Junoon Tere Ishq Ka (Episode 3)


Precap: Raglak fight and swasan strange meeting.

Swaras Room:

Swara is standing in front of mirror staring herself

Swara-do i look so bad in these traditionl clothes,do i look like a secretary ? no no swara you look beautiful a person is known by his character not clothes and that mr angry bird must be blind.all boys of the university are dying to date me. i am so beautiful that anyone can fall for me.

just then Ragini entered slamming the door

Swara-what happened ragini
Ragini-nothing didi someone said right that after seeing a black cat all day wents bad
Swara-so today you are angry as your day went bad
Ragini-didi i am very angry as only because of that mr khudoos i got scolded by the principal for the first time
Swara-now who is this mr khudoos
Ragini-i dont remember his name
Swara-do you like him
Ragini-like and him my foot.you know that he smashed his car with my car thankgod i am safe else i would have been in hospital

suddenly ragini realized what she said and there was pin drop silence in the room for 5 mins

Swara-so you had an accident
Ragini-didi it was minor nothing happened to me only car front is distorted
Swara-you know na dad will be really angry
ragini-didi i am speaking the truth it was entirely his fault
Swara-okay princess if you are saying then i will talk to dad
Ragini-thanxs didi you always help me.didi its almost 5 pm and the singhs have to come at 7 have you think anything

Swara-yeah princess i have an idea but i wont tell you,you have to wait and watch
Ragini-didi if they accept you then what will you do next
SWara-there is no chance of accepting me as i have such a solid plan that they wont even select or reject me, they will just leave quitely
Ragini-then thats a big plan i think
Swara-yeah a very big plan indeed

Maheshwari mansion

Lakshay arrived and asked rahul about sanskaar

Laksh-rahul,rahul where the hell are u
rahul-sir u need anything
laksh-where is bhai

just then Sanskaar entered

Sanskaar-i am here laksh

laksh went and hugged him

laksh- i want to talk to you
Sanskaar-not now laksh you can talk after an hour or two as i have to check some records
Laksh-no bhai i want to talk now
Sanskaar-is it urgent
Laksh- yeah
sanskaar-then come to the study room

Study room

laksh-bhai i want to go to US with my friends
sanskaar-but laksh you just arrived in the morning and again talking about going
laksh-bhai i need a break and change plz agree
sanskaar- okay laksh just take care and by the way when are you leaving
lakshay-at night bhai wont you ask me why i am going
sanskaar-i trust you completely laksh and you know i never asked you the reason of your demands so why will i ask now

tears came in laksh eyes and he hugged him

Laksh- i love you bhai you are the best bhai in the world you are the most important person in my life
Sanskaar-i luv you too

Gadodia mansion

ragini-didi by the way what type of husband you need
swara-ragini what type of question is this
ragini-just answer it na
swara-ok then i need a husband who is caring and protective towards me and above all respects me
ragini-what if the son of singhs is exactly like your ideal husband
Swara-no he cant be

ragini-how can you be so sure
swara-as my heart says he will meet me at the most unexpected moment
ragini-and what special quality about him will you like
swara-i dont know but my heart says he will make my life even more colorful

Maheshwari mansion:

Laksh-rahul where is bhai
rahul-sir he is in his personal room
laksh-okay then when he comes out tell him that i have gone shopping
rahul-okay sir

Sanskaar secret room:

there are two pictures on the wall with garlands.yes you thought right.the pictures are of his parents and childood tears rolled down from his eyes while seeing them.
then he moved to another wall which was full of a girl pictures seeing ithe said
Sanskaar-kavita i will never forgive you
then sanskaar went to the chair sat on it and closed his eyes.swaras words echoed in his ears and he remembered his past

kavita can i ask you something
kavita-yeah sanskaar go ahead
sanskaar-do you really love me

kavita-ofcourse sanskaar i love you so much that i can give my life and take your life too
sanskaar-if you love me then why will you take my life
kavita-what is this sanskaar you never ask me so much questions.saying this he turned towards the window and said i think i am sinking from your heart like this sinking son
sanskaar-no okay i promise i wont ask this again

weeks were passing and one day the picture was turned

kavita had kept sanskaar parents captive.
kavita-aunty what you thought that i will be the bahu of our enemies and uncle you were a big fool you selected sanskaar for me.i dont love him but to teach you a lesson for killing my parents so i had to pretend it.

after sometime sanskaar arrive there and witnessed kavita shooting his parents
kavita who was shocked to see him tried to make stories but he didnt listened to her at all

sanskaar-why did you do this with me kavita.kya kammi thi mere pyar me
kavita-i dont love you and did all this to get justice for my parents
sanskaar-i dont wanna listen to you crap just remember one thing dont ever show me your face againelse i will kill you

kavita-why waiting sanskaar go ahead and kill me
sanskaar-i hate you kavita and i wont ever kill my enemy too aur haan tum mere dil se uttar chukiho
kavita-right then i should kill myself okay

saying this she shot herself


sanskaar got up from the chair and went near kavitas photo
sanskaar-i hate you,your photos always remind me of your betrayal and my hatred grows

then he went towards the mirror and said

Sanskaar-it was the first time that you answeres me back so iam forgiving you.i hope i never see your face again.

so guys i hope you enjoyed reading.dont foget to share your views throgh comments.the third part will be posted at 9pm

Precap:swasan meeting again

Credit to: Hurem

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