junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 12


helllo all of u i know m late but my schedule is vry busy…just now i came from school n thought to write as no one is around me
thank u so much all of u for cmnting n anx for supporting me n going against dat fake sayeeda
special thanx to sameera n kruti dat dey msged me privetely n ask me to continue
n SAYEEDA real wali hamaari sayyu:yaar plz dont b sad .i know u r not dat sayeeda.i trust u n dont u dare to end ur ff ok?
n sayeeda i m angry on u . u dont think me as ur frnd coz u dont know d rule of friendship….y u ask forgiveness from me for dat fake sayeeda
n dreamer….arundhati:dear i was on d verge of crying yaar….n i ow dat it is not our sayeeda…but i thought she was right some where as i m not focusing on twinj n only on friendship but in dis epi i will clear it n soon v will come out of flashback
CHEHEK.sorrrrrrrry magar naraaz na hona n i m ng to continue okay? but i will stop by 25….n plz dont force me to write more coz if i will not have story in my mind den how will i write
bulbul: m not going to stop n thank u for cmntng
baby,paavu,shona,angita,sameera,riy,rashi,(sry if i forget any1 name
SABY.tune kya kiya…..u made me laugh by ur sweet saa cmnt…thank u for supportin n yaa u r rightI SHOULD NOT MYSELF FOR OTHERS nnnnn sorry for not cmntng on ur ff
kruti,sameera:thank u so much
u all know wen i read dat fake sayeeda cmnti was in tears..tars were rolling down through my eyes without stopping n beside me my mumma was sitting n all mah cousins dey all ask me dat y r u crying………………accha hua ki mumma ne phone le nahi liya kyuki unke haatho me heena lagi hui thi…to me bach gaiy
den i read my supporters cmnt….i get sm strength den i ask suggestion from my cousin dey also tell me to not stop den i hought to not stop
now lets start d epi


epi starts with d guy
shataksh: kunj bhaiya!! u came..
so d guy is kunj n shatakshi n shreya aka lovely is his cousin sis n sayeeda,angita,paavu ,kruti n sameera r his rakhi sis
(shock laga!?)
kunj:yaa sis…syapaa queen ko lene aaya hu(i had came back to take syapa queen back)
sayeeda:but bhai we havent done wat v were going to do
angita:it means dat ….v had not. start d shatakshis ff golden jublies party coz of twinki(so guys dey all r tu frnds n dey gather at aamu plce wen any 1 of dem cmplte golden or silver jubli..)
kunj:yaa i got it but i hav to take her back she is here from 11:45 n now d time is 4:00 wat were u all doing till now
shreya aka lovely:woh…bro dey all were fighting
shreya098:achcha ji den who came late
shreya aka lovely:i dont know
n dey all start fighting again den
sameera:STOP::::::::::::::::::::::BOTH U
sayeeda:yaa stop………..
n all stop den start laughing
kunj:hey all of u plz…let me take syappa queen with me it is going to b morning
kunj had to listen all of dem
den dey finally goes near tw
still room is dark nothing is much seen
den our tw open her eyes all of dem see this n dey all take der hairs on der face like bhooot(sorry)
n kunj stands behind d pillar
tw sees all of dem in bhootni style n starts to shout taking her lung out..but dint able to recognise dem
dey all scare tw with evrythng dey know(frnd i dont want to confuse u all so thought to not giv horror scene …first i was going to show der mischief)
n tw bechaari(poor) dart rahi(keep scared)
now kunj is almost lost his temper to see tw in dat state
den he starts going towards her..tw sees dis..she shouts again n she cant even run s she is tied with chair
kunj comes near her…close to her..he was able to see her shiny,glowing face but tw had closed her eyes coz of fear….dey both r very close…dat dey feel each other…tw slowly open her eyes n saw kunj n dey both hav a cute eyelock but after 6 minutes all d girls starts to cough den our twinj come in senses…tw sees n boil in anger coz she thought dat kunj had all dis to scare her still she dint see d girl coz of darkness n tells kunj to open d rope by signing
screen freezes
so how was it
today i talked to much in starting so i will not in ending
n rumaisah:hope u dont hav anydifficulty i hav given n english and if u hav any pro…do tell me

precap:kunj to b bali kaa bakra coz of girls(i dont know wat it is said in english but u can assume as kunj get punishment coz of girls)

so shreya aka lovely n all d other cmntrs i hope ur cnfusion r cleared

loads of love
n plz no ill words

Credit to: sana(aamu)

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  1. it was good but quite confusing

  2. Sameera

    It’s good u r continuing or else ? epi was too good superbb ????bechari Twinki do cont asap ?

  3. Shatakshi

    Hey aamu…finally u r back
    U know that day I was so sad but this connection was not supporting me…hope u understand
    N kya yaar…I hate u…kunj ko mera bhai bana diya…??
    But anyways I love u more than I like him…so do continue fast…

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Aammmmmmuuu..Remember.. I am not Shreya.. Nor I am Lovely.. Get that..I am Shreyani.. So I amn’t his Sis…yuuhooo…yeh toh ek way tha..but really samne aaja…Kut dungi..yaar…how dare you make me his SISTER!!… Kyu kyu..But who cares..main toh Shreyani hu naa..Shreya toh is my nickname.. By which my mama and Mausi call me…
    And epi main tujhpe gussa aaya..but soon..Focus on the main story sweetheart… SWEETHEART… Nonono..U made me his sis ri8… So now for this track’s time…no sweetheart ..
    And main exams ke liye padh rahi thi..thought to just visit TU once…and Teri line padh kar comment Karna Zaroori ho gya…
    Love you…No..cham..
    Like you???????

  5. Shreya098

    superb sana….
    and thanks for including me..
    ohhh to kunj b hmare saath mila hua h??…….
    poor kunj “Bali ka bakra”??

  6. Jiya_Ani

    And moreover.. U got me only to address hi maa BRO..!!..Kisi aur KO pakad leti..Why me..mere sath hi aisa kyu…
    Chalo dil par mat Lena..And keep writing and I will alwaaaayyyyyyyyys love you and yes..there r 3 Shreya s..one is me, another is Shreya098 and one more is a girl who is an unregistered reader…
    Babbhye..I will not disturb you now.. Time to study..????????

  7. Sayeeda

    Aawwww…kunj mera Bhai ….noooo aisa hai ho skta …….chalo koi nai kunj mera Bhai but Sid thodi na..hhaaa…see I’m so talented …maan gayi na Sayu ko …
    Aamu …I’m soooooo happy to see u back …episode bole toh full too phadu hai ..jhakass hai ….loved the way u twisted ur story
    Love u soooo much…

  8. Kruti

    ok………..amazing epi
    kunj ko bali ka bakra bante hue dekhna hai dekhte hain hum sab milkar kya karne wale hain humare kunj bhaiya ke saath……lolz
    eagerly waiting for d nxt one

  9. Angita

    Very very nice one…..k you don’t think your ff misses something because there is no twinj, that’s what make you special sweetheart….glad to be kunjs sis as I’m not old enough to be his gf but amazing yaar

  10. SidMin

    Loved it waiting for the next one pls post asap 🙂

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..

  12. directionert91

    sana don’t take me wrong I really LOVED your ff at started but now to be honest I thinkk its losing its charm bcz of the current track plz change this track soon .
    Guys plz don’t bash it was just my opinion

    1. Rashiverma2199

      Why have u stopped writing ur ff….?? I really loved it…. I’m missing u and ur ff…

  13. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode…
    Loved it…. nd waiting for nxt…. post soon dear….

  14. Krystal_Krysiee

    Hey ammu dear…. frst of all this fr uh ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Wanna know y cz uh deserve this instead of being dishearten uh continued ur ff thnquuuu so much n nw srry srsly srry ……cz i neva read ur ff ?? when yesterday sayuu said ki she is also going to end her ff jst bcoz uh r going to end …… so yesterday i got to know i have such a nice frnd n awwwsssuum ???????? writer wid me in my TU family…… mindblowing dear …….. uh r a blockbuster writer n dont pay heed on ppl lyk sayeeda’s wrds (nt my sayuu) they cannt write ….. so they r critsing ffs lyk urs even i got such a prsn named ur enemy in my ff TRUST ON 7 VOWS ……my frnd Crazy got such a prsn named Ur hater bt she didnt end …. so i want uh nt to end ur toooio beautiful sa ff plzzzzzzzz ????
    JUNOON WALA ISHQ……. lovd it to the core ….. love uh to the moon and back ???????????? hope to see ur ff asap …..stay blesseed ❤????????

    1. Sayeeda

      Krystal dear ..u r soooooooooooo cute ….seriously how much I say thanks to u is less ..
      That day the way u supported me … I can’t define how much I happy u felt ..nd today u r supporting Aamu …so nice of u dear ..really u r a very good human being ..
      Sorry Aamu for replying her on ur ff but I wanted to thank her …love u ..

      1. Krystal_Krysiee

        Hey sayuu dear….dont thnk me plzzz its obvio to tell her about these mahan ppl who bash n dishearten the ppl being a writer izz srsly vry hard the way uh have to write unique episode so that everyone would lyk it…… bt when ever someone cmmnts wrong about srsly …. nt only on my ff bt on any ff if sumome cmnnts nonsense i really feel lyk slapping the shit of that prsn how can they be so rude huh!!! Bt aamu dear i hope uh got my order of bt ending this cute sa ff hai n love uh again n to uh also sayuu love uh

  15. Directionert91

    Hey sana dont take me wrong . i loved ur ff before at the starting as it was literally amaZAYN but now this new track of kunj’s sister is boring i am honest no twinj scenes and girls plz dont bash me it was only my opinion
    Only thing i want to say is change the track as its losing its charm..
    LOVE YOU Sooooooooooooooooooooo MuCh sana?????????????????????????????????

  16. No i understand don’t worry yaar..
    Tho im confused is She kidnapped? And the girls? Sorry im lost it was bcz it was inhindi im damm lost rite now …

  17. Sayeeda

    Krystal dear ..u r soooooooooooo cute ….seriously how much I say thanks to u is less ..
    That day the way u supported me … I can’t define how much I happy u felt ..nd today u r supporting Aamu …so nice of u dear ..really u r a very good human being ..
    Sorry Aamu for replying her on ur ff but I wanted to thank her …love u ..

  18. Fan

    Nice one sana..

  19. Saby

    Aaamu….. ???
    Thank god at least my comment made uh laugh…..??
    So bad of both of uh…. Jallis…
    Aese koi apni khushi chod deta hai kya bhala vo bhi kisi or k liye….???
    TU gives uh happiness na? Den how can uh even dare to think TU…?
    I m still in delima to undrstnd…..
    At last uh guys are back to normal….
    Vese bhi itni cute cute grls senti look me achi nahi Lagti….
    Aese masti karte raho….. ???
    Damn excited to know kunj k sath kya karne wale hai hum………
    Eagerness ki haad hai yaar jaldi post kar dena…..???

  20. Baby

    amazing sana srsly u rckd

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