junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-37


hellllooo…..wasup guys….how’s u all….expecting all well.mee too ekdum jhakkas…well…..
hmmmm…today m behaving strange na?…
i know…
chalo leave all dis ….coming to d ff..
i m bit late…
so frnds love cnfession previous
here is d link
Episode 36
hope it works….
i m glad dat u all liked it…n about tw …
u all hav a question right?…dat who had done all dis with tw..
..i will post a promo..SOON yaa i can giv u a hint….twist is no more on d way..it is here…
n yaa some1 had said dat..its all plan by frnds so answer will get in dis epi….
dis is epi-36 but it will b uploaded as 37 as i had by mistake wrote 34 as 35 so dis will 37

EPI STARTs with..tw smiles seeing kunj angry…kunj ses dis
kunj:y r u smiling…
tw:y..now i hav to ask u ?to smile also n bdw y r u angry
kunj:not angry..hell angry…who tried to do dis with..u ..if i was not on time…wat had happened to u
n he starts sobing…
tw:it would hav happened…but now see m fine.. n u hav save me…so pls dont cry…or i will also cry
kunj:no u dont cry ..i will also not..n u r fine but d one who had done dis will not b fine…i will kill him/Her…..
tw:okkkk…now its very dark n m hungry also…so lets go to hotel
kunj:hmm…..yeh to vahi jagah hena jaha ham roz aate hai….ki hame rasta pta ho(dis d onlly place naa where v come daily n v know its way also)
tw:noo…kunj..kya tum bhi..ham roz kaha aate hai..ham to aaj pehli baar aaye hain so how we will know(no kunj v came here for d first time so how we will know its way)
kunj:dats d only thing i wnt to telll u baby…
listening baby tw blush
kunj:aawww some1 is blushing want to eat her….
tw hits his chest
tw:lets go kunj..its dark der is a tent..v will paas night here…
kunj:(naughtily)wat v will do whole night?
tw:u naughty…shut up n come with me chocolate boy
kunj:omg…some1 call me chocolate boy…i know m hot..handsome..etc..
tw:no mr.sadu u r full of mud dats y i called u chocolate boy…hehehehehe
kunj:(gave death glare)which type of gf r u…huh
tw:who is ur gf? (finding here n der)
kunj:dont joke with me…
tw:m not joking….oh so u r thinking about dat….no no i dont love u
kunj gets angry… n says
kunj:hmmm..i would hav understand dat was u prank to gain attention…n u dont love me…i was only d 1 but wen u tell me i thought…..ok leave it…v r frnds only
tw feels hurt n guilty as she hav made a big syappa
tw:woh ku…
kunj:u sleep in d tent..i will go out
n he leaves..she taps her forehad n leaves behind him…

tw:so gussa ho
kunj:no happy hu ……….dat i got to know ur reality now…
tw:sorry kunj i was joking dat time
kunj:sorry? ur sorry will fill my hearts wound
pinning her to d wall
kunj:dont joke about dis next time…i cant bear to lose u…now..after much things i hav got u…n u..
n he gets teary eyed
tw:so sorry..kunj will never do dis again..i love u …n will love u always
n cries..
kunj hugs her..both hugs for sometime..n den pull out…dey go to tent
tw:kunj m very much hungry
kunj:eat me
tw:wat is dis m seriously hungry
kunj:but how we will get water n food in d jungle….sleep now…tomorrow v will see…
n make her sleep on his lap…she was holding his hand n sleeping..kunj tries to pull her hands but she dont let her do so..after sometime she left n he thought to go n find some food
he leaves for food leaving tw alone in tent

on d road outside d jungle
two car arrives…all d frnds of twinj come out
uv:lets go n find dem..here is d way to enter d jungle…
manav:yaa lets go…
all goes in with a beg behind n torch helmet on der head…as it was dark…..dey start to find in pair..like yuhi..mehbeer..n all…
so here d todays dose gets over
so a heartly thank u to u all…i dont hav time to reply but will surely in promo or next1
CHIKU: i dint read ur ff so if u can giv me links..i will read…so Pls give me links..will surely read n yaa m also 15… bt in 10th std..from gujarat….n yaa u can ask wat u want

precap:tent has caught fire….otherside kunj is finding food n frnds r finding dem…tw gets up n saw d fire n.n.n.

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aamu dear ???
    Twinj scenes kitne mast the adorable n emotions were fab
    Loved it
    U r amazing
    N Precap uffffff ab aur Kitna wait krna padega bhen
    Main iss suspense ko aur Precap ko ni jhel sakti ……..plz open up this soon
    Plzz post the next part little bit soon

  2. Aamu awesome….

  3. Sameera

    Wah wah aamu kya epi tha
    Ek dum jhakasss wala yaar
    Hayee twinj together uff
    Precap omg horrible
    Do cont soon

  4. Awesome.. a night in the jungle ??.. but shocking precap.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  5. Shreya098

    Awesome aamu…

  6. SidMin

    Loved it It was so sweet Twinkle saying sorry To Kunj and Kunj asking her not to joke in these matters and of course The way Twinkle slept holding Kunj’s Hand Loved do post soon πŸ™‚
    The precap is very scary
    Post soon πŸ™‚

  7. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode…. Tooooooooooooo cute nd adorable one…..
    Loved it to the core of…..
    Love u ????

  8. Chiku

    Dear its awesome ???????????????????????
    I am frm mumbai.
    Dear i dont know how to give link but i posted only three episodes so u will type the name it will come. It was all a lie ………. Twinj.

  9. So cute epi… amazing… eagerly wtng 4 nxt one

  10. Jisha

    Awesome… cute n adorable one..

  11. lovef twinj moment…n precap was scary…love u..

  12. Rashiverma2199


  13. Angita


  14. Baby

    oh myyyyyyyyyy god ammu d episode amazing
    n d precap epic
    yr cnt w8 d episode was cute
    luvd it 2 d core u no twinj mmnts luvd dem
    n osm adorable n d nok jhoks of twinj wowww
    cnt w8 fr nxt episode
    post asap meri jaan aami

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