junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-29


hello all of u
today i m not in mood to write so……….will directly go to episode…n like always probably it will b short……actually i fall so right par lag gayaa hai…

Episode starts with twinj goes to d frnds n saw dem sleeping…..dey both look at each other n den look at der hand…(means watch whom dey were wearing)
twinj:oh my god
den both laughs as dey speak at d same time
tw:kunj v leave from here nearly at 5 in d evening
kunj:and now it is 2 at night

tw:because u sadu my sleep is destroyed
kunj:not because of me it was because of u only
tw:haww me!! u idiot it was because of u
kunj:no…no…no u said harsh words to me dats y i leave from here…n u came behind me……n n n if u love ur beauty sleep den y u came behind me
tw:shhhhh..first v will seat n den will fight silently ok…..or evry1 will wake by dis dracula’s voice

kunj gives her angry glare…dey both were about to sit….but”ahh yu…yuvi”….dis word dey heard n both stand up
tw:y do u stand up
kunj:y i cant?
(dey both had understood dat dat voice of mahi n yuhi were……………. itni b panchaati naa kro frnds….i know u all r very intelligent)
dey both know but want to listen from each other
dey both again start der cutie si fight n after 15 minutes….kunj gave up
break time guys………..
SAYEEDA …………..how can u do dis just speak up yaar……….u r hurt naa den y r u writing agar kuch zyaada ho gayaa to v will die as u will not post ur ff……..plz yaar take care of urs
ah….ah… wait karo abhi aayi mein
oh soory frnds pure half hour bad me aayi woh kya tha mera small bro was beating me on my hands…..n i was saving myself by running isme kab half hour nikalgayaa pataa hi naa chalaa
SAMEERA:i m so happpy dat u r not leaving

ANGITA:Your new ff is just awesome

n d last person is………..
abhi nahi second break kaa wait kro

dey both again was about to sit but “ahhhh ma…mahi wat r u doing”
twinj eye eachother n laughs silently n goes from d sound is coming
yuhi were kissing each other passionately on der lips n now mahu was biting n sucking dats y yuvi was moaning in middle(aha mahi ……..)
yuhi were on d side n last corner seat so dat no1 can see dem….n twinj goes to d seat near dem n smile seeing yuhi
tw(think):haaww kitne cute lag rahe haii……….mera or kunj kaa to ………impossible as v only fight n even i donno whether he love me or not…..according to me i will never marry another man except kunj n i dont think dat me n kunj will became 1 or not….dis will remain my dream only…v can never b able to b together..

a tear drop from her hand n kunj catches it but she dint notice
kunj also thinks dat whether he n tw b able to became 1 or not……..n a tear fall from hs eyes also n dis tym tw catches it…n kunj saw it
kunj:y u catch my tear

tw:woh actually my mom taught me to do so…..
n she leaves to her seat
kunj:no…dis time tw lie to me…..kuch to gadbad hai kunj n u hav to find dat
n he also leaves for der

again aagayi break ke saath kyaa karu tumlog se dur reh nahi paati na

LOVELY:same pinch………..first listen tell me any1 is sitting beside u no no nothing personal just ask him/her to pinch u
for wat?

u r also d die hard lover of chocolates n me toooo yaar kyaaa bataaooo………n from all my favourite is farero rocher……..yum…yum muh bhi bhar aya water se………n thanks for cmnting

chalo bohot din see sab ko epi me thanx nahi kiya so ye lo
DREAMER:::::ARUNDHATI………:thanx for cmnting n i know me hamesha sahi bolti hu…yaya i know khud ki tarif bhi bohot karti hu but……….
KRUTI:thank u so much for cmnting…..i think u had cmnted on almost every epi so thank u so much for dat

SIDHANSHI:u r new cmter naa? u r cmnting from sm 5-6 epi….anyways leave all dat….thank u for cmnting…..m so happy dat u all r liking it
ANGITA:thanx for cmnting……..n many many thanx for cmnting on evry epi
LOVELY:again thanx to u
PURNIMA AGARWAL:u also cmnt on my evry epi……thank u so much dear…love u
SAMEERA:first thing thank i so much n second thing how can u say dat ‘itna pyaar kyu mere liye’ den i will say itna sweet epi kyu hamaare liye……..i m only returning u……ur todays epi was awesome ..m telling about twinj rab miliya n about pyaar pyaar pyaar i hadnot read till now……..

SHREYA098:where r u from many days yaar….miss ur cmnt so much….n bdw thank u so much for cmnting
BABY:thank u for commenting…n u said u love it to d core…..so giv me a kitkat from ur core of d heart………………….just joking….thank u so much

bas over….i hav something to say at end

tw is seating near d window seat n her eyes were closed n was smiling brightly
tw dreamworld
a beautiful white n red setup was done on island…… a boy was seen showing his backk…….just den a girl comes in a white floorlength gown n a deasign with red colour she was looking like princess she comes…n her face was shown n she was not other dan twinkle
d boy turns n was mesmerized by her.he was not other dan kunj(sidhant gupta ke alawwa kisi or ko sochna b mat….kyuki i hav knife very sharp…can kill any1)
he comes n hold her hand n ask for a dance..sey both dance on sab tera romantically
in d end kunj sits on her knees

kunj:i love u twinkle…..will u marry me….from d day u had come my life changed …u were missing part of my life….
he was about to speak but was stopp by twinkle no no not twinkle but from tw lips..dey both kiss eachother passioately n “ahhh” word was heard….n some red drops seems like blood…
end of d dream
she woke by a jerk n tears start gushing down her eyes….
tw closing her ears
tw:no no dis cant happen
kunj comes der as he had gone to drink water
tw immediately hug him
kunj:wat happen tw

tw:no no kunj dis cant happen….
kunj:wat cant happen……i think u had got a bad dream
tw:.no no dis cant happen…u n me neve….
she stop as she realse wat she was about to speak
kunj:wat u n me tw speak up
tw broke d hug n again sits on her seat n was seeing outside d window..n again sleep
she get dis type of dream again as kunj n tw hug each other n a red colour seems like blood drop was seen dropping continously…on floor n d floor was full red
she again woke up in jerk n saw kunj eying her

tw:no…kunj dis cant happen
n hugs her
dis time kunj dint ask her any question as he knows she had a bed dream again …he hugs her back….dis long for ten minutes now kunj tries to pull out but saw his lady love had already slept..he eyes her lovingly n he laso slept der only
dey both were on d same seat tw was on his lap n hugging him n his both arms were holding her
so finally over
n d news was
i m lil disappointed for less comment…..no no i m not going to stop writing i m just saying dat i m disapointed for less cmnt n not get mood to write as ur cmnts make my mood so plz comment

ek surprise hai tumhaare liye…………..
will come to knoww soon…………..but cmnt karna tohi pataa chalega woh surprise!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Aamu episode was lovely…

  2. Sameera

    Hayeee aamu pehle to epi aswm se bhi bad kar tha n then thnk u soo much for ur love ??? I am glad that I have a cute friend like u love u yaar
    Do cont asap ???

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome…love your ff & love you too

  4. Baby

    hey ammu yr sch mein luv u n LUVD D EPISODE 2 D CORE N WISH I ULD GIVE U A KITKAT tell me ur adress i ll post u haha yr u fab fantastic dear luvly episode it was jst amazing u nailed it yr 8 hours how cm i m still wondering 5 to 2 bt amazing post nxt asap dear

  5. Angita

    Pls don’t stop..love you

  6. Srija

    lovely it’s superbly awesome?????????????????
    next one soon please
    can’t wait for the surprise

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Aaah..ouch..yaar itna zor se koi pinch karta hai kya but kya Kate jab do chocolate lovers milte hai toh a is a hi hota hai..I love forero richer too along with Amul..yumyum..
    An mere much mai paani aa jayega toh main comment kaise karungi??..

    Ise tumtum short epi kehti ho!!..
    Amazing yaar..toooooo good..
    Keep writing???

  8. SidMin

    cute episode πŸ™‚

  9. Sayeeda

    Aamu darling…. Happy friendship day dear…. ??
    Awww… U r so concerned about my health… U realising that so many ppl r their to worry about my health makes me feel so good… Nd just coz of u ppl I’m fine now…

    Love u….
    Coming to episode…. Oohhooo soooooo romantic yrr… Sensually hot…. Amazing..
    But somewhere felt bad for Twinkle… Loved it..

  10. Shreya098

    Aamu …..such a cute epi…???

    Sorry for not commenting ……was a bit busy….as I had an exam…..
    But now I would be regular for comment…. Pakka promise

  11. Shatakshi

    Wow wow wow ammu
    It was damn good
    Loved it to the core

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