Okay,i suppose this chapter as last but got another twist for the story in my brain.

Hope you liked it❤

Loads of love

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