junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 13


hi all of u …today m on tima….right?
MANNAT…yaaar i missed u so much
n now plz dont go …….
directione91:u r right my ff is not so good also..n i also think dat it has lost its charm
krystel:thank u deaa…….n yaa sayeeda:u dont have to say sorry its ok if u reply krysse on my ff also
n other all of u thank u sooooo much
saby:thank u for cmnting n plz post ur epi sooon….m very eager
mia:thank u for cmntng n supporting


epi starts with kunj open d rope n tw stands up quikly….n starts to beat kunj
kunj:are ….twi…twinkii….y r u beating…m …me
tw:y r u beating me(mimicing his words)…….beating my fooot ….i want to kill u
kunj:plz twink dont kill me ….abhi meri umr hi kya hai(now……i m so young….)

n kunj runs…..twinkle runs after her
all d girls were observing dis but dey thought to stay silent..n observe d scene
now d light comes..but tw was facing all d girls back n chasing kunj..n den girls hide behind d pillars..some hide under d bed…
kunj runs till d table n take round n tw also goes der…kunj was running right side n twinkle was running behind n den she stops n turns….kunj who was taking round aaround d table keep runnind n doesnt notice dat tw had stopped n den tw comes n stops him n he stops n tw taps his shoulder n he turns n shocked..n was abut to run again
now tw became naughty as some thing strikes in her syappa wala mind
tw keeps coming forward n kunj steps back(dey r now in d kitchen)
until kunj is stoped by platform of kitchen…his eyes r wide open…tw come close to him
kunj:t..t..twin…..twinkle(he shout)(back to normal voice)wa…wat r…r..u d…oing
twinkle:i m doing wat r u going to do with me at late nigt
kunj:wat i m going to do?
tw:der r 2 resons in my mind…and u r going to do 1 from dem …i m sure
dey both r very close .dey can feel each oter
twinkle:1.u r going to scare me so dat i can have heartattack n i will die
twinkle:shut up…..listensecond reason also
kunj:arz karo(speak)
tw:2:u r going to kiss me …haina…..but u cant do as i get concious
kunj was shocked
kunj:chi…chi…tw ur mind is so dirty…first of all i had not kidnapped u..i ha..

tw stoped him by putting his soft fingure on his lips
n come more close to her as she knows he is hell nervous
n kunj jump n sitn d platform….n due to sudden jump tw get more closer to kunj n by mistake der lips touch ….both gets shock
tw:seee u hav done wat r u going to do
kunj:tw it was bcz of sudden jerk…i dint do it deliberately
but twas not listening him n gets angry
she take out his sandle n throw it to kunj..n our innocent kunj who was siittting on d platform tries to protect himself from tw
tw den finds vegetable basket
she takes brinjal n throw to kunj…den potato,,,onion,,,,,,
n our kunj who was protecting himself from tw gets hurt on her head coz he was moving back hits his head to d wall
but tw doesnt notice it n keeps throwing ….now tomato turn comes
she throw to kunj
but kunj dint notice tomato as he was half in tears coz of his ning head n vegetables
kunj shirt was full red
kunj had bow down his head so dat tw cant see his tears
(sorry guys…kunj ko hurt karne keliye)
now tw sees egg ..she was about to throw
just den
shatakshi: stop..twinkle
sameera:yaa stop…it was not his mistake
saby:it was all bcozz of us
tw turns n saw dem n gets shocked n den tun to kunj

episode ends on tw shocked fae n kunj teay face
how was it?
sorry for hurting kunj
thank u all of u for cmnti ..thank u somuch

to be continued

aaj mene kam bakbak ka …right?

Credit to: sana(aamu)

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  1. Angita

    Amazing thats how it was actually twinkle hitting him was quite funny amazing but why is it because of _”us”???

    1. angita first of all thank u for cmnting n it is bcoz of “us” coz girls r scaring tw n she thought dat all d thing is done by kunj
      hope u get it

  2. Kruti

    How much weight did kunj loose????……..lolz
    Bechare ko kitna bhagaya yar tumne
    Indeed a funny epi

    1. haha kruti
      n thanks or cmnting

  3. Amazing aamu
    Plz post asap

    1. thanx siya for cmntng

  4. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode…. awesome ….loved it …..loved it …so funny episode….

    1. thanx sayyuuu dea…………..

  5. Sameera

    Mast jhakkas zabardast ?????

    1. thanx sam…..
      love yaaa **********

  6. Shatakshi

    Nice episode ammu❤❤

    1. thanx shattu
      n yaar ur masquereder wala os awesome hokar blossom blast tha
      n plz ur alfilwal season2 …do cont asap
      remeber….dont forget to post

  7. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sana.. Muah.. It was 2 gud.. Ctd soon

  8. Aamu

    LOve u allll thank u alll of u for cmting????????????????❤????

  9. SidMin

    Aamu Loved it just want to request you to read my ff Tashan e revenge to sadda love (just a request)
    Loved the part waiting for the next

  10. directionert91

    I loved it and honestly it was


  11. Shreya098

    awesome …loved it

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Sana….it was awesome dear…

  13. Saby

    Omg….. Kunj ko punishment humari vajahse….. Q q q ?????

  14. Wow amazinggggg episode yaarrr !!!!! Plzz post ur next epiii soon…

  15. ohhhh pooooor… kkkkuuuuunnnnjjjj!!!!!!
    bt was very funny
    post nxt asap…

  16. Funny episode…. but amazing…. lovely…. love it….

  17. Baby

    amazing sana ammu twinj fight muaahh thi

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