junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-31


OH MY GOSH!!::::::…………….
after so many days i hav got 16 cmnts………as from many days it was not going till 10 also…i m so happy..
thank u thank u thank u so much….all of u…
cmnts on janam janam kaa pyaar reply:
ZAKIYAH:thank u so much dear for cmnting….hope u read dis ff also
AAMAL SHAIKH:thank u dear…for cmnting..it means alot to me
MONICA:thank u dear…n u know i m also excited of writing different
PURNIMA AGARWAL:hope u had get ur gift i had send n thank u so much again for cmntng
SAMEERA:thanks for cmnting sistaa….n for information u had to read n i know u will read…n hope u had got ur gift love u tooo ssoooooooooo much…
SIDVEE:thanx foe cmntng…n m already fine now after reading all of ur precious cmnt
SAYEEDA:thanks sayu jaan…n m waiting for ur ff…hope tu will post it soon..will wait..love u
AISHWARYA:thanks aishwarya for cmntng n a question is aiswarya ur real name?
SHREYA:thanks shreya for cmntng love u dear
ANGITA:awww thank u angu dea..
KRUTI:thank u shooooooo much kruti..n i know its unique as it its writer is also unique………hehe…just joking
SHTAKSHI:thank u soo much shattu…
SUJINA:hmmmm…..ur guess? it was…………u hav to read for dat n thank u so much suju dear….hope u dont mind calling u suju
MAHIRA KHAN:thank u so much n next epi will b upload tommorow
BABY:thank u baby for ur precious cmnt n m already fine reading ur beautiful cmnts n see i saw ur cmnt now n now only i m writing as i m not going to tuition today so i hav time…

finally thanks ceremony over!
u all know bemaar hone se 3 profit hote hai
1.school n tuition absent
2.can get time for posting ff
3.can read ur beautiful ff
haina profit……
chalo no more bakbak

the epi starts with dey reached d hotel star…dey all enter n ask 12 double bed rooms as der were 24 ppl n every is couple….2 couple r married ….9 were gf bf including uv n mahi..reciptionist tell dat dey hav only 11 room n if dey want dey can give a honeymoon pack but dey din listen n prem says yes without listening n receptionist put 11 keys .every boys took key n left…n twinj r only left der..mahi n yuvi goes in 1 room saying dey want to spend some time together…tw n kunj look awkwerdly to each other because of d train scene..n now dey hav to share a room also together…twinj:(think)i hav to share room with tw/kunj.firat dat test wala syappa n now dis huh..
saying dis both forward der hands to take d keys n hold each other hand dey look at each other n hav a intense eyelock…tw takes her hand back n kunj take d keys n both left
after dey left….reciptionist says….dey hav got right roon as i see both loves each other
……..kunj opens d room n get shocked he stands at d door being numbed
kunj thinks:oooo babaji…aap to ek ke saath ek syaapa hi dete jaa rahe hai…first our hug sleep den so called love test n now dis…
his thought was interupted by tw
tw:ooo dreamer king go ahead yaar m waiting….i also want to see d roooooooooooooooo
kunj gets side n tw sees d room n continues at roooooooooo
kunj:i think dey hav given us wrong room lets go
dey both go to d reception and ask but dey says dey hav no other room so having no option dey come back
now lets c which type of rooooooooo
o my god! m also shocked as it is honeymoon pack
d room is full of red n white combination from d door d rose path is made den all around a candle of couple kissing is lightning der ….d candles r is surrounding d rose path n in room also d candles is of couple kissing posture n bed was…n no its not bed its rose…d bed was rosed shape having a butterfly shaped towel on n in place of couple sleeping place der was a short white clr knee length one piece of a girl is placed n in place of a boy place a red colour short underwear no no not underwear but d capry no no not capry also ut is below d knee .d room was full mesmerizing….dey both look at d room n den to each other both looks away n make der way to bathroom….tw enters d bathroom n forget to lock it seeing d decoration n kunj also enter d bathroom facing its back means ulta chal ke aaya ….both were looking opposite side so dint notice eo…kunj locks d door n take out his shirt n was about to take out pant bu during dis he turns n tw also turns n den “dhaaaammmmmmmm” dey bang n tw fall in kunjs arm both get lost in eo during dis tw dress catch fire

tw:aah ahh kunj plz help me
kunj pens d shower in sudden jerk…n due to dis …………u vry well know dat tap breaks n dey both get drenched…….
tw:aahh aah
kunj:wat happen
tw:my back is paining where i got hurt in train
kunj:ooo now wat will v do…v r full wet cant go out n our luggage is not with us…if v go to dem dey will again open d topic of love
both looks at etw:but it is paining i cant control…i hav to change as wet clothes is der i will …..
kunj:shh putting his fingure on her lips…how much u speak…n i will not let anything happen to u…let me think something

after 5 minutes
kunj:v hav only 1 option…
tw:i m ready just giv me clothes
kunj:first listen to my idea! it is not…….
he was interpreted by tw
tw:u shut up..n giv me clothes
kunj:first thing i had not wear any shirt n second wait
he goes n comes with white knee length 1 piece
tw:r u mad! i will not wear dis…if i was alone den its k…but u r also with me who knows u can take advan..
she stop as she knows wat she was telling
tw:i mean i will not wear
kunj:den b here full night in pain i had told u but u dint listened
n he left
he wear a short capry which is in d room showing his bare back ..he glues on seeing something…oh it is tw….oh yaa it is tw…but she is wearing dat one piece of white colour n was looking awestruck awesome…she comes near kunj…kunj steps back until he is stop by wall
tw goes to his ears
tw:dont b scare yaar its me only tw ur tw…..n must say u r looking good in capry showing ur 6abs n thank u for ur idea she hugs her tightly
tw (thinks):i know he will b shocked seeing my dis avtar but hav to do dis so he will feel comfortable with me as i know our frnd will give some like dis test only in which 2 will b frightening n 1 will b like dis
kunj also thinks same about test n back hug her n kiss on her cheek…..tw gets shocked…he kiss her sontinuing d hug ….tw back was fully available kunj hand goes der …tw feels it n closes her eyes….kunj also feels tw touch on his back n he also close his eyes….both were closing der eyes n hugging n feeling each other touch …both were lost n suddenly fall on bed…
d bed was of rose shaped (i had mention) it is round shape….
both stands up after 10 -12 minutes

after 5 minutes of awkward atmosphere
tw:i think v should sleep
kunj:but where der is only 1 bed n not a couch also
tw:(hesitatingly)u..u can sl…sleep with me on bed
kunj gets happy from inside
kunj:r..r…u sure…if u say i will sleep on floor…..i will not sleep without ur permission
tw:no no i trust u…u dont hav to sleep on floor come n sleep
d word i trust u is d word which satisfy kunj
both sleep facing der back to eo…….n remebering d whole day specially d sleeping position….both sleeps having a smile on der lips
next morning…
dey both were sleeping…like…i m feeling shy to tell u
kunj was sleeping upon tw n hugging her ….both were wrapped in blanket…..seeing dis any1 can think of something…..d camera shows it is

12:00 noon..
outside d room…evry1 is gather ….dey r looking tense just den hotel manager comes with key
inside both were waking…dey saw der position n gets shocked again..both sit on bed
tw remember wat happened after dey sleep
dey both were sleeping n again tw gets a bad dream of twinj n blood she sits in jerk..n see kunj whose hand on her stomach..she smiles n sleeps hugging him s she was very scared….she had wraped her arm around his neck…just den kunj tuns dats y he came top on her while tw was hugging n kunj hug her back…tw see all dis n tries to make kunj sleep on bed insted of her but he was in deep sleep dats y she sleeps like dis…she was felling hurt also as her bach is paining but she dont want to disturb kunjs sleep
she comes out of d thought wen she listen giggling sound n gts shocked
sorry if any1 dont like dis epi as i know some of u hadnt….as it was romantic type n der sleeping position was just cross it limit….i know before marriage dey cant sleep….but u all know i m writing while sleeping dats y…
do tell me ur views
if its positive or negative…
if its negative pls telll me but without using ill words as it hurts alot
thank u all again for ur support

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  1. Sameera

    So romantic ???
    Awesome loved it
    N thanks for the lovely gift aamu
    Loved it love u
    Do cont soon
    N get well soon no no don’t get well soon
    Bcoz then U’ll get busy with schl ???just kidding

    1. Aha thanx sammu…
      N m glad dat u like d gift……..
      N wah ….wat a thinking …..
      It is not easy to write in blanket dear……u try for once.:-P
      N not a bad idea πŸ˜›

  2. Aamu the epi was lovely??

    1. Aamu

      thanx sidhantfan

  3. Angita

    Really good

  4. Shreya098

    Aamu….I just looveed it
    Twinj romance???

    Love u..

    1. Aamu

      thanx shreya……….098

  5. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Superb epi aamu
    Nd the romance was awesum
    Nd do read my ff also
    Tere mere pyaar twinj

    1. Aamu

      thanx aishu……
      n i read ur ff but i think u had not posted from many days or if u had posted i had not read so can u giv me previous epi link

      1. Aishwarya.twinjfan

        I didnt post till nw bt i will soon

  6. Aamu its amazong and d romance part was awesome why do u think we wont like it we all like it and ya sorry from soany days I didnt commentes on ur ff but all were nic as I have read all pls do cont asap

  7. Oh myy myy…di wat is this…how can u do this…i mean hkw can u write like this…u r just fantastic…dar gaye the na..srsly i just loved the epi..n dont think k i m buttering as i like to eat some butter not to put butter..even i dont like to eat it..acha abhi me apni likes dislikes pe charcha nahi kar rahi hu so lets come to the main topic that is…that is..bhul gai…yaad aayega to bataungi..tab tak meri bak bak suno..i m srsly srry k me comment nahi kar pai..extremely srry..u noe meri stupid exams chal rahi h or friday ko jo paper h uske notes bui complete nahi h coz meri na abhi abhi book aai h..so i m hell busy..n ya mujhe vo topic yaad aa gaya..that is ur epi is awesome..love u loads..muah!!

  8. Baby

    hy ammu nt at all it was amazing n romantic episode it wasd sprb yr osm n yr last para mein thoda cnfuse hogyi mein ammu dear ki wen winj were sleeping tb voh sb andr aa chuke the ya baad mein aaye jb voh uth gye nhi toh yr amazing osm jst clear my querry yr luv u n post nxt asap dear

  9. Meeta

    Romance on peakβ™₯β™₯

  10. Very romantic… Loved it dear… Plz make them confess their feelings soon yaar.. I’m eagerly waiting for it… But if u can’t then it’s ok,,, i will be waiting for it… Bye.. Take care…

  11. Kruti

    Amazing epi aamu

  12. Shatakshi

    Hey ammu
    I felt it damn cute
    Really dear loved each n every segment
    Love u loads????

  13. Hey ur ff is jst osum i have no words to explain plz con and post asap its just wonderfull

  14. Ur welcome ? Beautiful writing

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    Thank you for gift…& epi was amazing awesome mind blowing funny romantic….shaandaar….eagerly waiting for next part

  16. SidMin

    Loved the episode πŸ™‚ sorry for not being able to comment on your last episode πŸ™‚

  17. What a fabulous and romantic epi.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next?

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