junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 2

hey frnds SORRY i had not uploaded since 3-4 days but ye bohot lambi kahaani hai
inshort i can tell u dat i need sm suggestion i had upload dat but dey send me email dat u cant take suggestion from readers
so, i thought to write epi only
so here is it
it will b smaller bcoz my sis r telling me to change d story line so need sm suggestion it will b at d end dis epi will b boring
s i dont hav any idea
but plz cmnt n let me know ur suggestion i will post asap
today only
so no more bakbak

epi 2

episode starts with kunj goes smwhere n oder side twiraj r getting married.. they stand to take pheras both seems to b not happy .tears rolling down through twinkles eyes she is not able to control her tears
twinkle (thinks):i cant let dis marriage happen how can i marry to d one whom i dont love.me is shaadi k pavitra rishte ki mazzak nahi banaa skti
yuvraj (thinks):i m getting married to twinki whom i dont love.i thought her as a frnd n i also she too bcoz i know she love kunj n i love ma….wat i m going to tell dat i love mahi oo den how can v marry .i cant b mahis jiju i want to b his hubby
mahi (think): noo noo dis cant i cant let dis marriage happen….no i hav to do smthing

tw n uv has only 3 pheras left
tw thinks:i hav to do smthing to stop dis marriage but wat?
uv n mahi thinks d same

now 2 pheras left
suddenly electricity goes off .n twhivi(tw mahi n uvraj) take a sigh of relief
n thinks who had done dis
bcoz of no electricity panditji stop d mantras n pheras also stop
kunj is seen being shocked to see d electricity gone but den take sigh of relief
screen splits into 4 (twinj n yuhi)of dem taking sigh of relief)

precap: depend on ur cmnts
who had cut eletricity if it is not done by kunj
to know keep reading junoon wala ishq on telly updates evry day near 9 at night

now suggestion time
do u want to get twiraj married

if yes den sfter der marriage sm devdas wale scene will cm but after dat……..mazaa hi mazaa (twinj scenes)
if no love cnfeeeeeession will take sm time

do tell me haa? bcoz first d story i had thought in dat one twiraj is going to married n den twinj scenes n all
my sis suggest me to not let dem married
so i cnfused
do suggest me
n yaa here kuvi r twins broders but kunj is elder for 2 min

plz suggest me
actually i was not going to write dis but dat was not uploading so a new story cook up in my mind

n yaa thanx all of u who cmnted on 1 epi

sohi:thanx for cmnting hope u had read d intro
zikra,mannat,sayeeda,saby,affa,fatarjo,bulbul,shtakshi thank u all for cmnting
hope u all had forgive me
but trust me i had tried to upload 5 times
now expecting to upload
have a nice day
lots of love from me to d all reader

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Sana….get twiraj married…then twinj scenes….

    1. thanx for ur suggestion rashi

  2. Sayeeda

    Sana….no need to ask for forgiveness …episode was short nd good ..
    As per me let Twiraj marry ….then Twinj scenes… rest as per public demand

    1. thanx sayyu dear

  3. Sameera

    Yep get them marry n then twinj scenes ???

    1. thanx for suggestion

  4. Angita

    Hmm Sana I’m not a good writer so I can’t suggest but don’t make twiraj marry yaar pls.

    1. thanx angita or cmnting ..hope u had read d intro n epi 1 also
      just asking u s i dont see ur cmnt der

  5. SidMin

    Please don’t make Twiraj marry just my opinion you are a good writer and surely know what is right for your ff is so please continue soon

    1. thanx for cmting n suggesting n yaar i m also cnfused bcoz of my sis she is also telling me to not let twiraj married…n u know wat i want to maarry dem also n not let dem marry also…..i m soooooo much cnfused s both d story coooked up in my mind is too good according to me(khudki taarif khud hi kr rhi hu..hehe) n i want to write both

  6. Shreya098

    no twiraj please…

    1. thanx shreya for cmnting but i dint understand wat u had write
      no twiraj please means?

      1. Shreya098

        I mean don’t let twiraj marry…

  7. continue the story

  8. but plz twinj get marry

    1. hey sohi thanx for cmntng n also for suggestion
      yaa afcourse twinj will marry yaar but it will take time

  9. Dont get twiraj married only twinj plssss

    1. thanx mehek sor cmnting n suggesting

  10. pls don’t marry twiraj

    1. thanx for cmntng yaar n i hav decided now only dat……read next epi to know

  11. Jiya_Ani

    Hey Aamu..well don’t be confused I am Shreya… I hope you know me…well I read both ur episodes today only… Really nice well …I suggest plz don’t get Twiraj married coz if that happens ur story may go on wrong track as UV and Kunj are brothers and mahi too loves UV..it will become hell confusing

    1. Aamu

      Thanx shreya for cmnting
      Gald dat u liked it

  12. Fan

    Awesome epi..plz dont get twiraj married..

    1. Aamu

      Thanx fan

  13. Shatakshi

    No twiraj plzzzz sana
    N the episode was nice

    1. Aamu

      Thanx shatakshi

  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sana @amu I also think first twiraj marriage and then twinj plz…epi was short and good
    Rest as public demand

    1. thank u dreamer aka arundhati

  15. It nice but short plz dont let twiraj marry . Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz its a request. I read the ff bcz of twinj.

    1. thanx chehak

  16. Plzz.. don’t get twiraj married

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    The episode was nice….bt plzzzz don’t let twiraj marry….stop this marriage….& twinj get married

    1. thanx purnima

  18. Osmmmmmmmm loved it

  19. Ria

    Hey Sana, I feel twiraj shouldn’t get married. The episode was short but, good. Go as per the majority though.

    1. thanx ria n d result will b d majority of cmnts n on suggestion only

  20. Mannat

    Hey sana . I Will not suggest you to home you should make marry with twinkle because it’s your story line and you have to decide what you have to present before readers …. btw episode was fantastic .. amzing. .pls post next one asap

    1. Aamu

      Thanx mannat n ya its my story line but i m also cnfused????

      1. Mannat


  21. Hey sana no don’t let thm get married……
    N ya epi ws short bt gud…..
    N ya do cont soon……???

  22. hey sana ammu no nt at all pls dont let uv n twinkle get marrid she cn nly b of kunj n dey cn nly b twinj bt depnds on u dn n yah nyc episode dear

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