junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love traingle intro


I am big fan of ragsan and raglak probably ragini, i wanted love triangle between ragini and sanlak in the show which did not happen . Sorry swara fans, swara is negative in my ff for sometime.

”ragini i love u, ur only mine i am ur first love ragini, i know i did a mistake of thinking attraction towards swara as love, i am sorry, i cannot live without u come back, i do not care what people think” said laksh holding ragini’s hand tightly.ragini freed her hand from laksh and stood shocked,suddendly swara came and slapped her ”u did what ur mother,u snatched my 1st love as ur mother did”.sharsmitha said ” ur right swara, i taught ragini as my daughter but she showed her blood”, suddendly swara got a slap by laksh who was giving killing look ” how dare u touch my ragini , no can hurt her, i will kill that person who gives her tears, i love her not u ,anyone can love her as she is so innoncent and beautiful from heart” . Laksh again started to move towards ragini to hold her hand tightly to prove the world as she is only his, but before that another pair of hands holded ragini ‘s hand tightly claiming her as his, laksh shouted ” sanskar leave her hand”,sanskar did not leave ragini’s hand instead holded tightly and said” lucky i am sorry but i cannot leave her or sacrifice her like other things in childhood, i love her and she is mine, u broke her heart, i became her friend and made her come out of it, u only know to broke her heart”.ragini was cursing her fate that why this two people acting mad ? When she needed love ,one was busy with her sister,one with revenge, today when she started a fresh start and meet another boy, this two people left their important work and came to declare their love to her that to infront everyone.
Laksh and sanskar were hitting each other just to win ragini.ragini stood there watching it , no one asked her feeling.just then dp stopped them.
Dp:laksh and sanskar stop it, ask ragini what she needs, whom she wants to live her life with.
Laksh and sanskar stopped looked at ragini with hopeful eyes, ragini was scared and guessed that if she did tell her decision , these two insane people will do more horrible things and said”laksh and sanskar i do not love u, laksh as said swara’s love for u was attraction mine was same, sanskar i considered nothing else, u want revenge , u wanted to hurt swara to snatch laksh love from him as u consider him responisble for ur first love’s deadth and i exposed ur plan,now u want me as i am laksh’s love and betrayer as i snatched ur revenge from u, u want to tortue me and laksh i am not playtoy, u broke my heart as it is free and u did not work for it right , now when i am meeting someone to move on, u got insecured and came here,please go away u both”.ragini noticed the hurt expression in both eyes, she knows what it feels to know ur love does not love u back but she did not want to become the reason between rivarly between two brothers who were ready to sacrifice anything for eachother. Taunts started coming some women started whispering about ragini
women1:great girl , keeping innoncent girl made two boys fall for her.
Women2:this girl is shameless,she bought shame for her family and her dadi’s upbringing.even sujata joined them this girl made my son again away from my family witch,she knows black magic,even ap joined her” i thought this girl as innoncent but no she is really a witch as she is destroying her family and my family that’s why her mother died leaving her,her mother was also like her , i could have died if my uttara like this,thank god her mother died before hearing this”.
Ragini eyes got tears , sanlak got out of shock of rejection
sanlak :stop it
laksh went towards ragini but ragini moved backwards as laksh moved towards her, laksh stopped realising ragini is not comfortable with his closiness and went on knees
laksh:ragini i hurted u a lot but give me one chance i will keep u like princess, i will give u world’s happiness.
Laksh went to hold ragini’s hand after getting blank expression from her but got pushed by anger sanskar who did not care ragini’s uncomfortable feeling and went close to her and holded her hand possisevely .
Sanskar:ragini i will never break ur heart as laksh did and i know u consider me as friend but love starts from friendship right , give me one chance i lost my 1st love, i cannot lose u. Ragini strugled to push sanskar away from her but laksh and sanskar pushed him away and again both started fighting for ragini again.
Laksh:sanskar leave ragini go away otherwise i forget ur my elder brother.
Sanskar:laksh i already forgot ur my brother, ragini is mine.

Before dp stops them
ragini screams stop it u both and get out of my house i not a trophy for u people to fight get lost, u both does not go out i will take my life ,ragini took a knife to cut her wrist, sanlak was shocked like hell and agreed leave for timebeing,and left badi with their family.sanskar left in this own house as he was kicked out by maheshwaris when they got to know his revenge motive.

In baadi
shekhar and dadi cursed ragini coming under manipulations of swara and sharmista,dadi even told”clap comes from both hands, maybe even u showed some signals so only that sanlak are back of u, u bought shame for my upbringing, u are dead for us, u will be guest in house till u get married to someone” and throwed ragini’s things from her room and left her alone standing with tears.
Sharsmitha went near ragini and whispered cry ragini as much as u can because tmrrw u have cry more as two people are obessed with u and will try all the ways to make them,u only saw sanskar and laksh’s hurt expression not the expression which turned to junoon for ur love, get ready to get hurt by their obession bye ” . Sharshmitha left a sacred ragini.

Precap:ragini,laksh and sanskar pov and their decision.
When obession for someone cross all limits ?what happens?will sanskar and laksh obession to win ragini destroy ragini?

Credit to: taani

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