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THE EPI STATS WITH tw heard some noises from balcony bu den she thinks it would b coz of wind.sh starts go towards bathroom n (balcony i bfore bathroom so she was going but some1 came from balcony n both get ‘bhum bhum’yes dey both strikes.n d boy is evealed to b kunj he as having some bags in his hands which de fall wen de strikes .dey both fall down on d bed n get los in each other(remembr tw is wearing knee lengh bathrobe)tw was oer im.kunj hand was on tw waist holding it tightly n w hands were on kunj chest digging her nails on chest as his first 2 buttons r open but he a not feeling hurt .kunj pulls tw closer to him n w roll her self n got kunj over him due o dis sudden kunj hands gets hold of bathroe rope n it got open now also dey dint come out of der dream world kunj was on tw he comes closer to her lips .both part der lips n was about to touch butt som1 knock d door
dy comes out der world n tw stands up but kunj he was lying on bed only due to d shock he got s e was going to kisss her
leela-tw puttar how much time u will take to change
tw-yaa maa just coming
n leela goes tw turns to kunj .kunj now stands up n shout ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh’tw also shou ‘aaaaaaaaaaahhhh’
kunj shouted as he saw tw in bathrobe n rop was open ut tw bod wa not visible much.she quickly turns n tie her rope n goes to bathroom to change
she goes to bathroom n leela again comes
leelaa-tw y did u shout.n wo is d boy inside ur room i hard some noise
as tw was in batroom so sh dint listen n kunj didn answer
leela thinks who is di inside d room .i think uv omg tw was in bathrobe only chi chi chi….i hav to telll ushaji n bebe n get dem married
she leaves
in room kunj thinks wat i m going to do.thankgod dat leela aunty come or wat would have happened….
in bahroom w blushes n den become sad s she knows kunj din love her.she change her cloths n come out
she comes out waring a red n white croptop
kunj was mesmerized seeing her n dan awkward silence
tw/kunj-it was just a mistake .i thik we should forget it
n dn both laughs s both speak same thing at d ssame time
tw-now tell me y u ame here
kunj-oh yaa i totally forget i bring breakfast for u s u r hungry n guess wat aloo paratha n
tw-n jo bhi ho paatha hai to sab kuch hai thank u so much kunj(noww leela again comes n heard half talk)i love u or dis n kisses his cheeks
leela listen kissing sound n calls some1 n tells i m sure
inside dey both sit down n ea der breakfast .tw feeds to kunj n he feeds to her den someof d food gets stuck on her lips kunj touches her soft lips in order to remove d food n tw feels it n close her eyes seeing dis kunj laugh n tw gets angry n take kunj food n eat it den kunj takes her from her hands n he eat n dey both eat it by fighting n den kunj left
tw stands up n left d room to go to hall as it 8:30 n she have to go by 9

she comes down n gets surprid seeing punditji n usha n bebe n liten der talks
usha-panditji wen is shubh muhrat of engagement n marriage
leela-g punditji tell both d date
punditji-engagement muhrat is best for today only n marriage day after tommorow
bebe,usha n leela see each otther face n den
bebe- thik hai pundiji koi gaal ni

tw comes n ask whose marriage
leela/ussha/bebe-(togther)urs n uv marriage

episode ends on tw shocked face
how was it????
i think it was long enough
N I THINK MANY of u forget dat v r in flashback n der marriage is already stopped
i u had not ead den plz read

precap-twiraj marriag preparation n finally flashback ends

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….Amazing……

  2. SidMin

    Oh so this how all the drama begin Loved it waiting for the next episode πŸ™‚

  3. Shreya098

    Twinj scenes were awesome??
    Loved the episode….amazing

  4. Sameera

    Lovely aamu loved it waiting for next

  5. Baby

    amazing ammu twinj scenes luvd dem a lot n w8ing fr ur nxt episode acha ek baat btana wt all u r describing in flashback dis all ws tld 2 d moms by twinj exactly same 2 same sry pr pls pell me

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….excited to read further…..

  7. Kruti

    Abb samajh mein aaya twiraj ki shaadi was happening bcoz of the great moms…. I mean great detective moms loved d epi aamu
    Waiting for d fb to end

  8. Amazing epi…aamu ….loved it…& especially love d twinj sceen

  9. Sayeeda

    Ohhh….!!! Aamu I’m so stupid that I forgot that we r in fb scene’s nd marriage of Twiraj is already stopped …
    Now I came to know how Leela misinterpreted Twiraj to be a couple ..
    Loved twinj scenes…. Wowww so romantic one…
    Plzzz post next soon

  10. Angita

    Now is understood amazing

  11. Aamu

    thank u all of u

  12. Saby

    Hey ammu… Nice epi….
    So cute… And romantic too…?

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