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hiii alll
no….no i m not here with promo but with episode-30
thank u all of u for cmnting…..but only 9 comments…….i m too disappointed atleast 10 up hoti to……
chalo koini ass many of u had exams n test n all so busy ……no problem!!
shreya098:its k dear…..i was also busy before somedays coz of exams
summary as today is epi-30
it will b in short
my story starts with twiraj marriage is going on without der happiness but dey stopp by der funny tricks as tw loves kunj so does kunj loves tw but hadnot confess n yuhi loves eo..den v goes to fb for d reason behind d marriage n den out of flashback..den der results of der college comes dey passed with good marks n all d collegues make plan to a trip to tamilnadu n den yuhi engagement now v r on d trip to tamil

chalo chalo lets go to epi but…………………….
no if n but yaar common lets go……..
nahi jaana?
to thik hai yahi raho me to chali…….

EPISODE STARTS with every1 of d train r surrounding 1 seat n some r giggling….some r shock n some r ………….
lets c
oh my ……………. how bad …huh…..dey r giggling on our twinj n y ?
coz twinj r on 1 seat.. tw is in kunj’s lap n digged her face in his neck…seems like she is kissing his neck n kunj hands on her waist…both were smiling…..der friends r giggling as dey r looking cute n to make dem embarace n others r shock coz every time dey r fighting n now…
mahi n yuvi comes der… n sees dis n smiles…yuvi to mahi:i m sure dey both love eachother…n about kunj m not sure but of tw m damn sure
mahi to yuvi:hmm u r right nfrom dis action it seems kunj also love her…see na how cute dey r looking with eo..
maya goes n brings a sounder(that thing which soun is like popu popu i donno wat it is said in eng)
n she plays it near der ears
twinj:aaaaahhhhhhh….aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….save me
dey stands up in a jerk n hug eo….den dey realize dat it was der frnds plan dey both pull out n gave angry glare to dem……..
tw:u f**king ppl coz of u my sleep is destroyed….u know how romantic dream i was seeing
chaaya:with whom
meher:obvio with kunj
listening dis tw eyes popped out n kunj start blushing(haaye how cute!)
tw:u idiots…..how can u think i m seeing romantic dream with dis sadu…he even donno d meaning of romantic…
kunj:oyee syaapa queen wat u think of me haa……i m not romantic….how can u say…u had never seen my romantic side
maya:but b hav seen
tw:where n with whom
prem:y r u taking tension……if he is romantic or not …….n with whom he was…..
tw interpreted
tw:u stop ur bl**dy mouth just tell me d answer
karan:v will not answer v will show u
n tooks his phone n do something
n den
“peep peep”
“zz zz”
“teet teet”
like dat many sounds came from evry1 phone dey took der phone as twinj also

karan had put a pic on insta
lets c which pic
oo my gosh
its our twinj pic in sleeping position
abeer:c 29 likes n 15 comment in 1 minute
prem:wah tw
dey read d comments n make fun of twinj atlast
rohan:i think some1 had said before some time dat kunj is not romantic
tw:yaa he is not
mahi:dan wat is dis
tw tries to explain about dream but dey dint listen
kunj:tw now accept dat i m romantic
tw:no i will not coz dis is not called romance…if v dont love eo den how romance n all
yuvi:no,wait correction….if v dont love eo nahi aayega if v dont accept dat v love eo aayega
tw:(putting stone on her heart)i dont love him
kunj:(putting stone on his hear)i also dont love dis syaapa queen
karan:dan wat is dis………..pointing towards d pic
kunj:it…it is just…….
mahi:say naa dat u love her
yuvi:accept it yaar
twinj think:no i cant accept dat i love him/her as i know he/she dont love me…as he/she had said just now
twinj:no no no v dont love eo
every1:no no v see today u love eachother
maya:i donno …tumlog jaanbujhkar acting karrahe ho yaa fir tum dono ko abhi tak realize nahi hua hai but i know u love eo deeply..n infact u both look good with eo also
karan:n if u dont love den prove it
karan:love test
maya:yaa love test…
kunj:but wat is in love test
maya:in dis love test u will get 3 works means mission..both will get 3 3 mission

for ex:
kunj will b put in freeze n tw have to bear dis means agar usko kuch b fark nahi pada to she dont love u but if she get tens or anything den she love u
same goes with kunj also
mission will b not dis it will lookalike like dis
so r u ready guys
twinj(thinks):if he/she will put in danger i will not able to control myself n den……..
abeer:dan accept dat u both love eo
meher:wat yaar only no no….u hav to say yes for 1
twinj:ok v r ready for test
dey all gets happy n get freshen up n frnds make plan of der mission while tw in a corner seat smile looking at der cute hugging picture n so does kunj at other corner
prem see dis n informs his frnds n dey all get happy dat dey r 100 percent sure
dey reach tamil n board to hotel
finally over
how was it
r u excited for next?
der test?
wat will happen?
will dey confess?
n yaa love confession special is coming soon be ready in next 4-5 epi

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  1. Sameera

    Hahaha amazing epi too cute love confession in 4-5epi can’t wait for it
    So cont next asap

    1. Aamu

      thanks sammu……
      i also excited for love confession……….hehe

  2. Sameera

    Hahaha amazing epi too cute love confession in 4-5epi can’t wait for it
    So cont next asap

  3. This is repeated I think?

    1. Aamu

      no its not repeated cp

  4. Hi i am a silent reader and i have been reading your ff from the first episod and u enjoy reading it

    1. Aamu

      hey simmiyy m glad dat u read my fanficion by giving ur precious time ………THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR READING N COMMENTING:::::::::HOPE U WILL READ FURTHER N WILL like it too
      thank u once again
      love u

  5. Shreya098

    Cute epi….?
    their sleeping posture ??
    Eagerly waiting for next part…. “for their test”….

    Yaay…..confession is on the way….. I am soo excited

    1. Aamu

      thanx shreya…..

  6. Kruti

    Amazing epi aamu

  7. Mindblowing episode

  8. Sayeeda

    Awww….. Aamu kinna cute episode tha yrrr…. ??
    Twinj sleeping position…. Their pic posted on insta…. The way both of them denying to accept their love…
    Everything was so perfect…
    Loved it… Excited for their test nd confession too ?
    Love u ?

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome cute epi

  10. Awesome.. can’t wait for their test.. do continue soon ☺

  11. Angita


  12. SidMin

    OMG love confession on the way waiting for the three tests to prove that they love each other πŸ™‚

  13. dreamer..arundhati

    Aamu dear ctd soon..cute epi
    R u there on insta

  14. Baby

    hey ammu m really 2 mch excited misd u a lot post nxt asap dear

  15. i m sry as i didn comment earlier bt…
    2days epi was d best oh how cute twinj hiding their emotions….it’ll b fun 2 c d love test i m so excited…do post asap…

  16. Shatakshi

    Wow ammu
    I m really waiting for the next episode n ofcourse the test
    Loved it to the core


    N ofcourse love u too???❀❀❀??

    1. Aamu

      aww….thanks shattu n love u too

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