junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-36 :::::::::LOVE_CONFESSION_SPECIAL:::::::::::


helloooo alll……i kow hav told u all dat will post….but tumlog ke cute ff padkar time hi nahi milaa….isliye…sorry….
now v will move to d epi……..

m so happy n yaa by mistake i wrote dat epi as 35 dat was 34 n dis is 35…


episode starts with kunj listens d voice”aaaahhh” but was in anger so he thought dat tw was doing dis to gain his attention…
he sat on d rock only n was waiting for tw…he was in anger now also…
kunj:wat she thinks of herself….first he make fun of me now by making voice..no i will not listen her now..but hav to wait i cant let her alone in dis jungle …n its dark now …phone is not wrking as its battery is low
he again listen”aaah…k.u.nj…hel..”he again let go….but again”k…unj…..help…m..’
kunj now get scared he quickly run towards dat direction…he find n find but didnt saw tw…n after about 15 minutes of running he went to d place where she was ……d alcohol bottle mike all d things r scattered now..n brojen..as something had happened here…
he strt to find tw but she was nowhere….
kunj(shout his lungs out):twinkle…..twinklw!!!where r u?
he shout again n again but no1 respond back…tears were gushing down his eyes…..now 25 minutes had paasssed but tw……he was crying like anything…now he get weak n fall on d flooor crying…
he was near dat place only where tw had played a prank…
his head felt dizzy n his head rest on d ground..he gets shocked listeniing some1 voice
voice:k..ku..kun..kunj p..l.s he’
n d voice get closed as some1 who was speaking fall unconcious…
kunj recognise d voice dat is tw…
he quickly standup as he had got his power back…he was full muddy..n sandy..he dint care of dat n start to find axe or something but didnt find anythng…so he goes n start to dig d ground by his hand after sometime he was succesfull
yaya aaj wrong time par entru maari…hehe..
but cant able to b away from u
today i will not speak much
just want to ask u

Break over:
confession is very near read further
he dig n finds tw tied n she had fall unconcious…he tried to wake her up many times but she dint gave any reaction…he sheck her nerves…den his tear fall on her eyes n she open her eyes n kunj closed his so he didnt saw her concious..tw was not in sense to speak so she just adore kunj..kunj close his eyes n speaks
kunj:m soory tw…m doing dis without ur prmission…but u r very imp. for me i can do anything for u as…i dont wanna go away from u..I LOVE U::: from many days but cant able to speak..
tw listen dis n gets overwhelmed..
he goes towards her mouth n kissed her lips inorder to giv mouth to mouth respiration…..he feel dat tw is also kissing him…he think dat she was regain her conciousness…so he try to pull back but tw was not ready…she gave in n suck his upper lips…kunj gets shocked ..he dint protest…he just sits der numb….tw hand was in his hair carresing n kunj hand was on tw waist…she was bitting suckin n playing with his lips…trying to make him understand n convincing to protest but he was not doing so…after much time..coz of oxygen she pull out
tw:wat d hell is dis kunj…now only u tell dat u love me..n now u r not protesting my kiss…huh..
kunj:wat..u listened? i was not kissing u jist giving u mouth to mouth respiration…n m sorrry..for wat i said..i know u dont..
tw:just shut up ur f**king mouth….I LOVE U TOO KUNJ….huh
n turns her head..
kunj listens dis n gets shocked he saw tw was angry on him
kunj:m really sorry tw…me bohot budhdhu hu..i dint understand
tw:i know da u r budh…….
she was stoped by his lips…both kiss pationately…suck eo lips…bite ..play with eo toungue….n wat not..
after sometime dey separated n tw quickly hugs him inorder to hide her blush…both hug in sitting n sleeping position…means tw was on his lap..n was hugging
dey separate demselves n smile endlessly
but den kunj gets angry..n makes bitter faces in which tw gav a confussed look but den cute smile
so how was it?
did i reached ur expectation…
who did dis with tw?
how was d confession?
y she gave a smile at d end?
to know read next epi

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing amazing amazing n wat not
    So different confession
    Hayee maza aagaya
    Do cont soon
    N happy that u r making 10 shots of janam janam
    Ab kya bolu ???
    Next epi jaldi dedo if u have time
    Ba byeee
    Love u sooo much

  2. Sayeeda

    ???????…… What a cute episode…..
    Confession part ????…. Nd kiss ??….were superb… Mind blowing…

    Areeee rukiye madam Abhi meri baat baaki hai… Kahan chali… ???…. Pehle aapko shukriya to bol de hum….

    Aamu love u soooo much….soooo much ??…. Thanks for being so understanding nd a good friend….
    U agreed to my request…
    Though I was having only 1% chances that u will agree nd 99% that u will not continue but my lesser one weighted more nd see I convinced u to continue ur shots…

    Thanks for making me happy giving so good news to me….
    Love u ???

  3. Angita

    Aamu aamu aamu
    Such a great confession heh yaar
    Tooooooooooooooooo good
    So happy that your janam2 pyaar is up to 10
    Love you shoo much

  4. Wow amazing epi.. their confession and kiss was superb ????.. really enjoyed and loved it.. do cont soon ?

  5. Awesome, mindblowing epi… Loved it..

  6. Baby

    ammu yr wowwww luvd it 2 d core
    aami now tell me meri aami ki spelling thik toh hai naa
    yr luvd it d cnfsn osm
    n d kiss very romantic i m so happy dat i got 2 read ur episode u no bcz going out of station
    till monday so mayb wont b able to read d ffs yr luvd it

    i c hmm u r amazing sch mein aakhir bhn kiski heheh
    yr yeh toh muje yumse sikhna pdega bhot kuch
    yr pls hlp me sch mein muje toh uss ff ko abhi cntinue krne ke koi idea nhi aarhe
    pls meri aami give me tips
    bhoooootttttttt zaruaattttt haiiiiiiii hehehheheeeee
    yr luvd d episode sch mein n yeh suspense kisne twinkle ke sath aisa kia toh pta nhi
    osm yrrrrr post nxt asap
    n yah all d very best fr d exams
    ohhhkkkkkkkk luv uuuuuuuu jaannnnnn

  7. Paavu

    Loved it loved it loved it soooo9ooooooooooooooooo much vru nic confession finally most awaitd moment was written nicly by our lovelu aamu and this was jist amazing

  8. dreamer..arundhati

    Super duper osum

  9. Jisha

    An awesome confession dear… loved it… mind blowing

  10. Ranabulbul

    Oh my god
    Koi pakdo mujhe main gir vir na jaun
    Kya abhi maine luv confession padha like seriously
    Confession ho bhi gya oh goddd I am so happy yr
    U gave me my medicine by posting this epi
    Loved this epi soooooo much and
    Love u loads

  11. Joonakanksha

    Cute and adorable scene
    Loved it

  12. aamu u have wrote beyond my expectation yaar…i thnk their frens did tht inorder 2 make them confess…love u …post nxt asap…

  13. Ooooo amazing loved it …..

  14. Shreya098

    Aamu I just looooooooovvvvvved it…

    Their confession??
    Their kiss…?❤❤?

    Everything was beautiful…

  15. Kruti

    ????????…….cute confession aamu
    And that kiss?wala part was amazing

    Loved it

  16. SidMin

    Finally Love confession hogaya hai
    WOW just loved it waiting for the next please update the next part soon 🙂
    Loved it 🙂
    Mouth to mouth respiration turns into a kiss unbelievable Just loved it 🙂

  17. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aamu di
    Their confession make me so engrossed in their kiss that I forgot about the main suspense but u remind at last
    Seriously don’t know who did that with twinkle
    But amazing
    Loved it

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