junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love traingle chapter 3


Ragini came hurriedly to the hospital after she heard about sanskar’s accident,she went to the receptionist and asked about sanskar’s room number where he is getting treated , after getting number she hurriedly ran to the room to met him.
Sanskar was patiently waiting for ragini to come and when he saw her rushing hurriedly to the room, he got little guilt in his heart for fooling her but he cannot loose her, she is only one for him in this world where is own family members abandoned him , Ragini was the only one who understood his pain and showed him light even though he tried to manipulate her, maybe she knows the pain of losing her first love, it hurts to know laksh was her first love but now ragini will love only me, i felt like someone beating me, sanskar came out of thoughts as he found ragini hitting him,
sanskar:ouch ragini it is paining
Ragini (angrily):sanskar how can u fake accident to met me.
Sanskar:how did u know.
Ragini: ur close friend said me

sanskar was angry at his friend, when his friend entered and apologized ” sorry yaar , she was crying very badly and collided to me, i could not bear her tears and blurted out the truth, when i came to know to visit u”, sanskar could not believe ragini was crying for him, it made him teary eye, he looked at Ragini with teary eyes which almost melted ragini’s angriness but only for sometime , she shouted ” i was crying for u, something went inside my eyes that time, so tears came out” she said and left, sanskar’s friend who witnessed this said ” she cares for u dude, and so innoncent but please do not play with her feeling”,sanskar smiled at his friend’s comment of ragini’s care for him.sanskar spoke back ” i know she cares for me, she cares for everyone dude but i wanted to know as what she cares for me?as a friend or more than that”, i think i should go and convince her and thank u” .sanskar ran away from hospital to find Ragini waiting for auto, he stopped his car in front of her and came out of the car and asked ragini to sit inside it, she refused but before he could convince her, from somewhere laksh appeared and said ” ragini may i drop u home”, an angry ragini agreed sat in laksh car and left behind a fuming sanskar.

Credit to: taani

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