junoon wala ishq-twinj epi-25 part-2

heloo alll i dont know wat is happening with me yaar …..now i m bored of posting same epi 3rd time
actually as i had told u i was gonna post yeaterday only butt tu was off so i upload today but without any fail email dey r not posting
chalo its k

but its my last time if dey will not upload now den i will not upload today
coming to d point thank u all of u forr cmnting….n thanx sayyu but cant assure u i will try….
n sam tumhari wish granted ho sakti hai…i will giv os but not today mayb tommo….. den also i will not assure u if my cmnts will b till 15 den only
i know u all r interested in my ff not my bakbak so here u go…
but wait

if u dont understand anything ask me i will solve it
n dis play is my idea but i dont think u will like it fir bhi padhlo
n u know naa i dont know to describe things n decoration so plz bear it
or main note song ke saath padhna bohot achcha feel hoga
means……khud hi padhlo


here twinj comes to hotel n manager give der script n “NOO” dey shout
manager:plz mam i know u both r frnds but den also u look perfect with each other plaz save my work

now camera shows d stage its background was road
“play start”(enjoy it)
tw comes in her full attitude wala mood having some shopping bags in her hand n was going but ‘dham’ she get into some1 arm n it is none other dan kunj sarna d hero of play
now curtain fall down
(hey dreams din me dekhna achchi baat nahi hai mere frnds i know curtain fell but play had just start now)

curtain fall but den also twinj were in dat position only der shadow shows d audience den dey go n some other ppl(side role) come in full tight dress showing der perfect figure so that wat dey do der shadow can fall on curtain n audience will enjoy
den tw again comes she is also in same attire she twirls herself n comes in between d stage n start dancing n from otherside kunj also comes n sit on his knees n propose her she givs her hand

jeene laga hoon pehle se zyaada
pehle se zyaada,tum pe marne laga hoon
both dance romantically

me mera dil or tum ho yaha
fir kyu ho palke jukaaye waha..
tumsahasee pehle dekha nahi
tum isse pehle the jaane kahaa

d ppl make heart shape means dey stand like dis so d shadow shows heart n in between twinj comes tw is in gown .dey both act as dey married n lip kiss each other

behind curtain:
not really deey were standing very closely so infront it was like dey were kissing
(take note now whole play will b behind curtain only)

jeene lagaa hoon pehle se zyaada
pehle se zyaada tum pe marne lagaa

dey both again dance…….(sorry will not describe der dance as i m now bored to write same epi dis much time)

rehte ho aake jo tum paas mere
tham jaye pal wahi bas me yeh sochu
sochu mein tham jaaye pal yeh paas mere jab ho tum

d ppl around make a car by standing n both twinj sits in car den n camera zooms(its not good manners to see wat dey r doing) in heart shape in d sky den again zooms out n shows

chalti hain saanse pehle see zyaada
pehle se zyaada dil therne lagaa hai

camera splits in two parts in one
tw was sleeping on bed having a big stomach n in other kunj was fighting with army n got shot
he got shot n tw gave a birth to a baby
(dont ask mee dat how d ppl be a car n all dis things but i had saw somewhere so here i gave u)

tanhaiyo me dhundey tujhe mera dil,
halpal yeh tujko soche bhalaa kyu

now tw baby had grown she take her baby to a graveyard near kunj grave n both cries

milne lagaa dil..pehle se zyaada
pehle se zyadaa ishq hone lagaa

den tw took d baby in her arms n kiss her on cheeks

n finally my bakwas play end curtain was removed n our hero heroine comes in front n see d audience almost on d verge of crying by a heart touchin story

hello all how was it
bolna zaroor bohot mehnat lagi hai

n ya whole play was in curtain audience could see der shadow only
hope u understand

n yaa frnds now again i will b irregular as in my phone i m not able to register so hav to post from laptop
n can i forward yuhi engagement….
if u want yuhi engagement den d precap

precap:yuhis engagement
precap:on d way to tamilnadu

now finaly

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Aaamu…It was average.. Coz I feel your first 2-3 epis were the best till now….. Loved it

  2. Sayeeda

    Best episode ….Aamu …amazing …
    Loved it…..dance behind the curtains was so good ….
    Nd I want 2 precap in next episode

  3. Angita

    Nice episode likin you mustn’t lose the mood to right
    The story was nice

  4. Shatakshi

    The best ammu❤❤

  5. Sameera

    Yeah aamu too much nice loved it yaar
    Plzz post next soon
    N I want precap 2

    1. Sameera

      N yeah waiting for the treat ????

  6. Baby

    amazing aamuu best it was really an heart tching stry i was also on d verge of crying luvd it it ws d best n wuld lyk d 2nd precap more dear post asap luv u

  7. Shreya098

    Awesome epi. …I really loved it
    The play part was just awesome…???

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