junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 14


pls take note:i had tell in epi:12 dat sm girls r kunj cousins n sm r rakhi sis….so let me tell u i hav make changes…no one is his sister

episode starts with tw turned towards kunj n she gets tearyeyed seeing him in is condition.she was about to go to him but sidmin,shreya aka lovely goed to him n consoles him..n shreya aka lovely hugs him..tw felt jealous seeing dat.she was burning from inside.kunj was now consoled. d girls tell everything dey had done to scare her n also d kidnaping…tw listens all dis n feels really guilty.dat she doesnt trust her love of life n beat her
tw:(almost on d verge of crying):ku…
she was about to say but kunj interpret
kunj:chalo every1…lets celebrate n den let us leave as it is 6 in d morning n tw hav to reach her place till 7:30 coz at dat time leela aunty will com to her room to wake her up
all nods n goes
kunj also leave with dem n he had not make a single eyecontact with tw.he is avoiding her.he goes but he was not able to walk also s he was beaten with vegetables n sandals n sandals was hitted on his leg…(bechara my kunjj
tw was going to give him support by holding his shoulder.she was about to place her hand den only shatakshi n aamu(sana)come n hold him by shoulder (i will write aamu only n will not write sana with it)
aamu:kunj come with me i will giv u my bro.clothes as ur clothes r looking very beautiful coz of ds drama queen
shatakshi:yaa kunj come we will drop u till d room

kunj head was bleeding n his jeans was torn near his ghutan(i donno wat it is said in english but it is d place near joint in leg)his both legs r injure.his hands n chet were with colured by tomato n he is smelling badly coz of onion
dey take him from der.n tw stands der being guilty,jealous n all mixed emotions .den she also goes with dem
aamakshi(aamu+shatakshi)placed kunj on bed n aamu handover a a pair of clothes to kunj n left
tw hides behind d door so dat dey both cant see her.den she enter d room n locked it wen she enter kunj had already left to bathroom
tw cries n aftersmtime kunj comes out of d bathroom having a towel on his waist n exposing his 6 abs.he was not able to walk properly…tw sees dis n goes to him n hold him by his shoulder n give him support…..kunj looks at her n tw looks at him both gets in intense eyelock..
kunj hand were holing towel on her waist coz it is loosing
twinj comes out of der dremworld after someime as kunj breaks d eyelock..
but kunj is very upset not for beating him n hurting him but for not trusting him n his friendship(remember dey both accidently kissed….n she thinks dat he had done dis deleberately)
he jerks her hand n jst den

How was it?
wat u think y ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ?

i know u all must b shocked dat y today me maunvrat pethi at d starting of epi…..dat was for i dont have time n uparse i m late today as i upload in d morning evryday n today at evening

Sidmin:i read ur ff dear n u dont hav to request u hav to orde n dont u dare to stop ur ff(i m telling dis 3 time)

precap chahiye?

precap:kunj is being applied ointment by………………(.keepthinking)

hope u liked it….n i think it is long enough

lots of love from me

Credit to: sana(aamu)

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  1. Angita

    Seems very inytersting post next one adsap

    1. thanx angita

  2. SidMin

    Sana I now won’t even dare of thinking to end my ff in my dreams too Loved your ff and waiting for the next one

    1. good dat u will not stop
      thanx for cmnting
      n i have already update…will review sooon

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome epi….

  4. Sayeeda

    Aamu ….u made me felt so bad for Kunj…. becahre ko kitni takllef ho rhi thi…
    Loved ur episode…. amazing… awesome…
    Post next soon ….love u

  5. Kruti

    aare aamu mere kunj ko itna kyun mara us syappa queen ne……bechara
    anyways nice epi

  6. Sameera

    Haha so cutee ammu do cont asap bechara kunj ???

  7. Mannat

    Awesum aamu . Sorry for not commenting on earlier episodes ….

  8. Shatakshi

    Loved it❤❤

  9. Paavu

    loved the cute epi

  10. Baby

    omg ammu nyc episode

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