junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 4


hellooooooooooo frnds m here with 4 epi.thank u all for cmnting n sorryy i forget to giv precap in previous epi.actually i was in hurry na so…….
aapko pta hai i m writing dis epi under d blanket bcoz mumma get to know dat every day near 2 or 3 i play games (she think but ye time pr me likhti hu)so she close d wifi n tell me to do preparations for my test.thats y i m bit late todaykyunki chupke se wifi on kiya hai….isliye chupke se blanket ke andar gus kr likh rhi hu…hehe

n a big sorry to d writers of all d ff coz i had not cmnted on der ff n sorry to ria also i know all d answers which u had questioned butt dint cmnt .meriii mumma wifi hi band kr detae hai thats y i screenshort kr k padh leti hu (aakhir unki hi beti hu na…woh sher to me sawa sher …….hehe)

oops aaj to bohot chapad chapad kr liya bt kya kru……..

question.plz type a or b in d cmnt
A.those who r less dan 15 yrs
B.15 years or above

plz frnd i hav sm surprise in upcoming epi for u all


epi 4

epi start with on everyone shcked faces seeinggg all d three
chinki immediately goes to mahi for support n rohan n uv to kunj n tw respectively.uv closes fire by water n take tw to her room n chinki takes mahi to her room n rohan takes kunj to tw room s it is near

tw room:
uv puts tw down n imediately stands up to go to mahi but tw hold his hand n stop him .uv was shocked to see her concious .tw was about to speak at d time rohan enters with kunj so she again act s unconcious.uv understand dat she is acting
uv: i will call docter(he said this so dat he can go to mahi)
(n he was about to leave)
rohan:no need bebe had call d docter
den again uv speak
uv:i will go n drink water from d kitchen
rohan:uv yahaa room me bhi paani hai.yahi se pii lo
n he drink water
uv: i will go n check dat if dr.came or not
rohan:are uv y u want to go out .be here with bhabhi i will go n see
uv: no rohan i will go .
rohan:ok s u wish.bt..
he was about to say but saw dat uv had already left
just den chinki cmes
chinki:rohan u r here.i m finding u every where.cm with me i had sm work
rohan: k
n he leaves d room

twinj r only der in d room
kunj:tw open ur eyes .i know dat u r acting
kunj was seeping beside her only s he is also injured
tw was surprised dat how he know
tw open her eyes n
tw:how do u know dat i m acting
kunj:cmon twinki i m ur chilhood besti tere rag rag se wakif hu me
kunj:waise leave all dis tell me u did this acting
he was eager to know dat y she do dis
she thinks:i cant tell kunj dat i dont to marry uv s i dont lv him..i love only kunj
kunj:hey tw will u tell further to wo..wo
tw:yaa yaa wo actually i dont want to marry bcoz………….bcoz..yaa bcoz itni jldi muje shaadi nai krni..i want o enjoy my life
tw:achcha mene to tumhe bata diya but now u tell me y u did dis acting
kunj:how do u know dat i was acting
tw:same i m also ur childhood besti ..i know evrything about u
tw:fast…yaar wen will u tel next morning?
kunj was thinking wat to tell just den he hear foot steps
kunj:tw sm1 is cming
tw got shocked n fast take her position n acts s unconcious
dr.enter der room

sry for short one today i was going to make longer but cant able
so kal pkaa
precap:marriage finally stop

sry i was not able to fulfil d precap but surely in d next one ok
thanx for cmnting all of u .cant write name i m in hurry but surely in d next one
thanx to silent readers for de silensupport
again sorry for not writing d name of d cmnters ut sryyyyyyyyy
keep cmntng all of u
hey saby y r u not updating ur epi yaar missing badly
n shatakshi y u dint update ur epi today
plz ost asp
loads of love

Credit to: sana (aamu)

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  1. NYC

    1. Aamu

      thanx zaku ?

  2. I really liked it.. hahaaaa I also do the same wen mama closes the wifi
    p.s. fr reading ff. Nd I am of 15 so I choose option B.

    1. Aamu

      Thanx chehak n thanx for answering. My quetion also???

  3. Sameera

    Epi was too good aamu ??
    N I also do the same when someone off wifi ?????

    1. Aamu

      Thanx sam ?
      here evry1s situation r same only it means i m not alone to do antics…… Hehe????
      N thanx for giving my answer???

  4. so hi hey thnks no i ws eagerly w8ing fr ur ff its k wnevr u post luvd ur episode n luv ur ff n yah i choose option B yah u no i use 2 do d same 2 take d screenshos n dn hide dem in gallery wid d help of hide items option as its my moms phone n dn use 2 read dm secretly n delete dm now toh my computer is perfect so cn read dm here n clear d history hahahahaha love u yr ammu osm episode

    1. hey baby thanx for cmnting n reading yaar
      n same pinch

  5. B btw nice epi?

    1. thanx sr

    2. Aamu

      thanx sr for cmntng n answering

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Loved it….funny…

    1. Aamu

      thanx purnima
      n u dint answer my question plz tell naa which option

  7. nice episode dear and for your question my answer is b

    1. Aamu

      thanx lover

  8. Mera mom to tumhari mom se vi 4 guna age . Unhone to aise phn kharida jaha net connection is impossible . No wifi at home . Have to use data connection . So I change sim to read ffs . hehe . And I choose B

    1. Aamu

      hehe…chandra bhale hi tumhari mom 4 guna jyada hai lkin tum b kuch km nahi ho
      n bdw thanx for cmntng

  9. Saby

    Amuu darling…. Back to my home today…. Was out for few days….. Lev that…. Episode was nice…. Thnk uh so much that the marriage didn’t took place…. ?uh going well…. Keep it up ?

    1. Aamu

      ooooooooo saby ….dear missed u alot n ur ff
      thanx for cmnting n u dint answer my question
      A.are u less dan 15 ?
      B.or above 15?
      plz tell me

      1. Saby

        i m exact 18

  10. Jiya_Ani

    Amazingly osm…sorry for not commenting yesterday and also late but mere sath same problem… Well I will choose ‘A’…

    1. Aamu

      hehe… sab ke yahaa yahi problem hai..ham masoom se bachche..
      n bdw thanx for answering my question n cmnting

  11. Jiya_Ani

    Well I know confused ho …who this lovely is…so I am Shreya… Due to some issues I registered with different username

    1. Aamu

      its k shreya now i wil not b cnfused


    b episode was awesome

    1. Aamu

      thanx ayesha khanum for cmntng dear n answering my question also
      hope u read d previous1 also

  13. Shatakshi

    Hey sana
    The episode was too good yaar
    Finally twiraj marriage didnt happen
    N I m 15
    N I will be posting my ff tomorrow…pakka
    Aaj bhi nahi likha …hehe

    1. Aamu

      thanx shattu n also thanx for answer my question also

      n yaa zyada mat tadpao post krdo jldi se…………..

  14. Nice episode
    I’m ofb16 option b

    1. Aamu

      thanx sr dolly
      oh u r1 yr older dan me

  15. Hi aamu my mother is also the same and I am like you only but ff is amazing and I also write ffs so do read it under blanket and its name is that’s why I love you ok but your ff is just amzing

    1. Aamu

      hey bulbul i read ur ff n thanx for cmntng

  16. I will choose option C I am 15 only ok and you

    1. Aamu

      hey bulbul i m also 15

  17. Superbbbbbbb yaar…..
    Loved it. Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz….???????

    1. Aamu

      thanx zikra n pls answer my question

      1. M too 15 same pinch???

    2. Aamu

      thanx zikra

  18. Angita

    My answer is b and amazing

    1. Aamu

      thanx angita
      i think i should call di coz i m only 15………can i?

  19. Ria

    Hey Aamu, it’s alright. Don’t worry if you couldn’t answer the questions. By the way the episode was amazing. Also, I belong to category B

    1. Aamu

      thanx ria
      u r elder dan me ……………….
      i m only 15

      1. Aamu

        ooh sry thanx bolna to bhul hi gayi
        soo thanx for cmntng keep supporting me like dis only
        love yaa

  20. Sayeeda

    Sacchi kinni mushkil se ff likhna padhta hai …..hhaaahh….I can understand but still u r posting such lovely ff….
    Episode was mind blowing…. lovely ….amazing…loved it ..
    Nd yes option B …

    1. Aamu

      hey sayeeda…….yaar mushkil to hai lekin namumkin thodi hai
      sana k liye koi kaam namumkin nahi…………….hehe

  21. Dreamer...arundhati

    Yaar sana @amu epi was very good, shòrt but cute and fulfilling
    But bb mai akeli A option mai hu kya.i m 14 so is bachi ko akele mat dalo…yaar bhavika anushka were r u..mujhe company to do na.
    Ctd asap

    1. Aamu

      thanx dreamer………..arundhati for cmnting
      its k dear i m only one year elder dan u i m 15 n u r 14
      u r not alone..me itni cute si bachchi huna tumko cmpany dene k liye

  22. Kruti

    Fabulous epi
    And I belong to B catagory

    1. Aamu

      thanx kruti

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