junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 11


hiiiii alll thanku so much for giving ur love n support through cmnts m reallly very much haapppy
n today i m going to reveal my identity……as all d writers r doing so..so my real name is AAMENA..my family call me AAMU,,u all can also call me AAMU s u all r also my family n u all must b thinking about sana ,,so that name is mixture of my n my sis name …coz she also read ff from dis fon only dats y v name as sana n i join aamu…so u all plz call me AAMU from now…ii like dis name……n SANA yaar not at all woh to meri sis haina ….huh……..n mannat i told u dat my name is sana so sorry for dat coz dat reply was also given by my sis……so sorry
n today also epi would b short coz i hav to go for design mehndi on my hand s my bro’s hifz e quran hadiya is der tommo….so i will b busy n after having mehndi on my hand i will not b able to write dis so….me ajj b chupke se likh rahi hu……….kyuki kal raaat 1:30 ko me ff padh rahi thi or mumma ne dekh liya or fon hi le liya or chupa diya…so mene woh fon nikal diya but mumma ko pta nahi hai isliye sab log niche lunch kar rahe hai or me yahaa ff likh rahi hu
so,,,,,willl not b able to write tommooo as school willl b also der n prepartons of hadiya
so sooorrrrrrrrrrrry
n mannat n saby i m missing ur ff badly
n bhavika i m not able to upload pic yaaaaaar pls help me
rumaisa:u also do cont asap
n paavu:its my pleasure n i m gonna add all d names who had cmnt on my ff only for 1 time also…urs will b der in dis 1 or in next 1

k bohot bakbak kar liya


episode starts with a girl shouting
uall do like dis only with me evry tme mujhe bhul gayi sab
sayeeda:kon sab…tu bhi to hame bhul hi gayi na
shatakshi:yaa right lovely aka shreya u forget us n if u dint forget us den tell all of us name fast
so dat girl is shreya aka lovely(hey shreya sorry haa plz maaf kar dena bohot shout karvaaya tumse)
n bdw i will tel lovely to shreya n shreya098 u i will cal u shreyu

shreya aka lovely:i know evry1 name i know v meet last time n dat i vry long time but i remember
i will start
yashavi,zikra,mannat,sidmin,neha,sayeeda,saby,sayeeda farhana,shatakshi,riya,rashi,sohi,fatarjo,bulbul,sameera,angita,shreya098,mehek,zarmeen,lovely aka shreya,fan,dreamer aka arundhati,chehek,aashi,purnima,dolly,tamanna,baby,zaku,sr,ayeshakhanum,kruti,sonali,rhimjim,srija,shona,directioner91,paavu,rimmi,happiness,rumaishah
itne hi hai dekha i know every1 name
(so guys now i m sure i have taken every1 name..now i will not write girl1 n girl 2 i will write name only)
sameera:yaa shreyu….i know dat u hav given all d name but 1 is left….whose house is dis
fatarjo:n d one who is boiling in anger now
mannat:are shreyu ….u forget aamu aka sana yaar….
arundhati:yeh to aisa hogaya jaise…………….
angita:haa aisa ho gaya jaise jis desh kaa namak khaaya ushi se bewafai kri
arundhati:hey angita u dont know anything…just speaking rubbish
angita:wat have i done haa
arundhati:it is wrong wat u speak yaar ….aisa nahi bolte
angita:to kaisa bolte hai(den how v can speak…tell)
arundhati:(with full tashan wala mood)dat think i also dont know
every 1 laugh silently
i will tell myself aamu only
aamu:STOPPPPPPPPP all of u
evry 1 gets silent
aamu:i mean can v go on oder room as here is syappa queen n if she will w naa den we will b gone
evry goes
aamu:now laugh n bdw shreya u forget me …huh
i dont wanna talk with u now
neha:if ur drama is over den can v proceed to revenge rom tw
every1 nods n listens d plan
just den: a boy shout in d room
boy:jisne tumhe madad ki usi k bina plan kar liya


how was it ,,i know still cnfusion but sabr ka fal mtha hota hai n

so who is d guy
who helped dem to kidnap tww uske liye dekhte rahiye junnon wal ishq sief telly updates par on tuesday near 8pm

n sorry now muje bhuk lagi …i m hungry like hell so today no thanx iving ceremony
SORRY for dat n again sorryi wasnot abe to y today
n plz keep supporting me

precap:reason y dey kidnap twinki n who is d guy

n sayeeda its k yaar frndship me hota hai but from next time i will not add di okay pls if u tell sorry agaiaa den will not talk with u n yaa i love u tooo muah ..

Credit to: sana(aamu)

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  1. This comment has been deleted.

    Reason: Using multiple names, copying other names and misusing them.

    1. Mayatwinj.fan

      Excuse me stop saying such crap as first of all I know it’s not our sayeeda and secondly if this Ff is crap why u reading it Risa has many fans and she doesn’t need u to waste her time by saying such crap so STOP ??

      1. Mayatwinj.fan

        Sorry spelt it wrong first time

    2. Kruti

      Miss who so ever u r I have never seen u commenting on any ff and how come suddenly u got a thought of commenting that too stating that this is a crap……when u don’t know what friendship is then don’t u dare tell anything about it …….and all this is not a crap u are a crap to have such cheep thinking
      And ur not the sayeeda she is mentioning there’s another sayeeda who has a way tooooooo far better thinking than urs
      I know this would have hurt u I’m sorry for that but ur comment would have hurt the author more bcoz they write it with too much of efforts try writing one then ull understand

    3. This comment has been deleted.

      Reason: Using multiple names, copying other names and misusing them.

      1. Kruti

        Oh hello miss who so ever u at y the hell are u behind my friend spoiling her name
        Ppl on TU its clarified its not our sayeeda this girl I s some nonsense who trying to create a scene and give importance to herself

    4. Aamu

      Hey thank u for remind me of my mistake
      U r right its a crap sorrrrrry ?

    5. Sayeeda

      Hey who r u ….why r u trying to bash others using my name …..r u dumb how did u do that ….
      Guy’s yrr it’s not me …
      plzzz don’t think its me ….I beg u all…I’m ur ff writer Sayeeda…. nd trust me I didn’t used any different I’d …I saw of my parents ….guyssss….plzzz don’t misunderstand me …it’s not me …u all know how much I love u all….hoe much u all means for me …nd I can never do it..

      1. Angita

        Don’t worry we know you

    6. Sameera

      Who the hell r u haa if u dint like it then stop reading it we know that it’s not our sayeeda n we have not forced u to read ff n comment just get lost mind ur own business

    7. Kruti

      U craapy pagal b**CH what is ur f**king problem y are u troubling our peaceful friendship…..I seriously feel like kicking ur a*s

  2. Ria

    Aamu, it was amazing.?

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Thanks for including me…..waiting for next episode aamu

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Soo…I am not gonna comment on this confusing and ajeeb sa but cute epi..bcoz tum toh mujhse gussa ho vo bhi us vajah se Jo galti tumne ki..vaise Shreya 3 hain..shayad..its confusing me..main hi thi ya nahi..aage se aisa Karna ho ..toh remember to either use Lovely or Shreyoo…confuse mat kar and plz focus on the story..

    1. Aamu

      ?hey shreya der is only 2 shreya n i had write shreya098 for 1 n shreya aka lovely for u
      N sorry i will stop in next 2 -3 epi
      Coz i m confusing u all na
      So sorry

  5. dreamer....arundhati

    Amu it was cute.. But std the story soon dear.. Ctd soon

  6. Sameera

    Wow so lovely aamu lyk it but lil bit confusing plzz clear the confusion ha ???

  7. Angita

    Thank you for adding me and episode was funny and nice but pls focus on twinj a bit more

    1. Aamu

      Hey angita sorry i had confused u all so much but no more i will stop dis in 2-3 epi?

  8. Kruti

    Confusion jaldi clear karo…nice epi

    1. Aamu

      Hey kruti thanx for cmnting ? n dis cnfusion will no.more
      S i m going to stop it
      N plz dont stop me for doing dis plz??

  9. Hey nice episode yaar =) can u post in English at least part? I rele want to iunderstand ur ff bczz its amazing n i don’t want to miss any episodes … N haa yaar everytime i finish writing my episodes im hungry ?? :v plzz post ASAP

  10. twinjfan (tamanna)

    thanks fr including me also in ur ff…the episode was nice one…plz post asap ammu…

  11. Aamu

    SORrry all of u i had disappointed u all
    Bt i m assuring u all dat only 2 or 3 episode den me aapko preshan nahi krungi
    yeh bakwas ab nahi dikhaoongi??

    1. Sayeeda

      Aamu trust me ….it’s not me….plzzz don’t trust her ….I don’t know who is she plzzz…..yrr ….what can I do to make u trust on me …literally I’m crying right now ….how can someone use my name for bashing others ….plzzz guys trust me …it’s not me ….I never use any different id nd if u guys don’t believe me then it’s OK …I will leave tu forever..

    2. Kruti

      Aamu this isn’t any bakwas ….don’t u dare call it bakwas OK
      Avain koi bhi jisne aaj talk ek bar bhi comment karne ka nahi socha usne kuch kehdiya toh u don’t need to feel bad for it ……jab log jinke nam use ho rahe hain unhe koi prblm nahi toh who the hell is she to say its a crap

    3. Sameera

      No u will not go anywhere we R here how can u think of leaving us ???plzz don’t stop plzz plzz no u were not going to end it n that’s final ???

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayu di and amuu u both r making me cry… How dare u all think that v will doubt u both. .. Sayu di u r not going anywhere.. Its a order.. V know that its not u.. U don’t have to give any clarification .V trust u and amu tell me. ..That do u write for such stupid people or for us . Ur readers, who wait 4 ur epi. U r not going to stop it. . U don’t know what a big smile u bring on my face with every epi.
    Guys u remember crazy di too had some such people but did she stopped writing and leave tu.. No… She kept her good work 4 us her readers and that basher also got changed. Sorry crazy di 4 mentioning it.
    But ammu dear don’t get disheartened so easily . V r always ur readers ,frnds… I m waiting 4 ur next epi eagerly.. Plz accept this request of ur this sista and reader.
    And sayu di v all have faith in u. When i saw the comment i was just like who the hell is this person taking our sayeedas name.. I not for second doubted u. Ur not going anywhere from tu… I hope its understood .
    Aamu ur going great.. Just ignore such ppl. Luv u dear and ur ff too much.. Ctd soon.
    Sayu di luv u tons.. V know its not u. ..Plz rula mamat mujhe.. U r gonna here only. Luv u di and amu u too

    1. hey aru bas kar ab rulaaegi kyaaaaa..n i trust our sayeeda completly..i know she is not dat sayeedan i m not at all dishertend but i thought dat like fake sayeeda u all alsooooo dint like it..buit me hi galat thi…..u r liking my ff n how u all had supported me today n stand by my side n goes against fake sayeeda………..for dat i love u all nnnnnnnn i m not going to stop my ff

  13. Hey wait a minute this is so bad that a person is using others name to criticise others WTH I don’t want to use these words but this is just ??

  14. Ammu ff end karne ka socha toh maraaj ho jaungi. Sochna bhi mat. Utr ff is amazing nd I dnt mind if u r using my name in ur ff nd ur ff is amazing . I dnt find it crap or boring so plz upset mat hona..nd my curiosity is growing to know wat will happen in ur ff nd its ok fr short episode
    Luv u muah♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Ammu plz don’t end ur ff yr and sayeeda di is also stopping her ff and that fake sayeeda I our intention is not to hurt u ok have u ever watched serials or movies their are so many names that are used and amu had just used us if real sayeeda doesn’t have problem then y are u being a problem creater and amu plz don’t end ur ff this is so nice and these are phases of our life so cheer up and continue and I want u to trust our real sayeeda

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    hey it was amazing…don’t think of leaving it…I really liked your story….& that nakli sayeeda ki baato ko dil se mat lagana…cozzzz humari sayeeda esa bol hi ni sakti h…..

  17. Saby

    Darling…..kya hui? Ae itna acha likhne k baad….. Aese sad q bethi hai????
    Ye upar comment padhke….. Hai kon ye nasamaj jisne meri pyari si frnd k ff ko crap kaha???? Pakka hogi koi jalkukdi…. Huh
    Hasde na thodasa….
    Sun ek baat kahu…. Aese kuch hone lage toh samaj jana chahiye hum kuch acha kar rahe hai… Isliye, logoki jaal rahi hai…..
    Ek comment pe dil chota mat kar Jaan….
    Dusre itne pyare pyare comment dekh….
    And smile kar… That uh have so many frnds to fight for uh……
    Sayeeda….(Sayu)….. Darling sachi bata kisse dushmani paali hai k is tarha tere name ka misuse kar rahi hai ye……
    Lev DAT pehle ye bata hw can uh even say that uh will lev TU…..
    Change the world according to uh….
    Don’t ever change urself to please them….
    I hope uh both darlings undrstnd…..
    Aamu and sayuuuu love uh both???

  18. Shonaa...

    Aamu d episode was sooo good…. nd don’t end diz ff for some blo*dy asshole…. u nd Sayeeda…. oh god how can u even think to end such a beautiful ffs…. always ignore diz typ of comments dear…. m very much glad tum dono(u nd Sayeeda)ko tym pe smjh aa gyi…. nhi to hum jese cute se readers ka kya hota…. hehe anyways continue diz nd post nxt soon…. love u…. ??

  19. Paavu

    who is. this blo*dy hell who daredd to defame sayeeda and aamu.We all guys trust and love u and ya aamu pls dont leave ff bcos of some dirty person

  20. Baby

    ammu sana amazing yr luvd it

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