junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-32

hi alllllllllllllllllllllllll………here i m with my ff……hope u like dis 1 also…..
sorry for being late……again
chalo lets read d epi
today i m going to giv break……n plz read dat….


episode starts tw was in her deep thoughts wen she listen giggling sound all around she came out from her thoughts n saw every1 in der room giggling…she gets shocked n wrap herself in blanket
maaya:wat happen tw n kunj …..u wake now?
prem:are mayaa try to understand dey would hav sleep late at night
kunj:(not in sense)yaa v slept late
mahi:ohho means u both confess dat u both love eo…at night
uv:den also u both did dis ?……………..
chaaya:dat thing which a married couple do at der first night
twinj:R u all out of ur mind v dint do anything
karan:den y u sleeep together dat also like dis(remember tw is in 1 piece n kunj only capry)
tw:woh to our clother gets wet n v dont have another clothes
abeer:n wat about honeymoon suite
kunj was about to say but dey dint listen twinj n left saying now dey hav enjoyed der night den bath also together n come down fast to cafe
dey left
twinj r in room……twinj luggage arive …tw takes clothes n went to bath……she bath n den saw dat she had forget towel n bring only clothes….
tw:(from bathroom)k..ku..kunj
tw:woh actually i forget my towel…can u give me
he goes n bring towel n goes near bathroom
kunj:open d door
kunj:wat how…i said open d door n take d towel
she open d door n take out her wet hands from d bathroom….she tries to take but kunj dint allow…..
tw:kunj give me
kunj:ok..take it
he gives her…n tw saw dat it is baby pink small bathrobe…
tw:kunj wat is dis…
but he had left so tw comes out wearing d bathrobe……….suddenly kunj comes n both bangs n fall on bed……tw upon kunj both r lost…..knock knock….some1 knock d door
break time………

deviyon or sajhno…first of alll very thank u to all of u for liking it…
aapke liye aaraha hai new ff jald hi only on telly updates par………..
aaraahaa hai ISHQ FOREVER by sameera….
zarur read kare……
pehle read kare
fir vishwas kare….
u all will surely love it

break time over
dey both r on each other for sometime n dan stands up
tw:(excitedly)history repeat…
tw:yaa kunj history repeat….u remember before some days u come at my room from balcony for break fast…. den also v fall like dis but dat time u r going to kiss me but dis time not
tw speak in one flow n den took out her tongue dat wat she had speak…kunj awkwardly went to bathroom n smile remembering dat scene n outside tw also..

after sometime both comes down to cafe n hav breakfast with evry1 …..
after break fast
maya:so today v r going to tirunelveli
chaya:v r not going v r leaving from here….v r only visiting tirnelveli dis time as it is very beautiful place n many places to visit……waterfalls,temples,forest n everything it include…so v r leaving der all check out from dis hotel till den i book rooms in tirunvelis hotel
karan:wait twinkle n kunj u hav to giv d test der
dey get tense n left
break time:
priya readers n commenters
shuru ho raha hai
AS LONG AS U LOVE ME something like dat
zarur padhyega……

u all must b thinking wat i m writing…so i m just trying to freshen up ur n my mind ……hope m able to do dat
or haa padhyega zarur
dey all left to tirunveli through bus …dey enjoy in bus….
dey alll r playing passing d parcel
at one side a team n otherside a team…twinj r sitting beside eo….abeeer throw d parcel on kunj and ask tw to catch ……tw catches it but falls on kunj… both shares eyelock…..
after much enjoying dey reach tirunveli
alll check in d hotel….now all get rooms n now also every1 left twinj goes to a room
ha ha sorry actually m little bit confuse of test…..so will ask suggestion to my aapi n will write today or tommorow…pakka..
n if i will update dis my janam janam kaa pyaar will not b updated
tommorow it will update day after tommo
thank u all of u
SAMEERA:thank u dear n nice idea
SIDHANTFAN:thank u so much dea…..
ANGITA:thanku angu dear…sho much n love u
SHREYA098:thank u dear shooo much
AISHWARYA:thank u dear n waiting for ur ff
PAAVU:thank u dear n its k but pls keep cmnting now……n i told dat coz i thought u all will not like d romance
JASMIN:haawww u r too cute …..ur sweet talk hank u shoo much…..n thank u for cmntng
BABY:thank u aapi dis choto sis love u
MEETA:thank u sooo much meeta for cmntng
SIDHANDHI:thank u so much sidhanshi
KRUTI:thank u kruti shooo much
SHATAKSHI:thanks shattu…..love u
SIDMONLOVE:thanks sidmin love
KIARA:thank u shooo shooo mucn kiara
PURNIMA:thanks purnima
SIDMIN:thanks sidmin n its k
SIDVEE:thank u sososossoososoo much

n yaa do telll me dat u want janam janam kaa pyaar or dis 1 today or shayad tomorow

love u alll
take care
have a nice day



  1. Sameera


    |Registered Member

    Aamu thank u soo much for promoting ishq forever babes love u
    Epi was blast aww twinj just amazing epi
    N yeah I want janam janam k pyaar 😁
    But u see majority ok jaldi post karna love u

    • Aamu



      welcome sammu……………………
      n will surely post soon…….
      thanks for commenting dear
      love u toooooooooooo shoooooo much

  2. Meeta


    |Registered Member

    Thankew. Thankew. Thankew so much AAMU.
    For promoting AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME.
    The episode was so good.

    First test

  3. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it Aamu and just loved the bathrobe vala incident and Twinkle saying anything without realising were so sweet and that one too where Twinkle catches the parcel and falls on Kunj Loved it and waiting for the Love test πŸ™‚ Post soon
    Love you πŸ™‚

  4. sujina

    wow literally enjoyed reading ur ff…
    love twinj cute n romantic moments…
    eagerly w8in 4 test….
    love u dear 4 promoting also…

  5. Ranabulbul


    |Registered Member

    Hi aamu I am a big silent fan of urs but never commented on ur ff and sorry for that

    But I read all ur episode but great episode and do cont soon can we be friends 😘😘

    • Aamu



      hey its k ….no need to say sorry i was also a sr first
      n m happy dat u like my ff
      n no sorry v cant b frnds coz v can b best friends…………………hehe

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