junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 16

all of u
i know m late sorry for dat n sorry again coz i will not b able to post fo some more days s m test r there n mumma had took my phone oday lso i m witing from laptop
so sorry
but surely i will post d epi after6-7 days or sure

enough i hav o wrie

n thank u all o u for cmnting,,but i will not b able to reply coz m in urry.mumma upar aagaye or ekh liya to mein o gayi
n ya au all r righ der was mainanence problem
sorry i misunderstand u all
jasmin tanks for cmnting n plz pos ur ff soon

dekho a fir se enoug kar ke bhi kitna boldiya


epi sarts with sayeeda stands up n
sayu:w u want to apply intmeent naa..den apply…i m going
tw:bu u hav already apply
sayu:see carfully i havv apply on kunj face only not on his legs n hands…
tw:(slowly)how rude(loud)ok
sayeda lft
tw goes near kunj n sis on her knees n take d firstaid box n stars o apply on kunjs leg
kunj looks at her lovingly…tw applies n he even dint feel anything
now he sits beide her n sarts apllying on is hands
her hairs are fling n disturbing her kunj lovingly tucks her hair beside her ears n by mistake is fingure touchd her cheeks…she look at her both gt into intens eyelock
den after sometime dey com into senses n tw hold kunj n ake her down in hall

at hall
dey all r waiing for twinj dey come n deen ake cutting ceremony sattakshi cut d cake n fd firs to kunj …w was standing beside her get angry n comes in between dm n fed to shattu n congratulate her
now comes dance
all left to dance floor n girls take kunj with dem tw was standing at one side of d hall feeling jealous to see kunj dancing closely with girls

episode ends

sorry ,for short one but i wa not going to write also…but to giv u all dis messag i wroe it
anyays how was it?
n take noe if i will get chan to write i will surely write
hope u all dont mind
sorry for inconvinence
plz keep supporting me

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  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Short nd cute one Aamu …..loved it…
    We all can understand ur problem …don’t worry we will wait for ur ff ..

    • sana(aamu)?

      Thanx sayu???
      N d
      u also dont worry mumma ko pataa lungi? or fon lelungi
      Bas giv me some time???????

  2. Krystal_Krysiee


    |Registered Member

    will wait baby…..meri v yehi kahani h ……test ,tution,mummy,blah blah….short n cute wala epi loved it…..i hope uh read my story too….Trust On 7 Vows…m.if nt thn plzzz read..

    • sana(aamu)?

      thanx n yaa i read ur ff its ? awesome but if u hav posted today or yesterday den not
      N ur ff is of 5 fab wala right

  3. sana(aamu)?

    ThAnz sayeeda,rashi.krystal n fan
    Krystal i read ur ff but if u hav post today or yesterday den i had not
    but ur ff is awesome?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.