junoon wala ishq-twinj epi-21

I GOT MY PHONE::::I GOT MY PHONE::::yeaaaaaaaaaaa yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
yes frnds i got my phone yaaar …i m so happpy after 9 days i got it……..
so thought to giv u treat
but dis will b short as at my house many guest r der so bad manners naaa
no bak bak
thanks for cmntng


yuvi:ok its k if u will not telll
taking a deep breath
yuvi sits on his knees
yuvi:i want to ask u something.actuallly I LOVE U MAHI will u b mrs yuvraj sarna…i want to live my rest of my life with u
mahi just shocked dn come to sense n hug yuvi tightly…yuvi got his answer
every1 gets happy n hugs each other
tw n kunj both r facing back to each other n tw is hugging mahi n kunj is hugging yuvi n dey brk n den bum dey both bang n fals on ground every doesnt notice as dey fal n roll under d bed.unknowingly .evry1 left d room n twinj r upon each other n den tw comes to sense she tries to get up but her chain got entangled with kunj shirt button dey both have eyelock n den tw stands n n n
she got hurt on head as dey were under d bed
both comes out n tw starts hitting kunj
tw:becoz of u v fall n i got hurt
kunj:hellooo mam becoz of u v falll
dey both continue der fight den suddenly tw remeber something n starts crying
kunj thought dat becoz of him she was crying
kunj:sorry twinki…ok ok becoz of me only v falll….ok sorry but plz dont cry i cant see u crying
tw:kunjjj….i m not crying becoz of u….u also forget naa like me …remember tomoorow’s date
kunj get confused

kunj:tomorrow is 25th ju………….
he also starts to cry
just den oki n yuhi come tense n console dem saying everything will b fine
all work in room coz of tension

__________________epi end on der tense face_________________
so how was it?.
i know short1 but u know naa i was not going to update also coz of happiness i upload so if u become happy like me (not for me for epi)so thoko comment

loads of love
n yaa think y dey r in tension
n now i will upload on tuesday as i got my phone ok?

Credit to: aamu


  1. Baby


    |Registered Member

    amazing ammu luvd it n yah sidmin n yuhi y r dey all tensed oh god suspense w8ing fr ur nxt episode post asap

  2. Sriya


    |Registered Member

    aamu amazing fab episode love u loads and congratulations for getting your phone back keep smiling always xx

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Lovely episode….
    Yuhi nd twinj scenes were superb ..
    But excited to know the suspense behind that date ..
    Finally u got ur phone back …so now u will post regularly…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.