junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 1

hey frnd i m back with epi1….
today i will directly cm to d epi…den thanx giving ceremony ok?

episode 1

taneja mansion.
a big house is shown fully decorated guest r cming….(want to see?) den lets go ….ya here is d main door cm cm with me ok…..omg guards r der n checking d invitation card n den allowing dem to go look like it is d house of rich prsn but wait frnd do u hav invitation…….ok cm i hav ur invitation card also now cm or else v will b late
(sry for my bakbak in my ff also but kya kru me hu adat se majboor..sorry.(now i wil not write acc to my pov ok )

here is groom n his family arrive groom face is seen s it is sehra upon his face..n groom goes n sit in mandap.groom is looklike he is not happy panditji tell to bring bride.
while two girl goes to bring bride
a lady: m so happy dat tw will b my dil
(so bride is our pnjabi ptaka twinkle)
2 lady:yaa bebe v r blessed to get tw as a dil
(1 lady is bebe)(2 lady is usha)

a beautiful room is shown with pink n purple combinatin..looklike it is of sm princess but wat is dis a girl is sitting in d attire of bride but der is no glow on her face.her eyes is twinkling n seems dat she had cried bfore smtime.she is in deep thoughts..just den 2 girl enter d room
1 girl:o my sis is looking so beautiful in dis attire.()acting s if she is vry happy)
2 girl:ya my sis cum bestie tw is looking like princee in dis dree.kisi ki nazar naa lage meri gudiya ko(n enact to put kajal on tw)
1 girl: hey chinki, meri sis ko heran mat kr (hey chinki dont trouble my sis)
chinki: ok sry but must say our jiju will die seeing our hotty right mahi ?
mahi gets teary eyed listening d word jiju but she cmposed herself
mahi:hm u r right our JIJU wil b majnu seeing her
twinkle: plz yaar both of u stop it (she yells)
leaving mahi n chinki shocked
tw: means plz dont tease me n try to blush but cant
chinki : ok now leave all di cm down all r waiting especially jiju cum frnd
dey trio cmes down
tw goes to mandap panditji starts d ritual
one boy:y i m not happy in my bro wedding ?y m not able to see tw getting married with uv?y
n he gets into thinking:y kunj u r nt able to se tw with other boy?y i feel dat my tw is not happy with dis marriage..oh kunj wat r u thinking ur tw she is no mor urs she will b ur bhabi soon no i cant lets happen but y is i m in love th her? no how can dis possible y y not possible evry thing is fair in lv n war h kunj u r in love with tw)he gets out of dis thought nsee dat uv is filling tws maang he det shock n think he hav to stop dis marriage but how… he get an idea
n goes smwhere
hey frnds hope u liked

precap:twiraj r taking pheras.only 2 pheras (rounds)r left n……………..
where did kunj go?
will he b able to stop dis marriage?
if twiraj r not happy with d marriage den y dey get ready for d marriage?

frnds hope u liked it n sorry i m not good to explain emotions n all.dis is my first tym
u know wat i m vry happy with ur cmnts dat i m writing dis epi standing near d charge board s my fon bttry is only 3
i know kunj realization is very bad but wat can i do i m not able to express dis so sry
i dont have a single point like u all
i m vry bad wrigh though u all spport me soo thank u also for bearing me n my bak bak
a very big thank u to those who cmnt on my ff
yashavi, zayb_zikra,mannat,sidmin,neha,sayeda,sayeda farhana,saby,shatakshi,riya,rashiverma,shanu
thanks to silent reader but will suggest u to plz cmnt

so ppl do tell me how itt is
n yaa shanu on ur request my intro
u all know my name i m sana aka aamu(from both one is my real name but cant tell now),i m from india,gujarat.i m 15 yrs old .in 10 std

n yaa do tell me urs also plz
dat wer r u from,how old r u, n in which std if u r studing
plz do tell me

dont forget to cmnt
ok? meet u tommo o sorry crction not meet u talk to u tommo through cmnts
n yaa i want a suggesion
1.can i post daily but it will not long means length will b like epi1?
2.can i post once or twice in week but it will b long one?
do tell me through ur cmntsbcause i will not b able to update long epi daily coz i m iin 10

ok enough now u all also must b thinking dat how much i talk but kya karu…………………..
are wait.. itni b kya jldi hai

take e dat today i m writing from m fon so my cre will goes o sana(aamu)
k is dat clear??(its my tchrs dialoge hehe)
have a nice day
loads of love
waiting for ur cmnts

Credit to: sana (aamu)


  1. zayb_zikra

    Superbbbbbbb yaar loved it…..
    N ya u can post ur ff daily ………????
    N length of epi is up to u….☺☺??
    N do cont asap……???????

    • sana (aamu)

      Thanx zikra for cmnting n yaa i also think to post medium length episode daily only
      Thanx again n yaa u cqn suggest me ideas by msging me on my ac Aamu at tellyupxates

  2. sana (aamu)

    hey frnd i know u all must b confsed somewhere but trust me it will get cleared in next 2-3 epi

    n yaa sry too for describing emotion n decoration badly
    but kya kru its my first time
    plz support me n plz cmnts

    • sana (aamu)

      Thanx affa for commenting
      Hope u read d intro also
      N yaa if u want any changes u can suggest me ideas through messeging me on my ac name Aamu on tu

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazing ….yrr
    U said that u described decorations nd feelings badly …R u joking ???
    U were superb at the description part ….too good ….
    Nd yah plzzz post daily no matter abt ur ff length we will manage ..
    Excited for next one….love u ..

  4. bulbul

    It was awesome sana I was not commenting on any ff due to my laziness but your episode made me to do so and same pinch I am also in 10 standard and post regularly

    • sana (aamu)

      thanx bulbul i m very happy dat u r also lazy like me(hehe)though u cmnt
      thank u so much
      n yaa u r also in 10
      from where r u?

  5. Mannat


    |Registered Member

    Hey sana. It was awesome episode but still suspense . But acc. to me suspense are a best part of story line … leave it … you can post your epi daily …

  6. Aamu


    |Registered Member

    hello evry1 sorry i hav not updated my epi coz i need sm suggestion i had posted dat suggestion but it is not uploading dont know y
    plz forgive
    i had tried for 3 times now also m trying

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.