junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-33


phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…….m back
i m back with a bad news for my dear readers n good news for my ff haters……………..
read at d end ……..because if i tell u now ur mood will get off…………..
i m sorry……………reason u will know at d end

n yaa i will write d place of tamilnadu…..some will b not at der place…according to d epi i hav to set..so place must not exist der

episode starts with all goes to der respective room n get freshen up…..dan nearly at 4 dey come out n meet at hotel reataurant..
at restaurant
maaya:so where v r going today……..
chaya:i think v should fo see waterfalll here….i had heard it is very long waterfalll n its water is so cool n clean….
prem:hmmm seems intersting..v will go der
alll makes plan to leave to see waterfalll
karan:so twinj r u ready for ur first task….
tw:who twinj
maya:are twinj means TWinkle+kuNJ=twinj
twinj:huh…….how much time v had to tell u v dint love eo….u cant force us
abeer:v r not forcing u…..v r telling to give test…..
twinj:okkkkkkk…..now can v leave

dey leave for waterfal…….
dey reach der…..it was…very nice n awesome place…..its atmosphere is so cool…d water was falling from a height n was going in a streams n rever…..den at a distance d deep n long river is der which had some big rocks at a distance it is natural…. n d rocks goes to d forest
dey enjoy for sometime n den mehbeer calls every1 except twinj n makes plan of der test….den dey call twinj
maya:so ready
karan:tw first task is of kunj not u
abeer:dis task is of kunj but will show ur love towards him
tw:huh…..nothing will happen like dat
kunj looks on
kunj:now can u all tell me wat i hav to do
uv:yaa afcourse….so listen…u hav to go to d forest
kunj:wat? bas dis much ok i m leaving …..i had heard dat in tirunveli a big forest is also der………..by
abeer:WAit ….wait
kunj:wat wait…
prem:its not dat easy kunj
kunj is boggled
uv:listen carefully..it is very risky(tw listening dis get scared)
ur task is to go to dat river n pass from d rocks n hav to reach d jungle….ok
tw:wat………wat r u saying…..for testing love u cant take any1s life….no kunj u r not going to do
kunj smiles
kunJ:its k syaapaa queen…..u thought m scared…now kunj sarna will definately go….n he starts to leave
tw holds his hands n nods in no…..
kunj shook her hand
kunj:(thinks)tw now i m sure…u feel something for me…i donno u had reaklized or not…plz babaji show me way
n he leaves
he goes to river n jumps on a rock …..due to sudden d rock goes down n half of his legs covers d water …he was about to fall in but balances n turn to tw
tw was controlling herself wen she saw kunj was about to fall she was going to shout but stop …evry1 notice n smiles…..
kunj also sees dis n gave a cheesy smile
he jumps on other rock…it also goes in he falll in water but hold d rock n jumps again

wen tw saw kunj fall in water ….he murmured kunj…she starts to cry but bfore any1 could see she wear goggles…kunj see her crying n he gets happpppppyyy
he jumps n paas d river with sometimes it goes down…it is very risky … now d water starts flowing fastly….n 1 rock is still left

tw:(thinks)now i m not able to control….i cant see my kunj in trouble nooooo….pls babaji help my kunj
d other rock was on distance…he hav to long jump…if he fail den his life mayb over….
he gather his strength n look at tw who had wore gogles n crying……he sees dis n hs strength was getting low….he jumps on d rock……………….’haash’ tw exclaimed as he jump right on rock…..but “kunj” tw shout as kunj had jump he was very happy …he dint notice dat rock had broke into pieces….n he falls in water…..
tw:again shout kunj
but no response
she goes near d river n saw n turns
no1 was der every1 had left dem alone….she starts to cry n she also jumps on d rock to rock ….n finallly reach d last rock now it is more difficult to jump as d rock had broken…..she reminces her kunj moment n close her eyes n jumps n sccesfully reach d land…as d last rock was not der…dan she shout kunj…
he had fall in water der only but dint get any resonse
so over how was it?
hope u liked it….
n d news pls all of u read

i m saying dis keeping stone at my heart n m seriously crying pls read

I M QUITING TELLLY UPDATES…..yes m quitting…..d reason is for some personal issue sorry all of u…..sorrry …..chalo u all r my friend i will tell u d reason also
actually i m not concentrating on my studies my exams r approaching….n nowadays i m having holiday in my school…so full day i sit on tu….only goes to eat n watching serials…due to dis my mumma got very angry on me yesterday…..as my family consist of 6 peoples 4 kids n 2 parents…..so work is also no less..n out of dat me, my mumma, n my aapi hav to do d work…..means not all work…but for 4 days our maid is on leave….so many works r der…but i dint do any work so my mumma got very angry…..she said dat whole day i sit in updates.. n many more……….i had felt very bad….n 1 side she is right also….she had not said me to leave but m leaving as i dont wanna disappoint my mom any more……i will hav to work for 3 days ….not only me v trio hav to but after dat i m going to start my studies as m a ranker…..i dont wanna disappoint my dad…..i had disappoint my mom already but not wanto do same with dad ………..so have to leave tu

waise dont get happpy as i will b back again with a bang…………i will end my few shot sooon …2-3 epi left……
n for dis ff i hav thought 3 things……….
1.i will end it
2.i will post two epi a week only sunday n wednesday
3:or will post daily but after september month

yaya i said m leaving tu it means i will not read ff ….sorry all d writers but will coverup all in september….i like 2 option as if i will start again in september alll will forget me……
so its up to u
i will post janam janam kaa pyaar sooon…but 3 days r tough so after dat i will end dis sooon den will upload my ff

by sorry if i disappoint u
i used to tell u or give dhamki to not leave but i m very……………..huh leave all dat….pls support me…. i cried d yesterday whole day……..seriously…my eyes r sweellled my mom ask me y ….i tell her dat coz of disappointing her but d reason was leaving tu…..
love u all
precap:” oh my god………”n “heheehhehehe”

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  1. Sameera

    Kya yaar aamu ….
    I too have that reasons for sending tu ?
    N I can understood ur pain as I am a ranker too
    My suggestion is that u choose ummm 2 option only
    Sep tak kon rukega koi nai week me 2 baar to milogi tum
    So love u yaar
    Jaldi wapas aana humka bhool na Jana ?
    N ha pagal ladki don’t cry more as we like u in funny avatar babes ??
    So so so don’t cry keep smiling n do your best bye

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aamu loved it????
    It was amazing
    I know it is very hard to digest but I won’t force u
    I can understand ur situation but happy that u gonna come back after ur exams
    Love u ???

  3. Angita

    Aamu how can you think that’ll we’ll forget youbhaan???

  4. SidMin

    Aamu I want you to go with the 2nd option but only if you have time studies are more important so you can go with the 3rd option your choice but I would miss your ff Love you a lot 🙂

    1. SidMin

      Loved the episode the test was awesome Twinkle feeling Kunj’s pain Loved it do post soon 🙂

  5. Sayeeda

    First of all Aamu ur news of quiting TU gave a big shock to me…. But if u r doing it for ur studies then I won’t compel u to continue as studies comes first nd in life their r many commitments which r required to be fulfilled….
    All the very best for ur future career…. Gonna miss u very badly… Not only u would leave TU but with u gonna take away my frnd cum sis with u…. Nd that’s u Aamu…. ??
    We will never forget u dear… Nd what ever u feel like… U feel comfortable with do take that decision…

    Coming to episode.. Its fab… Awesome…amazing…….
    Twinkle care nd concern for kunj was too good…
    Loved it…

    Love u ??

  6. Kruti

    Superb epi aamu
    I understand what u might have felt when ur mom screwed u coz just few days ago even i was screwed up
    I would prefer ur second option…..u can post as per ur conveniance once or twice a week chalega

    Aaj ye serious wali aamu mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aayi …..no jhalle jokes no break times
    Par kabhi kabhi chalta hai

    Love u loads❤❤and pls dont cry

  7. Baby

    ammu meri jaan se bhi pyaari bhn bn gyi ho tum yr u said dat i shuld cll u ammi wen u askd me dt cn u call me appi n yr now u ll leave us i no studies r too mch important bt yr i ll miss u anyhow i wish i culd hv a cntct wid u anyhow now all u ppl r my sisters its a family to me yr i feeling very bad n sad bt happy dat u wont leave ryting study hard n cm bck soon wid bang as always ll miss u soooooooooooo mch dear wrds r less n d episode it was amazing luvd it 2 d core n yah today dere were no breaks in btween yr lll miss u n ur cute se breaks…cm bck soon dear i hpe u read my mg luv u yr srsly feeling sad n rone ka mann kr rha hai itne close jo ho ab aap sab meri cute sisters yr luv u agn dear

  8. Usvathul

    hy aamu the epi was awsm …. twinkles care for kunj juz loved
    plzzzzz do continue
    plz dont stop writing we will all miss u very badly….as well as ur ff tooo
    the second option is the best coz we can atleast read twice a weak
    if ur ending it we will miss u nd ur ff
    nd about the third option no one will be having patience to wait till september come specially mee
    i have less patience
    each nd every day i am infront of my pon checking wethr any 1 has updated any epi
    so plzz dont end it write twice a week
    nd love ur epi

  9. Baby

    bt yr ammu all d best n study so hard n dont disappoint ur daddy n make up ur mummy as well wid ur cute si talks ohk

  10. Pls don’t leave

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    the episode was to good….plz don’t quit…im shocked…bt if ur leaving fr studies its ok I too understand..I m also not studing n thought to quit tu but cant…n we will nt forget u…pls come soon in September…plzzz…

  12. plzz dont go..i understand but plzz try to update..small epis will work..butndont leave tu…plzz..n i would definetely go with option 2… plzz try to come back..i srsly love ur ff…try to update..n about the epi..it was really nice…loved it..plzz post next epi asap..love u loads…muah!!

  13. Hey awesome epi.. loved it.. and yh will miss u n ur ff too.. I know studies come first.. it should be the first priority.. so won’t force you to post.. BT m glad that u will continue after ur exams ?

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Aamu will miss u dear….awesome….

  15. I honestly feel so proud of u❤ofcourse I’ll miss you but I’ll be happy again thinking about the reason behind u quitting ??Best of luck TOPPER???

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  17. Ranabulbul

    Sooooooooooo sorry for commenting so so late and ur cmnt firstly made me shock but then … We are best friends and

    I will choose the second opt at least we have a chance to read it
    Plz its a request from ur friend and I know when we disappoint our parents its the worst thing but

    Plz try na for all of us u are our aamu right so plz

  18. Shreya098

    Aamu the epi was amazing…

    And what u are quitting TU ???….gonna miss u

    i understand studies comes first
    so I won’t compel u to stay…

    and out of the three options…. I’ll choose the 2 one

  19. Dreamer...arundhati

    Aamu dear I can understand. ?.options 2 is better…osum epi…ctd soon

  20. Jiya_Ani

    Aamu ..Sorry for late comment.. But ek baat bolu..even my exams are approaching that’s why I am not so very active on TU..
    I would suggest that before your pre starts…learn, cram , by heart , understand , practice and be prepared.. After that..and be active on TU just for 1/2 an hour agar Mann kare toh..
    Then post on Wednesdays and Sundays after being well prepared.. Okay..
    And exam me 1week pehle TU ekdum chod Dena.. And yes September jaate hi …Come back with dhamaakas..
    Main building same routine follow karrahi hoon vaise toh I am well prepared (15 days before preSA??)..and still 1 month is there for SA..I am sure TU extra nahi hoga and you will not get scolded.. And jab TV dekhne ka Time ho na..tab ad aate hi TU khol Lena..I do the same..Time saving You know!!
    Vaise Bura lag raha hai ki mere ff padhogi nahi…
    But exams are more important naa…
    Best of LUCK… Phad Dena..answer sheet nahi ..exams.. Okay..

  21. aamu…u can continue n take ur tym…i’ll w8 4 ur ff n shots…wow tw was so scare n kunj was proving 2 be d best…loved it…post as soon as u get tym…love u n miss u

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