junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 10


hey all of u m back with my 10 epi after 2 long days m back i missed u all so much pta hai but kya karu time hi nahi mila .did u all missed me?or forget me
chalo chodo waise b konsi badi topi hu jo yaad rakhoge
n SORRY all d writers i hav not cmnted on ur epi coz i was so busy
RITZI-sry i dint cmnt but ur ff was awesome. n i had not read last part today i will definitely read
SAYEEDA: i have cmnted on ur ff
RUMAISAH:ur ff is amazing although i hav read only 1 epi but i liked it so much, i will definitely read
RIA:i hav read urs but by screenshort so couldnt cmnt,SORRY is choti si bachchi ko maaf b krdo yaa. n bdw ur ff was also good .twinj romance in trial room i loved it
FATARJO:i liked ur ff yaar plz post asap m feeling bad for kunj bechare ko thappad pad gaya….plz do cont asap
HAPPINESS:ur ff name…kya naam tha?..oh yess poor or rich love knows nothing…yaar i loved ur ff but i have read till 7 epi only….tumne 8 post kiya hai? i m not able to find

n plz can any1 tell me how to add pictures in ff
sm1 add it before fewdays
plz do tell me n other ff writers also whom i hav not taken name pls dont feel bad haa
LOVELY(SHREYA):HAVE U UPLOAD URS i m not able to find
i had taken name whom i remeber whose ff i hav read now
SABY:yaar ur ff is amazing kya kamaal kiya .kunj is turning into human from devil .i loved it
plz do cont asap

k ENOUGH lets move to d epi but bfore i want to give a short summary s i have reached till 10.n i will give smmary after each n evry 10 epi

SUMAMARY:till 1 to 10
my ff starts with twiraj marriage was going on without der acceptation n with misunderstanding.dey wer at d mandap at d time kunj realises his love for tw n thought to stop d marriage anyhow n starts to go somewer. here tw,uv n mahi also thinks to stop d marriage anyhow .n twinj n yuhi succeded to stop d marriage by funny .twinj r in 1 room n fighting n spending momentsjust den family enter with punditji n punditji tells dat disrriage cant happen as has given so manigns to stop it den tw yuvi tell dem d truth dat how dey misunderstood dem as deyy r still frnds only n v goes in flashback n some twinj scenes n in last epi tw got kidnap as 1 goon take her with dem in d car as kunj had gone to take water
v r still in flash back


Episode starts with a house full with so many girls nearly 10-20 ages .every1 gets quite seeing 2 goons coming with a girl unconcious . der is very dark in d room .2 goons come n make d girl sit on d chair n tie her with ropes n all d rest of d girls surround her .now camera shows d girl…..oooooooo my god she….she..she is our twinki but y she i tied by ropes
all d girl takes chair n sits around dat girl .den d 2 goons take off der mask n a shock (want to know wat)dey r also 2 girls lets count d girls.again a shock dey r 40
now twinki is gaining concious 1 girl speak tensely
girl2:is kamini ko sirf jaagjaane de fir bataati hu ise.lekin yashi tu kyu itna dar rahi hai just chill
so d 1 girl is yashavi
yashavi:daru nahi to or kya karu zikra.ye drama queen uthegi to hallla macha degi(if i will not scare den wat should i do if dis drama queen gets concious den she will do some halla)
so d 2 girl is zikra
girl 3:ise jo karna hai karne do aaj me ise btati hu
girl4:wat will u do in dis darkness mannat .v r not able to see eachother face also
so d 3 girl is mannat
mannat:usika to ham faayda uthayenge or is twinki ki bachchi ko mazaa chakhenge sidmin
so d 4 girl is sidmin
sidmin:haa wat she has done.v should not forget.but wat v will do
girl 5:i hav an idea cm here all of u
girl6:omg neha had got some idea….congo all of u as dis first time she is giving some idea
n she starts too congratulate evry1
neha:sayeeda ki bachchi tu to gayi
so 5 girl is neha n 6 girl is sayeeda
girl7:how are u call her sayeda haa.she is older da
sayeeda:toh,n thanx ria for taking my side for d first time..n starts to laugh
girl 7 is ria
ria:see dis half screw starts to laugh again.n bdw i was not taking ur side .i was tellling her to respect elders
girl8:omg….she is talking about respest…wow
n dey all starts to fight with each other
girl 8 is saby
girl 10:yaa dekho twinki is getting concious …slow down ur voice all of u
every1 slow down
girl 10 is noneother dan shataksh
n goes to neha n she was telling her plan
just den
a girl:kaminiyon…tum mujhe bhul gayi..is telly updates ki shaan ko
every every looks n take out der tongue
n shatakshi:wo..wo.ham kaha bhul gaye yaar teri hi raah dekh rahe the
girl:oh dats y only u made a plan
screen freezes on der tense face

so guys how was it? yaya i know.dat u r bit confused as wat is going on?where is kunj n all?haina…so let me tell u dat it will b clear in next few epi
n dis all girls r telly updates frnds i can tell u dis much only n d girls r whom all hv cmnt other
will b reveal in next epi.dey all r frnds frotu only
k bohot muh me se nikal diya mene
ab not a single related to i
n yaaguys plz do support ma coz dis 3-4 epi is for ur suppor only n
so no more chapad
lets go to thanx giing ceemony

so guys plz support mE n i kw u aLL R hell cONFUsed buT PLZ TRust mIT e will clearenext edays precap



Credit to: sana(aamu)

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  1. Angita

    Very trues as its quite very confusing but I really liked your humor and also the talks of telly updates frens…..oops..sorry….our frens

    1. thanx angita for cmntng n i know its really confusing .actually i was going to upload all but time was lessso….aaj k liye itna hi
      but tomoo pakka waise bhi maine sunday tk leave li thi but i was missing u all so upload kr diya aisa hi

  2. Kruti

    Nice epi ….saachi mein mujhe kuch samajh nahi as raha
    And one more thing ya sayeeda ko elderly feel mat do if u r thinking of doing it again usko aacha nahi lagta hai

  3. Jiya_Ani

    Nice..funny… Cute one ammu..vaise who’s the 9th girl…chalo leave it..yes I posted my 2nd ff …now only.. Its there on the page do read and comment.. Its our love story.. And the another one which I will post may b tom its Yehi hai ishq.. Bhul jaao toh for yaad dila dungi..okay..love u

  4. Sayeeda

    Haaayyy re Kruti thanks for ur words ….Sana dear though I don’t like anyone calling me di coz I feel emotionally connected with u all nd this di word acts as a barrier to express our feelings …
    But I didn’t felt bad ….coz I know how much u love me …infact I was so happy to see my name over their nd don’t think that I felt bad coz whatever u will do for me will be love from u nd I love it …nd u also..
    I was waiting for ur ff soo much nd I’m so happy to read it …..waiting for next one…love u

    1. Aamu

      thanx sayyu for cmnting n i added di coz my jhalli wala mind tell so but from next it will not….pkka. n feeling emotional yaar
      u know how much i love u alll tilll infinity…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
      n i m gonnna add all d names who had cmnted on my ff if dey had cmnt for 1 time also
      n i know yaar u wont feel bad but den also if u feel a pinch also den i m ver SORRRRRRRRRRRRRYY…REALLLY WALAAA PLZ FORGIVE MEE…………..n u know me agar emotional hogayi to meri puri family sad ho jayegi coz i m a big wali masti khor type larki but comparing with emotional talks i m wat…i also dont know
      n plz forgive me haaa
      i will not upload epi for 2 days s i will b busy bcoming devdas…….hehe
      i think i hav given big wala essay now toh i m gonna pass grammar by writing big big essay in exam s i m practicing like dis

    2. Sayeeda

      Yrr ….Aamu ….plzzz don’t get upset ;I request u don’t feel bad I told u ka that I’m not upset at all infact I’m happy that u gave me so much importance that u mentioned my name …nd I loved the way u did it …
      U know na how much I love u nd how much important u r for me …u have a very special place in my heart …
      plzzz don’t say sorry ….it makes me feel guilty that I hurted u …nd don’t think to not to post for 2 days as I can’t wait for it …
      I hope now u r happy ….love u my sis

  5. twinjfan (tamanna)

    sachi batau tho mujhe bi kuch samaj nahi aya…its ok jaldi post karna….im waiting…or haan srry pichle episode pe cmmnt nahi kiya…busy thi kyunki ye projects hate them…but I read that one it was amazing….

  6. Amazingggg episode understood a bit tho bcz it was i hindi sadly n im glad u like my ff I’ve only posted two episodes tho I’ll post the other one soon 🙂

  7. Nice episode

  8. Happiness

    Dear I have only posted till episode 7 I will post d next soon n ya I read ur ff too it’s great but ya I m confused a bit right now abt this episode plz continue soon

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sana. .Ur rocking it. I m glued to tis one.. Plz post soon

  10. Confusing but nice.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ plz update the next part asap

  11. directionert91


  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….bt y they have kidnapped twinki…????

  13. Saby

    Ammuu….. Darling?
    Thanks mentioning my name??
    But not able to understand wats going on in this episode…
    I will post my ff on Mon dear…. Lil busy with projects…..

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Episode was really awesome…..can’t wait for the surprise

  15. Paavu

    hey aamu ur epi was very cute pls do cont soon
    and ya thanks for adding my name in thanks giving ceremony as i m on my first ff epi and feel very happy for so much love

  16. Baby

    hey sana ammu sry fr being agn late 2 cmnt bt yr amazing i m vry curious 2 no dt y jasmin is kidnappd n wt hd hpnd 2 hr pls post nxt asap cnt w8 more dear

  17. Ria

    Hey Sana, it was amazing..and, woohoo! I’m also there but, I myself don’t know what am I doing..hehe..

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