junoon wala ishq-twinj epi-18


i got some time o thoought to write i will not speak much
but dis will b short as dis 2 epi of today n hink i will pos daily from today as i m getting chance
but not sure


episode sttarts with tw goes to her room n holds her tummy
tw-oh my god,…..i will die if i will not get anything to eat n rightnow i cant go down also s evry1 will b hock to see me at di time…but i have to first i will freshen up den will go
she took her clothes n goe to baathroom

kunj thinks -i know tw cant tolerate her hunger but wwat should i do
he was thinking n gts idea n left

at tw oom-
after sometime tw comes out of bathroom wearing a babypink bathrobe she goes to wardrobe to take lohes but ‘knock…..knock’
leela knock d dooor
leela-(FROM OUTSIDE)twinkle beta …wake up…open d door
tw goes n open d door leela shocked n w rocked
yes leela geta a 440 walt shock to see her daughter awaken a 7:45
leela-tw r u ok
n checks her
tw-yes mama i m full fine but wat happen to u
leela-u woke up at dis tim without my calling
she was inerpreted by a call
d call was of uv
on call
tw-yaa uv bol
uv-good morning
tw-good morning..but tell me y did u call me a dis time
uv-to wake u …coz i know uu had forge dat v both hav to go to college as principle ha called u oday
t- o yaa i totall forg;……thank u for reminding me…n be here at sharp 9 to pick me
leela was listening she thinks wat is d matter daily tw goes with kunj but todday
n she again thought of dat scene n left to inform usha n bebe(jaasus kahiki )

tw uns n saw leela left den he close d door n tak her clothes but some noie come from balcony she get shocked

i think it is enough fo today
ok bahbye
will c u tommo

pecap-twinj breakfast together n twiraj marriage

dont get shocked v r still in flashback if u remember
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  1. Amu di..first of all..sorry as i din commented in ur previous epi..but it was also too good as this one is..n yeah sorry to all ff n os writers whoever is reading this..that m really sorry as i m not able to comment n post my epi due to some health problems still i m trying my best to post it..now coming to the epi..plzz post next epi asap..n i think i m the 1st to comment..yayy!!love u loads..muah!!

    1. Aamu

      Thanx ? n its k
      take care og ur??
      N post ur epi sooon

  2. SidMin

    Aamu pls post the next one soon I am waiting for Twinj breakfast together but…. wait….. what have you written…… Twiraj marriage OMG what will happen now pls give us ne more surprise by posting asap Love you πŸ™‚

    1. SidMin

      sorry one more surprise and I know the marriage will stop but why did they not oppose it is what I want to know πŸ™‚

      1. Aamu

        hey first of alll keep calm
        N secondsecondt thing i will post sooon ?
        ? u

  3. Sameera

    Awesome lovely amazing thanx for treat ???

    1. Aamu

      hey first of alll keep calm
      N second thing i will post sooon ?
      ? u

      1. Aamu

        OOps sorry by mistake
        I was replying sidmin?

        N thank u sam?????

  4. Angita


  5. Shatakshi

    What???…twiraj marriage
    Seriously???… Plzzz dont do that
    N BTW the episode was too good

    1. Aamu

      thanks shatu
      n v r in fb n ttwiraj marriage is stopped already if u remember episode-3

  6. Sayeeda

    Thank u so much for posting ur ff ….
    Awesome …..amazing …loved it…
    Yrr ….
    precap Twiraj marriage ….R u serious ????……nnooooo mat kar aisa yrr plzzz……
    love u

    1. Aamu

      hey thanks sayu
      n twiraj marriage is alrady stopedif u remember v r in fb

  7. Kruti

    Superb epi aamu post d nxt one asap

  8. Baby

    oh dear sana ammu luvd it yr u rockd n we shockd by twinkles n uvrajs marriage bt d douts now clear thnks luv u n amazing episode

    1. Aamu

      thanx baby

  9. Baby

    pls post nxt asap pls

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