junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love triangle chapter 6

Ragini went to the company to sign the contract were she was greeted by the receptionist. She was guided to the office and finally she signed the contract. The interviewers congratulated ragini and wished her good luck. The receptionist sensing ragini was new guided her to the cabin of her head boss under whom she should work and left ragini here.
Ragini went inside to find a beautiful woman in front of her who was busy with the phone call. The woman ended her phone call and turned towards ragini.

Woman : who are you?
Ragini : mam I’m ur new secretary.
Woman : what is ur name? By the way I’m meera kapoor.
Ragini : mam I’m ragini.
Meera : OK ragini. As your my secretory from now. You have to schedule my meeting, appointments etc from tomorrow. I don’t want any mess in my work. Okay take my meeting Schedule information from the receptionist and join from tomorrow OK u can leave.
Ragini left. Ragini collected Meera’s information from the reception and also her new flat keys with some stuffs that office provided to the employees like laptop, office rule guide.
Ragini was waiting for taxi to go badi and collect her things and leave to her new flat. When she saw both sanskar and laksh approaching her from opposite direction. Ragini became tensed.
Ragini (in mind) : what the heck.why this two are back of me. Don’t they have any other work then coming back of me. God help me.
God heard ragini’s pray. Meera was passing by. When she saw ragini standing alone and reached her before sanskar and laksh reached her. She offered ragini lift which ragini accepted with great relief and went with Meera in her car.

Meera and ragini were traveling in the car.
Meera : ragini is this your first job. U were so nervous.
Ragini : yes ma’am.
Meera : since we are not at office. U can call me Meera now. U don’t hesitate now I will not eat you.
Ragini : yes meera. I am so nervous.
Meera : it’s OK. It happens. Even I was so nervous when I got my first job. But never let people know you are nervous. They will make you more nervous. Act confidently. I think you reached ur place. Bye see you tomorrow.
Ragini was happy to see a different Meera. She was happy to find someone who will guide her in the office. Maybe world was not bad as she thought.

As she was entering badi . She saw sanskar approaching her. Sanskar came near ragini and pulled her and pined her to the nearest wall.
Ragini (screamed) : what is your problem sanskar? Can’t leave me alone.
Sanskar : no never. My problem is why the heck u applied to other company. If you needed job. U could have called me .i could have arranged job in my company .
Ragini : why should I call you sanskar? Who are you to me? I wanted job by my qualifications not by ur favours. Please understand me sanskar
Sanskar : you too understand me ragini. I love you dammit. I want u in my life.
Ragini started to laugh.
Ragini : this not your love sanskar. Do you know the meaning of love. It is letting go. Sacrificing not snatching. Understand. Leave me.
Ragini pushed sanskar went inside.

Precap : ragini and Meera bonding. Laksh and ragini confrontation.

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