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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii frnds sry for late update yeterday i was out
.i know evrytime i gave some excuses but kya karu ekto ramzan or upar se schools,tuition,shopping n all.so sorry n thanx to all of u for cmnting
purnimaagarwal,sameera,ria,sonali,dolly,angita,shatakshi,zikra,lovely(shreya),sayeeda,saby,dreamer.arundhati…thank u so so so so so so much for cmnting n plz silent reader plz cmnt yaar,i think dat some people r only liking dis ff n some r not.so,plz tell me should i continue or not,if u want to stop it i will stop by 10 epi as i m not getting time dan also i m writing for those who wait for my ff n i dont want any1 to wait as i know wait karna bohot mushkil hai

so plz cmnt


episode starts with whole family is coming towards tw’s room along with panditjii n here twinj r lost in der own world but…dey come to d sense wen uv shout
uv:v reached twinkles room..
to let know twinj dat dey r coming ..
kunj(till not in his sense):hmmm
tw:i wil die
kunj:i will not let u die tw..never
tw:if u dont want to let me die dan plz hato muje uthna hai
kunj:ohh so sorry
tw:now common sleep.every1 is coming here only
n she sleeps on bed
kunj (forget about his injury or should i say fake injury):jo aate hai use aane do
tw:kunj………(angry)(now with sweetness)u r injured na…..
kunj is facing back to d door
kunj:tw u know dat i m no……..he turns back n shocked seeing evry 1 entering d room
kunj:yes i m very injured n sleeps on his plce

now every1 enter
leela:kunj y were u sitting wen v were coming
kunj:wo…wo..actually aunty..(n he sees tw)tw will tell u y i was sitting
now evry1 eye is on tw
tw:m..me .wat will i t..tel.tell .i…i. do..dont.know…y were u sitting
kunj:(think something n say)tw u forget u only tell me to giv wate n now u r saying dat u dont know
tw:oo yaaa…water.water….i want water
chinki gives water to tw.but she was not thirsty den also she was trying t drink n giv angry glare to kunj

usha:actually tw.. v came here to tell u dat in all dis problem v forget about marriage
tw,uv n kunj shocked
tw:ji ?
uv: maa tw ko dr. ne rest krneko bola hai to shaadi……
bebe:oye chupkar v came here to teell u dat ye shaadi nahi hogi
panditji:yes dis rriage cant happen as god had shown us many signs.first electricity,den both sister got unconcious n den kunj accident.soo. dis marriage cant happen

leela:sorry tw puttar i cant let dis marriage happen bcoz panditji tells no
uv n tw see eachother n den
twiraj:maa actually v also dont want dis marriage
all fay:wat
kunj was also shocked
tw:yes maa as v dont love each other dan y will v marry
yuvi:yaa tw is right
kunj was on cloud 9 to know dat tw dint love uv n his chance can
leela:wat r u both telling i m not able to understand anything
usha:yaa mee too i m also not able to understand .say it clearly
tw:i will tell u actualyy…..
tw n mahi r fighting in mahi’s room..let see y were dey fighting
tw:mahiiiii.giv it to me it is mine earing..yaar
mahi:tw dont lie.it is mine.i said naa
tw:no mahi it is mine,giv it back
mahi:tw….. remember dat day v 6 had gone to shopping(six means roki,twinj,yuhi)dat day i had bought it for me
twinkle:yes u r right but kunj bought it for me .so,giv it to me
mahino i had bought
dey both were fighting wen uv comes to tw room from d window by ladder
leela,usha n bebe sees dis n thought y uv came by window
usha n bebe r der at taneja for some work so dey also sees dis
uv sees dat tw is not present so by hiding decide to go to mahi room
here tw:ok leave it .i dont want…but remember i wil never talk wit u
mahi:wow di..just for a gift u will not talk to me
tw:it is not just for me.it is given by kunj to me
mahi:so wat
tw:u will not understand
n leaves to her room having ars in his eyes for not protect d gift given by kunj to her
she enters her room while uv was leaving d room both comes from opposite side n strikes der head
uv:wat yaar tw i m feeling like my head was strike by elephant
tw:wat u said elephant……
uv:leave all dis see
n shows her earing for which she was fighting with mahi
she was very happy to c d earing.she immediately hugs uv n giv a peck on hicheek says thanku so much uv i love..u (just a friendly wala haaa..dont giv much pessuro ur brains)
at d time leela,usha n bebe was observing all d scene being shocked
screen freezes on der shockeed face

so,frnds how was it i think it was not so short likvry epi n yaa take note dat vr stilin flashback sorry for not revealing full in dis as i dont hav time so….

precap:same as yesterday
sorry for not fulfillng precap but i think from ds u will g some n take no dat d flashback will b continue in next epi.n v will in fb only for sm epi.

n plz tell me if u r liking it or not plz silent reader do cmnt.
loads of love
-sana (aamu)

Credit to: sana(aamu)

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    funny epi…twiraj ki shaadi ka funny reason mst tha….nice epi…

    1. thanx purnima

  2. very nice 😀 😀

    1. thanx rhimjhim for cmnting
      thank u so muc

  3. Sameera

    Yes aamu it’s awesome don’t end it soon plzz continue??

    1. thanx sam

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Loved it Sana…plz plz..post and don’t end it soon….I wait for this and remember that we wait bcoz we want more…plz don’t end it in just 10 or 20 episodes… Plz plz plz

    1. thanx lovely aka shreya
      u know wat i write for u all only who wait for my ff eagerly coz i know waiting is vry hard work i also wait for many ff so………u know wat if my mumma come to know dat i m writing ff dat too in ramadan dat i also donno wat will happen…….but den also i write keeping my jaan(life) on stake (lolz)

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..im not liking it…..I m loving it…

    1. thanx tamaana for cmnting
      u know wat u scared me by telling i m not liking it i read it once again coz i think i had read wrong dan i read dat i m loving it yaar
      u gave me half heartattack

  6. Srija

    please don’t end ????
    i can wait for ur update
    but please don’t end it
    ur update is as usual superbly well???????????

    1. thanx srija for cmnting
      but u know wat i dont like to let people wait for myy ff coz its vry hard work i know very well coz i wait for mny ff
      dats y i take out time n wrote 1 evryday coz if i will not write den may b evry1 will forget my ff or i will loose my ff comentors

  7. SidMin

    Loved it and please try to continue it but its your wish Loved it hope Twinj realise that the love each other soon

    1. thanx sidmin n yaa twiinj has realized der love for each oder but had not cnfessed it till now
      hope u had read intro n first epi…i had mention in dat

  8. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sana aka amu how can u say that v r. Not liking it… I try to comment on every epi.
    And i have read it frm starting .
    U rocked today’s epi.
    Plz continue soon sista. ?

    1. thanx dreamer aka arundhat n i know dat u r like it n u cmnt on evry epi
      plz dont fell bad i was not talking about u those who cmnt i was talking about silent reader

  9. Kruti

    Nice epi….liked d flashback

    1. thanx kruti hope u liked further also

  10. Shreya098

    amazing…loved it
    ur ff is awesome..don’t end it so soon

  11. Shatakshi

    Hey sana
    Please continue
    Its too good yaar
    Aabhi to story me maza aana shuru hua h..
    Loved it❤❤

    1. thanx shatakshi

  12. Superbbbbbbb yaar too gud…
    Loved it so much…
    Do cont asap❤❤❤

    1. thanx zikra

  13. Sayeeda

    Amazing….. too good Sana…nd don’t even dare to end it…
    Loved the epi to the core….

    1. thanx sayeeda
      n i will not stop ok

  14. Saby

    Sana darling don’t end it so early…. In 10 epi….
    Abhi to kahani shuru hi ki hai tumne…..
    Khatam karne ki baat q kar rahi ho???
    I love ur ff do cont. And today’s epi was nice….. Really… Twiraj marriage didn’t happen….. ???

    1. thanx saby
      m glad dat u all liked it

  15. Angita

    Don’t end yaar pls you’re and amazing writer and you gave me an amazing episode once again

  16. nyc sana amazing episode sry fr being late

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