junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love triangle chapter 5

Ragini had just finished her iRagini had just finished her interview in khurana industries. Though the interview went good, she was hoping for postive response. This was the first time she had stepped out of her little world to achieve something or this was her first step to become independent. The people who interviewed her were happy with her performance and she had required qualification for the job. They had informed her that they will tell her about job confirmation by tomorrow.

Ragini just hoped for the best.
Ragini came back home at evening to spot swara and her family in living room talking. She went inside and was passing to her room. When swara  said ” How was your day ragini. I hope u did not screw up your job by ur Behan ji looks and wait a minute maybe you trapped the interviewer with your innocent look or sympathetic stories “. Ragini laughed at swara’s words and went away.
Ragini came back from her room to hall to have her dinner. She sat on the dining table and started serve food by on her own.

Swara: ragini have some shame. We wanted u to not come to dinner so we did call you.
Ragini : oh really. I’m sorry I did not know u treat ur guests like this.
Swara: oh we treat unwanted guest like this only.
Ragini : I did not know I am unwanted guest here. U don’t have to worry bear this unwanted guest in ur house for some more days. I will leave ur house.
Dadi : where the heck ur leaving to spoil our reputation more.

Ragini : oh really Dadi what is there to spoil ur reputation where ur own son has spoiled it.
Dadi. (angrily) : ragini he is your dad. Speak politely.
Ragini : no he is not. He was only ur son. He was ur son who left the women he loved for you and married my mother and hided the truth from her. He never supported me to be independent or asked me for my opinion. I was more foolish to agree with you people. Now I’m free. I will do what i want and don’t worry I will leave from here. And swara I really don’t know to trap people if you know please help me.

Ragini went after having her dinner to her room leaving her shocked family.

Ragini went inside her room and started crying. Tears  continued to flow from her eyes. The house where all her childhood memories are connected,where she spent her bad and good memories she is just guest here. Ragini tried to remain strong in front of all but she is broken inside. That it hurts to hear things from her dear ones. But she had to be strong for herself and her future. She has to live her life for herself not anyone.

ragini received a mail in her phone confirming her job in khurrana company with a facility of flat for the employee if needed and also mentioned about the job agreement which she should sign tomorrow.
Ragini was relieved to know that she was getting a flat as she can Leave this house soon. She was happy that slowly she is becoming less dependent on anyone. She wanted to share this happiness with someone but she did not any Close friends in her life to phone this time and tell this. How she wished someone to share her happiness or sadness with. Ragini slept off with this thought.

Precap: ragini ,laksh, sanskar meting again

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