junoon tere ishq ka -ragini,laksh,sanskar love traingle chapter 1


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ragini pov
after sumi left ragini scared , ragini thought about her life, the three important men of her life betrayed and hurt her her heart broke to pieces when she found out that she was symbol of compromise not love of her parents but she forgave him and accepted his illegimate family.

Her love cheated her by loving her sister but she sacrificed him for his happiness but now when she is trying to move on , he is forcing her to accept him.

Sanskar her first friend whom she taught innoncent but tried to manipulate her for his revenge but she exposed his revenge plan and betrayed, it hurt to betray him as he trusted her,but revenge never gives peace for anyone,she wanted her friend to live happily and begin a new life,his love would never be happy if sanskar took the wrong path, sanskar is not bad but just lost his way and his family is responisble,dp tells justice is first, but when laksh and sanskar fell in love with bengali girls, he accepted only laksh’s love not sanskar and no one supported sanskar not even his parents, god knows how sanskar lead his life, sanskar was not wrong in revenge but why does he want to waste his life by giving pain to people who did not care about it, i cannot deny but till care about sanskar and cannot stop caring. I have taken my decision i will be far from both this people as much as can and from my family also as they think i am shame for them.

Swara’s letcurer was so nice but did she realize that she also snatched my first love from me but thank god laksh is such confused person, i did not reply swara back , sumi maa supported her shona as she is her blood ,anyway why care i am as alone as first.ragini slept leaving her thoughts to conquer her dream.

Laksh pov
dad scolded me as usual, gave warning to throw me out of house, mom tried to make me understand me with tears which she thinks as my weakness but i am not going to change my decision, i know i did wrong by betraying ragini but my ego never let me accept the fact that i can love a girl like ragini who is so shy and not swara, i knew ragini loved me and will always do but my illusion broke when my bhai who came for revenge came close to ragini,why should i blame bhai it was my mistake of taking ragini to my so called bhai to take care of him, little did i know that will snatch ragini away from me, i could have not come under acting of my bhai and thought he is mentally unstable, today when i came to know about ragini’s decision of meeting someonelse for marriage from swara,my blood boiled i wanted to kill that person,i never imagined my ragini in someother’s arms,that small thing hurted my heart and i realised my mistake of hurting ragini,how could she felt seeing swara and me together when i could not imagine her going away from me. I went and confessed my love for her in front of all in my mehendi function but all turned wrong when sanskar came did the same, how can sanskar love ragini ? Did he not get any other girl life or is he planning take revenge from ragini for exposing his intentions in front of everyone, revenge of betrayal but i could not deny the fact i had seen love in his eyes for ragini and anyway i cannot blame me for loving ragini , she is so innoncent,simple , loving,caring even the stone hearted person will be melted, who are me and sanskar in this? Anyway i was really sorry for hurting swara in this but guilt went away after swara slapped ragini and said bitter words, i wanted to kill everyone to tried to hurt my ragini, she is my princess and if anyone hurts her, i will give only deadth for that person, my family will be cursing the moment when they thought of arranging my marriage with ragini but i thank the moment they did that then how could i meet my princess , i took her photo from my wardrobe which i kept hidely and said “i know i hurted u ragini more but i cannot leave without u, it hurted when u compared my love as attraction, let it be if this is ur attraction i am eager to watch ur love, attraction does not take time turn in love, and about bhai he cannot snatch u away from me, i never asked him to sacrifice everything for him , if i was knowing ur the price for his every little sacrifice , this price is not worth, i know ragini to do not love know but i was ur first love or attraction and will be always, i do not care what i have to do , i will get u and ur only mine, i have junoon make u mine, by whatever ways”laksh slept with his decision to have ragini in his life unware of another person’s junoon for ragini.

Sanskar’s pov
love the most beautiful feeling has given hurt only for me , my first love died living me of revenge or to meet my queen,ragini my best friend till yesterday or my love forever,when first time i saw her innoncent face, just felt to see it again, her caring nature who cannot love her , when i saw swalak , i thought laksh is so stupid, the most beautiful girl is in love with him but he is loving or attracted to another girl but somewhere in my heart , i was happy i did not want to hurt ragini who has child’s innoncence , but unwillingly i had to get married to laksh to show laksh’s the pain of losing love, it hurted to see her with laksh, my heart experienced pain, happiness all emotions which was thrown away after my love’s deadth, ragini’s beautiful smile which i never wanted to fade , ragini’s smile could not bought by price of diamonds, it so precious for me and her tears which i never wanted to come out of eyes, i saw her crying seeing swalak together, first time in my life i felt jealous of laksh or every person she loved, as they did not deserve her love,she should be kept as queen for her love,when emotions started coming out, my stupid revenge came in middle, i thought to manipulate her and she easily got manipulated for her love but i was wrong ragini will never hurt her sister and love forever,she will never fall cheap, she just did to expose me and suceeded in that, i was hurt to get betrayed by her and was thrown out of mm, got beaten by laksh who was giving all types of reasons for beating me, stupid, immature laksh who indirectly got jealous of mine and ragini’s bonding now he got to take his frustation out, i saw ragini’s hurtful eyes why was she hurt, i could not understand but the pain of seeing tears in that precious eyes was hurting my heart,laksh throwed me out of mm and warned stay away from all members mostly by his signals i understood ragini, laksh confusion of swaragini will get cleared when ragini will become somelse but that somelese hurt me,i can understand laksh’s condition he thought i was mentally unstable and made ragini to take care of me but gave best memories, the beautiful laugh,the temple secrect meeting,ragini’s clothing mostly simple and traditional was making me go mad, got knows i was controlling myself by not playing with her silky hair , anyway i went to temple that day after betrayal of hers and i found her with firstaid box ,she screamed at me for making her wait for three hours, but why was she waiting for me,she dressed my wounds, i wanted to hurt her but could not and with tears from eyes ragini said sorry i was shocked.

San:why after betraying me u got symapthy seeing me.
Ragini: i am sorry sanskar i know how it feels to get betrayed by trusted ones,i never wanted anyone to undergo that pain as i got one her voice got choked by saying it, i wanted to hug her and console her but i stopped myself , ragini continued” it was for ur betterment what peace could u get by revenge,revenge destroys everything,sanskar please do not waste ur life fighting people who did not value u ,will ur love be happy seeing this, please start ur life with new begining,live has so much to give just enjoy it , as a friend this is my wish” with tearyeyes she left me there. I started to expand business and did as ragini said, i wanted to share my sucess and loss with her , life was beautiful but ragini’s empitness filled life with loneliness,i missed her and wanted to meet her but her message to never meet her, i came to know about swalak’s marriage and was happy about it and wished ragini was not sad. But that day changed everything, he had meeting in a cafe ,he saw swalak there ,he saw laksh angry expression which was unoticed by swara, he approached them to hear what made laksh made angry as he went near he heard swara’s talk saying ragini moved on and is meeting someone for marriage,sanskar froze hearing this,his expression was more similiar laksh , he left the place and came back to his mansion and took out his frustation in everything and everyone,he could not tolerate the fact his ragini is going to let anyone touch her and will care for another person as she cared for him ,he cannot forget how she sang song and made him sleep,he cannot imangine laksh in his ragini’s lap or near her another one is impossible, he went to propose her today but laksh had already proposed her but it relived him to see she was struggling freeherself, he went to propose her and holded her hands thightly as he wanted to show laksh and everyone as ragini is only his but ragini struggled for his touch also,he proposed her going closely to her but she denied of loving anyone,sanskar came out of his thoughts and saw ragini’s photo in his phone and said “ragini i am sorry i am going to hurt to a lot but i promise i will give happiness and keep u as a queen with all luxuries , ur mine, i will make u mine u like it or not in everyway, get ready ragini u have become my junoon now, i cannot sacrifice u as i sacrificed everything for laksh, i cannot loose u,ur every way only lead to me”. Sanskar slept with decision of marking ragini as his.

Precap: sanlak plan to get close to ragini. Whose plan will win? Will ragini’s decision come to end because of sanlak junoon for her?whose junoon will win?

Credit to: taani

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